Day 78

Terri is annoyed that Travis takes so long to cook. “You fluff around! I like to get in and get it done.” Travis tries to be diplomatic and says that there was nothing on the agenda for the rest of the night so he should make the most out of the time and have fun with it. “I agree with that, but if you’re going to do it, get it done,” says Tori.

Travis thinks he won’t have to do much cooking tonight. Terri tells him that he needs to thaw out the chicken before he cooks it. She bosses him around and tells him that he should go and do his washing too. Rory is building a house with his Lego but said he’ll help Travis lay some bricks later – Terri isn’t happy with this and tells Travis he needs better time management skills.

Big Brother has sent in the vending machine for the last time. Ben, Terri, and Travis have parcels from home in the machine but there are only enough coins for two. The care packages contain heaps of sentimental items including messages from home, lollies, and new clothes. Ben asks the house if they would mind him getting his and Travis’. Travis suggests a rock-off between Terri and Travis to decide who gets what.

Ad break.

2:57pm – Ben is called to the vending machine to make his selections. First off he picks Travis’s care package. Next, he picks his own care package. They each receive paper slips to take into the diary room to redeem for the full package.

In the lounge room Rory tells Alice and Terri that he would have given up his for Terri’s. They take the packages outside to open them. Ben and Travis show the other housemates their photos. Travis squeels… and squeels… and squeels some more. Ben gets teary at his letter from his parents. “Can’t we just get Terri’s too Big Brother!” screams Alice. Travis starts crying when he reads his letter.

Terri goes into the bathroom and is upset that she didn’t get her care package. “I don’t wanna be crying infront of Travis and make him feel bad,” she says. Alice says she’s shouldn’t worry.

5:17pm – It’s raining outside and Ben is sitting inside the Kombi awaiting a call from Big Brother. Ben says that he wants to get Terri’s package and wants to know what he can return to get it. He says that she missed out and he feels bad.

Ad break.

5:02pm – Big Brother has asked all the housemates to describe their favourite meal, and pick one to be made. The catch? Travis is the cook. Terri goes into the diary room and collects all the ingredients. She looks upset that Travis has to cook the meal. “Are you serious?!” exclaims Rory.

Travis is cooking Rory’s dinner – steak, potato bake, and a cheesecake.

Terri and Alice are in the bathroom putting on makeup. They find a bald patch on Terri’s head and try to cover it with foundation.

Travis is in the kitchen “cooking”. Flash forward to the dinner table where all the housemates are congratulating Travis on his cooking skills.

Ben gets a call from Big Brother, who tells him that they can have Terri’s care package but it must be traded: for the treadmill. There’s a catch though: he must keep it a secret from Terri. He tells Travis and Rory outside and they think that Alice will never agree to it. Travis goes to tell Alice – she says no straight out.

Travis pleads with her and she says that it’s too unfair and that Ben should have to sacrifice something, not her. Rory questions her and says that it’s only five days until she can get it back and she should just do it. “I don’t see why it’s on me to give up the thing I’m super excited about,” she says. “I think you would argue why is it all on you if it was all your bandannas.”

“I’m sick of this fucking treadmill being such a fucking issue!”

Ad break.

12:46am: Rory is in the Kombi with Ben. “She’s going fucking sick over it!” he tells Ben.

In the house Travis and Alice and speaking about the treadmill infront of Terri. She asks what’s going on and Travis tells her that Big Brother will give them “something” if they give up the treadmill. All the housemates leave Alice in the house and she starts talking to herself – “it’s something that I love.” She starts crying. Rory enters the house again and asks if it’s really such a big deal; she says yes.

Rory and Alice are having an argument in the lounge room. She says that she takes family first too but doesn’t understand why something needs to be taken off her when it’s something for the group. “I want her to get a package more than anyone!” “Well keep it down or you’re going to ruin it,” says Rory. They argue some more and Alice tells Rory that he has always had a problem with her running on the treadmill.

1:36am – Terri enters the diary room and Big Brother asks her what all the cufuffle is. Terri has figured it out and knows that if Alice gives up the treadmill she will get her care package. She says she doesn’t want it to cause a problem between her and Alice.

Alice is on the treadmill and says that she wants to use it one more time before they take it away – before she can begin Big Brother calls her, Ben, Travis, and Rory to the diary room. He tells them that because the secret is now out, the deal is off the table. “Whatever you want to think you know you dogged that,” Rory says to Alice.

