Day 31

8:01am: The crow alarm is sounded and Travis jumps out of bed to bring Big Brother his breakfast. Travis tells Big Brother that he is a bit more life smart now after his haircut, which he likes.

Alice is trying to teach Ollie to sit and stay, and is slowly getting the dog trained, but can’t quite get Ollie to come to her once she calls her. In the bedroom, Dixie says she is a bit frustrated that she can’t speak any Aboriginal in the house, and she really wants to see a ‘black fella’ so she knows that they are still out there.

Bianca comes to the diary room to give a topic for the family dinner. She asks, “Who do you think would be the best couple and worst couple in the house?” She says she wants to defuse any speculation between all the housemates in relation to Rory and herself.

Outside, Ollie runs into his little section of the house where he is meant to do his business and does a wee; Terri is very excited. Meanwhile, Bianca is talking to Renee about the question she put in for the family topic for this evening. Renee says that Rory is really into Bianca, and Bianca gets a bit concerned that she might hurt her feelings at the dinner. Travis takes Ollie for a walk around the yard.

5:57pm: Alice is again training Ollie, and this time gets him to come when called. Dixie tells Travis that his hair is bizarre. Nobbi tells Travis that he has no sex appeal whatsoever. They joke that he attracts blind woman. They wonder whether he was the wimp back in his school days. Travis says that he doesn’t like Dixie’s behaviour, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to hold it against her for the rest of his life.

Later, Travis talks to Alice who tells him that some housemates are making a mockery of him at certain points. Alice says that Travis should bring it up at the family dinner. Alice says that Ben and Nobbi constantly bag him, but at the end of the day, she admits that they love him as well. Alice says that if it happens too much, he shouldn’t take it.

9:11pm: The housemates are having their family dinner. Nobbi is watching on the plasma in the backyard. Bianca’s question is asked and Terri thinks that Bianca and Ben would be great together. Travis says that the worst couple would be Dixie and himself. Dixie says she doesn’t want to even imagine it. Alice and Renee both think that Rory and Bianca would be a good match.

The next question is “Have you been challenged inside the house?” Brigitte says that she has been because she has no clothes and makeup in the house. Ben interrupts saying that Brigitte’s comment was typical of a Canberra resident. Ben goes onto say he wouldn’t talk to a 52 year old or even a bricklayer in the outside world. Dixie butts in and says that he thinks that he is better than anyone. Ben wants to talk and doesn’t let anyone else interrupt, having a go at Dixie and Brigitte. Brigitte correctly asks him why he interrupted her. Ben says that he was interrupted eight times and that’s why. He bags out Brigitte by saying she has a boyfriend and has money and clothes in the outside world. Nobbi in the backyard is laughing his head off. Back on topic, Ben says he wouldn’t typically hang around a bricklayer in the outside world. Ben says he worded his earlier comment wrongly and he apologises. Dixie and Alice both suggest he strongly hinted he would never hang around with a bricklayer; Rory doesn’t take offence however.

Brigitte is pushing a trolley with plates and glasses in the backyard, and is worried that one might fall on Ollie because he is following her around. Meanwhile, Bianca tells Alice, Rory and Ben that had Rory been saying that he would never associate with a vet or a lawyer no one would have been offended. Alice agrees. Brigitte, washing dishes, talks to Ollie saying he would probably like gravy. Rory and Bianca are having a chat by themselves with Bianca telling him that Renee thinks they should get together. Bianca says that Renee has told her that Rory likes her more than he is letting on. Rory says that she is hot and the best chick to talk to inside the house. Bianca says that she can talk to him, but she doesn’t want to ‘jump his bones.’ Bianca says that Rory could be a real mate in the outside world. Rory says that when he first saw Brigitte he thought she was hot but now he doesn’t find her hot at all, saying that Bianca has just gotten ‘hotter.’ Bianca understands but says she is insecure. Rory says that she shouldn’t be insecure about her body. Bianca thinks Renee has a great body, but Rory says he would prefer Bianca’s. Brigitte, still doing the dishes, thanks Ollie for keeping her company, who is sitting on the ground watching Brigitte.

Outside, Renee wonders if Bianca likes her. However, she also wonder if she envy’s her or is even jealous. Nobbi thinks that Bianca envy’s her. Dixie agrees.