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The final season of Big Brother on Channel 10, the eighth season featured new (and unpopular) hosts plus nomination saves and eviction hand grenades.


Winner: Terri Munro. Prize money AU$250 000.

Finalists: Rory Ammon (2nd), Ben McCallum (3rd).

Housemates: (in order of eviction) Rima Hadchiti (left due to broken leg, later a houseguest), Michael Crafter, Craig Barnett (Barney), Saxon Pepper, Rebecca Morgan, Nathan Strempel, David Tchappat, Dixie Crawford, Renee Black, Rhianna Baxter (intruder), Nobuyuki Tanaka (Nobbi), Terrance Hardie (intruder), Biana, Brigitte Elizabeth Kelly, Ed Cherry (Cherry, intruder), Alice Redwood, Travis Keyser.

Houseguests: Carson Kressley (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy), Pamela Anderson (Baywatch).

Uplate did not air in 2008.

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