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Day 77

Cherry is evicted and the housemates gather outside to call out to him. The housemates laugh and Travis screams as they realise Travis is back to cooking by himself.

Alice is called to the diary room and asked about what she thinks being part of the final 5. He asks if she thinks she can win. “Yes, I can, but yes I can confidently say that the others can too. I’m over the moon.”

Ben is asked the same question by Big Brother. He says he is loving it and doesn’t think he can win as he’s up against some pretty awesome people. “I doubt it.”

Next up is Travis. He doesn’t know why people selected him over Cherry to stay in the house.

Ed: Sorry, missed Terri’s diary room chat.

Big Brother asks how Rory thinks he made it into the final 5. He says he has no idea but is stoked that he’s got this far.

The housemates are gathered in the lounge room to deliver his final message and hand grenade. Cherry gives his money to Travis. He then tells Terri that she’s an awesome chick and that as they got to know each other a lot better they have quite a bit in common. “You know where it’s at,” he says to Rory. “You’re the sort of guy that girls look for. When you get out of here you’re going to have the best time!”

Cherry tells Travis he’s the most positive person he’s ever met but he should throw a negative comment in there at some point just to stir it up. “You are a genuine guy that does not care what people say about you.” He then wishes Ben all the best for the rest of the game. “Keep Kombi’ing on!”

“I think you abuse the treddie and I think you need to give it a bit of air” Cherry tells Alice. “You’re amazing you know!”

Cherry tells the house that Big Brother will be delivering his hand grenade. “Alice to the diary room.”

Big Brother tells Alice that in one week time the winner will be announced, and that there are too many housemates. “It’s time for another snap eviction. Each housemate will cast one eviction vote. The housemate that receives the most votes will be evicted immediately. Who do you want to evict?”

Ad break.

Alice gives Rory her point. Big Brother reminds her that a lot is at stake and if she is sure. She then changes her vote to Ben, with her reason being that he just hasn’t given enough to the Big Brother experience. Alice moves into the eviction room.

Ben is next to the diary room. The housemates click on that Alice isn’t in the diary room and they run off to the toilet and to prepare… for something. Ben votes for Alice because out of everyone her departure would affect him the least. Camera cuts to Alice pacing in the eviction room. Big Brother reminds him that a lot is at stake and if he wants to change his mind – he says no. Ben is sent to the eviction room and reminded not to tell anyone who he voted for.

Rory is shocked by the announcement. Travis and Terri speculate in the lounge room and get it right. “They wouldn’t do it,” says Travis.

Rory picks Alice because out of everyone here he doesn’t get along with her. Big Brother reminds him that this is serious and he back at him: “I know, so let’s just get on with it OK?”

Terri chooses Travis because she doesn’t think he will spend the money well if he wins. Big Brother asks her to take a minute to make sure she is sure. “Nope, I’ve made my decision and I won’t go back on that. It’s a horrible thing to do.” Terri moves into the eviction room and starts crying.

Travis chooses Terri and says that it’s because last week she didn’t help him as much as she could have and got too frustrated. Travis joins his fellow housemates in the eviction room.

The housemates are lined up and ready for the snap eviction. Big Brother calls the names of the safe housemates which must now sit down: Rory. Terri. Ben. Travis moves over to Alice to try and comfort her: “I don’t want you to touch me.”

“One of you is about to be evicted… and that person is, Alice.” Alice moves to the exit door and is then put into the flight simulator. The rest of the housemates move to lounge room and are locked in. They are all angry at Big Brother and say that Alice will probably be pissed with them. Travis tries to think of ways that Alice could come back and the rest of the housemates shut him down.

Ad break.

Big Brother congratulates the housemates on being the final 4. He then tells the housemates that there are still one too-many in the house. “No!” they all yell. Ben says that what Big Brother is doing is “like actual torture.”

Travis is first to the diary room and he picks Terri again. Big Brother asks if he is sure and he says no. He then returns to the lounge room and tell the housemates that he thinks Big Brother is being inhumane.

Terri picks Travis for the same reasons. “Are you sure?” “Yes.”

Rory picks Travis because if he wins the money it won’t affect him the same way that if someone else won the money. Big Brother tells him to go back to the lounge – “just shut up and open the door.”

Ben complains some more and moves into the diary room, then complains some more. He picks Travis for the same reasons as Alice. “If he leaves it won’t affect me the same as the rest.”

Safe: Ben. Rory. Terri is safe and Travis is asked to leave through the eviction door.

Later, Travis delivers his hand grenade. He gives his money to Rory and says he has great plans and has come from the dark side of life and deserves it.” He then tells all the housemates they’re great, as expected.

Alice is reunited with Travis in the hand grenade recording room. They talk about what has happened and Travis tells Alice that she shouldn’t take it personally and she says she had to.

Big Brother: “Alice and Travis. You have not been evicted.”
Travis: “I could give you tongue right now! I’m so happy!”
Big Brother: “Shortly, you will enter the back yard and be reunited with your housemates. You must remain silent until the roller door opens.”

Ad break.

The housemates are reunited with Alice and Travis. Rory is in shock and doesn’t say a thing while Travis explains why he didn’t have much to say about him. They all scream and go crazy.

Big Brother calls all the housemates to the diary room and tells them that he is sorry for messing with their heads. “This was a test to show more of your true character to the people that will be voting for the winner.”

Ad break!

Rory comes to the diary room and he tells Big Brother that he isn’t happy. He thinks it’s a dog act and that it’s bullshit. “I don’t think it should have happened.”

Terri is in the diary room and is asked how she felt about the concept of spending her last week with Rory and Ben. She says she wasn’t very happy. Terri starts crying and says that she was upset seeing Alice on the screen crying and felt sorry for her. She said she couldn’t believe her eyes when they were reunited.

Ben asks Big Brother how he is. “Same old,” he says. Ben laughs. He then says that the whole experience has been a rollercoaster and that tonight has been hard. “It appears Big Brother does not have a conscious.”

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Day 73

This episode was a one hour special titled “Pamela Anderson – Tricks of the trade”.

After a montage of Pamela-related footage, the BB theme opens. Tonight:

– Pamela teaches the houseamtes the tricks of the Hollywood trade.
– What’s talk about when a superstar drops in for dinner?
– Brigitte’s emotional farewell “to the friends that became her family…”

Pamela enters the house and sits in the diary room while Brigitte is evicted through the lounge room door. “I don’t wanna go!” she yells as the door closes.

A recap of this week’s task and footage of the housemates chasing celebrities is shown. The footage of “a very convincing Pamela Anderson” modelling in the lounge room one-way glass is shown. The housemates speculate whether or not it was the real Pamela.

Rory enters the diary room with Brigitte’s bags and meets Pamela. He looks at her breasts constantly while in the diary room. He is asked by Big Brother to escort Ms. Anderson out of the diary room to meet the other housemates. Cherry starts acting like a stalker and taking as many pictures as he can. “This is so mental!” says Ben.

The housemates take Pamela on a tour outside and shows her the ant farm, the spa “that’s never on,” and Ben’s kombi. Rory, the gentleman, lets Pamela borrow his trench coat.

In the dining room, the housemates are pampered with champagne and they start asking her about her children, schooling, and their first Pamela experiences.

As Pamela is vegetarian, the menu tonight is vegetarian food. Rory looks appalled that there isn’t any meat.

The conversation moves to paparazzi and Alice asks Pamela what she thinks about paparazzi. “I don’t like them taking photos of my kids, but it’s part of the deal with yourself, you can’t complain.”

The housemates ask her a range of questions, mainly focused at Bay Watch, her boobs, and her life as a celebrity. Pamela pops in a “have you heard of PETA?” – some housemates have, Travis hasn’t. “I’ve heard of WWF though?”

Ad break.

Pamela starts asking the housemates questions from the cards that Big Brother has provided. She asks Travis where he would take her if they went on a date. “I think we would go riding through Sydney on my horse Thunder with green cordial in our hands.” “What text message would you send me the next day?” “Hey Pamela, you were so cool last night, hope you had fun. Talk to you soon!”

The next question is for Alice – “how would you rate Travis’ kisses out of 10?” “It was pretty dismal!” She says that he didn’t want to kiss back and Travis says he doesn’t like to kiss with tongue.

“What else can you do with your hands Rory? I felt something before…” Rory tells Pamela that he’s a bad boy who’s good at it.

“You’re a mother in the house, and you give advice to everyone – do you have any advice for me?” she asks Terri. She doesn’t give her a proper answer but instead asks how old Pamela is.

Pamela asks if Cherry is afraid of commitment. “She’s not my chick, we just made good use of the time we had.”

Travis keeps asking stupid questions – for example, “do you know Kelly Clarkson?” After laughing for a few moments she tells him that her friends are a bit more cooky. “Artists, photographers, that kind of thing.”

Big Brother interupts the dinner and tells Pamela that it’s time to go. She hints that tomorrow will be something involving glitter and advises Travis to wax his legs. “Call me!” yells Ben. The housemates swoon over what just happened and everyone is a little shell-shocked.

The housemates gather on the couch to watch Brigitte’s farewell. She says that it’s weird that she’s out of the house now but is upset that her hair wasn’t done properly. “I don’t regret anything that I’ve done I just had heaps of fun.” Brigitte gives her 10% of the prize money to Alice.

Through the housemates she goes.

Travis – be careful, you do people’s heads in. I love you and had lots of fun with you.
Rory – From the beginning I liked you, and then you changed. I don’t know what happened but we didn’t seem to get along very well. I do like you, you’re a great person, you have a great heart… we just didn’t get along.
Terri – I’m going to miss you so much! We had so many good times in the house and we didn’t hate each other. I learned a lot from you! I’ll miss you.
Cherry – You’re a great person and you finally got this (she makes a kissing motion). I won’t have you to cuddle, but you won’t have me, so you can have the bear with a hole in its bum. You helped me get rid of the thing that was holding me back.

She starts crying.

Alice – Don’t laugh at me cos I’m crying. I can’t talk, I’m too sad! You taught me so much, I don’t know if you know you taught me so much but you did. You helped me realise there’s other things in my life. You inspired me to like, actually go to uni next year and do what I want. Thank you so much for that. We weren’t close in the beginning but you always talked about getting me out of my shell and you did. I love you!

Time for her hand grenade. “I did it tough, and the person I’m about to give my grenade to is going to do it tougher!” She gives her grenade to Rory, who will now have to live on the most basic food. Big Brother will deliver his three nutritious, plentiful, and dull daily meals to the diary. “I’ll be eating like a princess!”
Alice enters the diary room and talks to Big Brother about Brigitte’s departure. She says that it’s not until the person is gone until you realise how much the person means. Alice says that she would have wanted to be a part of the night (Pamela entering the house). “It’s not always easy to say you’ll see them in a week and a half – in here you see them 24 hours a day and I relied on her as much as she relied on me. I’ll miss her heaps.”

Ben and Cherry are outside playing football. Ben questions whether or not Big Brother will keep up his charade and keep him confined to the kombi.

Rory is in the diary room. Big Brother asks him how he feels about receiving Brigitte’s grenade. He says he is not bothered and knew that he would have got her grenade anyway. He talks about how different he was to her and how they got on each other’s nerves. He says he doesn’t hate her.

Next into the diary room is Cherry. Big Brother leads a question and says “you lost a close friend tonight…” Cherry says that seeing the messages on the screen was the hardest because it kicks in that she is actually gone. “I’m pretty devo’d.” Big Brother asks is Cherry will “put any moves” on Pammy. He says he cannot say and that Big Brother should keep watching until tomorrow.

Ben picks up the kombi phone and speaks to Big Brother. He asks him how he feels spending his second night in the kombi. “It’s segregating me from the group a bit and it sucks, especially with this cold weather.”

All the housemates are outside in the yard chatting and Alice starts crying. Travis and Rory give her a hug to cheer her up.

The housemates are all in the bed and are excited that tomorrow they get to see Pamela again. Ben is outside in the kombi.

It’s morning. “This is Big Brother. It’s time to wake up. Pamela will be arriving soon. Hair and make-up will be arriving shortly. The hot water will be on for 10 minutes only. Rory, your breakfast is waiting for you in the diary room.” Rory doesn’t want what Big Brother has dished up – “cool” porridge and an apple.

Ben is complaining to Cherry about how cold the kombi was. “I had three sleeping bags on!”

All housemates are called to the rewards area where they meet Pamela and find a beach-themed photo shoot prepared for them.

“What do you guys wanna wear?”
“Boardies” says Ben.
“What are bordies,” says Pamela.

Pamela helps the housemates select their outfits – her plan is to roll them around in the sand, spray glitter and cooking oil over them and take photos. A mysterious guy (the photographer) is never mentioned but watches over the whole thing.

Travis puts on a small pair of shorts and Pamela looks horrified when she notices his hairy legs. Pamela starts to spray oil on Ben but ends up spraying it on herself and telling eveyone how much she loves it.

Rory is the first one up – the mysterious guy is capturing the photos while Pamela offers advice. “I want to see your body! Put some sand on your body!” It’s all very Austin Powers.

Ad break – “Pamela’s cheeky calendar shoot continues!”

Cherry is the next one up and Pamela spreads him onto the sand and the photographer snaps away. After a barrage of “that’s hot!” the shoot continues.

Ben’s shoot is prepared and they place him cheesily behind a surfboard. “You’re smiling too much!” Pamela teaches Ben the “A E I O U” trick that she learnt being a Playboy. “Your body looks great!”

Travis is wearing an amazingly short pair of pants for his shot and doing stupid faces the entire time. Everyone tells him not to but he doesn’t listen – the photographer is clearly getting annoyed and Travis doesn’t take any direction.

Pamela directs Terri to jump into the water for her shoot. The light reflector almost falls on her head but Rory saves it. The shoot is over in a few moments because the reflection from the water is hurting her eyes.

Alice is wearing a black one-piece and Pamela gets her to sprawl over a blue fishing net. Everyone is laughing hysterically except Alice who doesn’t quite look like she’s having fun. Alice puts the net in her mouth and the photographer snaps away. “You love the net! You love it! Imagine you’re a dolphin… trapped in a net.”

Alice moves over to a new spot and Pamela holds the net up against her face. Alice gets a look at the camera – “holy moley!” The rest of the housemates get a look at the photos before doing one group shot. A montage of Pamela’s favourites is displayed on screen.

BB out.

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Day 44

10:28am: Terri is talking to Travis in the kitchen. Terri tells him that she didn’t wash up last night so she could see if anyone else would do it – it’s left a mess in the morning. Ben starts making porridge with Travis talking to him. They say that everyone tries to sleep in as long as possible at the moment. Travis says that he is a lot better than last week and he says that the time away from Nobbi was good for him. He says he thinks he is standing up for himself more now.

Ben says that he feels the friendship between them is a bit different, but Travis hopes it returns to how it was in time. Nobbi gets up and watches on from the doorway. The girls are all complaining that they don’t have a hair straighter. Rhianna can’t believe there isn’t one in the house. Bianca says that Big Brother should have to pay for their hair treatments until it recovers.

Ben tells Nobbi that he talked to Travis in the morning and is a bit disappointed in the outcome. Nobbi says that there is no point; Travis will never understand. He says that they’ve both said what they wanted to say and it’s up to him now. Ben thinks he might try to have another talk to him.

3:47pm: Nobbi tells a few housemates that he is setting himself a personal challenge for the entire time he has left in the house. He wants to talk gibberish to Terrence whenever he starts telling stories. He does so when Terrence starts talking, and when Terrence gives up on Nobbi, he starts on Alice. Everyone walks away.

Brigitte accidentally hurts Nobbi but asks him to stop talking about a particular topic because she will get herself into trouble. Nobbi comes over and tells Ben and Terri that Brigitte told the producers she was in single but in actual fact she isn’t. Ben says it’s not their fault that Brigitte lied during the selection process and they should be able to say whatever they want inside the house.

4:37pm: The vending machine is back in play and this week they have 18 coins. On offer is coffee pots, steaks and wine, 11 chocolate bars, bedroom makeover, soft drink, Frisbee and a footy. The housemates debate getting a hair straighter for quite a while. He gets Brigitte’s dress back for her, the football and finally picks chocolate as well.

5:01pm: The boys are kicking the footy. The girls are complaining about not getting the hair straighter. Bianca says that they should get it as soon as possible should one of the girls become head of household. She starts crying over it. Nobbi outside tells the boys he would never get the straighter. After a few minutes, they stop playing with the footy and play with the large exercise ball. Brigitte and Alice are talking about Nobbi and how much influence he has over the house. Alice says that she feels the need to like him and be liked by him for some silly reason.

7:43pm: Brigitte and Bianca are talking to Ben and Nobbi. Bianca asks Nobbi to stop saying that Brigitte and Cherry are flirting. Brigitte says that it would wreck her life if something was taken the wrong way, but she says she doesn’t have a boyfriend in the outside world.

Later, Nobbi and Terrence talk about absolute rubbish, most of it coming from Nobbi. Terrence says the wisdom he has received today from Nobbi has been fantastic. They say goodnight and part ways.

1:07am: Terrence is snoring and Bianca can’t sleep. She hits him with a jumper three times to no avail. She comes out and complains to Brigitte and Alice who have a laugh about it. In the bedroom, Terrence continues snoring.

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Day 43

2:27pm: It’s raining and Rory and Rhianna are snuggling up in bed. Terri is cooking in the kitchen, and tells Alice that she didn’t think anyone would hook up inside the house. Alice says they might find they have nothing in common in the outside world. Terri seems to think that Rhianna doesn’t have any household skills; she has never cooked an egg. Terri doesn’t think Rory would like that in the outside world.

Outside, Nobbi tells Ben that the intruders have changed things. Ben says Terrence has been annoying, but the other two have been fine. Terrence comes to the diary room. He says that he is an irritating person and was therefore expecting to be nominated. He says that his style of humour has been a negative inside the house, but he’s hoping that the public are enjoying it. He then goes on to tell Big Brother a really lame joke.

Terri wonders what Cherry thinks of Rhianna. He says that she isn’t that hot at all. He says that he would never cut Rory’s lunch however. Back outside the boys are saying that Rory has become very protective of her in the past few days. Ben decides he should try to piss Rory off by spending time with Rhianna.

Rhianna is giving Ben a haircut in the salon as part of the weekly task. In an attempt to keep chatting in the salon they make up ridiculous back stories for themselves. Alice is in the diary room and says she isn’t as stressed this time round. She realises that people obviously don’t like her being up twice in a row. Ben thinks his haircut makes him look like a rabbi when he wanted to look like Elvis.

Terri tells Travis that Bianca has been very confronting and sarcastic towards Terri lately. Alice joins the conversation and says that Renee thought that Bianca was becoming one of the boys in the past few days. Alice says that the staples have had an effect on her though.

6:39pm: Nobbi is talking to Big Brother from the kombi. He tells Big Brother that he doesn’t find being head of household tough, however he does find living outside very mentally tough. He says that people who have left would hang out with him in the backyard, and he’s had to resort to starting arguments to get some stimulation for him. Nobbi says he’ll probably be nominated every week from here.

Terri and Terrence both tell Travis that living in here isn’t pressure compared to living real life. Outside, Nobbi, Rory and Terri say that Terrence is fine to take in very small doses. They are glad he came in as an intruder. Terri says living with him would drive her inside.

7:13pm: Travis wants to get his chest waxed. He wonders if his nipple is going to rip off. Nobbi puts the wax sheet on and keeps it therefore a little bit before pulling it off and Travis goes beserk. They do a second one and more commotion commences. The housemates think it looks good though, even if his nipples are red.

8:23pm: It’s Alice’s turn to get her haircut in the salon. Cherry is the hairdresser. Alice asks how his boyfriend is doing. He gets straight to work, cutting it very short.

Ben wonders how Nobbi feels about being nominated. He tells Ben what he told Big Brother; in that he thinks he’ll be nominated every week from here. Ben says that if he goes Nobbi will be stuffed because no one else will stay outside with him. They say that Rory really likes Rhianna.

Terrence comes to the diary room for a short joke before bed. He starts telling the joke, but gets confused, and has to change it halfway through. Again, it’s ridiculously lame. Rory kisses Rhianna goodnight and snuggles up to her.

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Day 34

1:56pm: It’s time to judge the guide dog task. Alice gets Ollie to sit, and then stay as Alice herself walks away from the dog. The next one Ollie half does correctly which is the come command, and then the lie down lesson. Next it’s time for Ollie to go to his bed and he does this successfully.

Big Brother tells the house that they have indeed passed this week’s task. Big Brother tells the house that Ollie will also stay indefinitely. Big Brother tells the house that they are now ‘out of the doghouse.’

3:31pm: Ben comes to the diary room to find out where Travis is or for any updates. Big Brother tells Ben that he has passed on all information available to him.

5:54pm: Brigitte wants to know what Terri said about her before. The boys tell her that Terri said she felt sorry for her because she doesn’t have a brain. Brigitte follows Terri around the backyard until the truth comes out – Terri thinks that Brigitte’s face look ridiculous when she screams and yells. Terri says she looks like a donkey. Brigitte barks back that at least she has no

2:23am: Nobbi talks to himself and decides to breach the rules and enter the house. He sneaks into the house and makes it to the doorway of the bedroom. Brigitte and Bianca notice that he’s made his way in and Nobbi tries to find Rory. He starts putting pegs in his hair. Rory wakes up but can’t figure out who did it and then finally Nobbi starts laughing too much, Rory realises, and Nobbi runs out of the house.

Back at the kombi and talking to himself, he says he can’t sleep. He tells the door of the kombi to stop getting stuck. As Nobbi gets comfortable, Big Brother tells him that he’ll talk to him about his breach in the morning.

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