Day 33

4:18pm: Dixie asks the girls to tie back their hair when they are making meals. Nobbi tells Travis that Alice hates him the most of the people in the house. Travis said that yesterday she told him that they were quite close. Nobbi, Ben and Rory say that she is clearly playing the game and not to believe her. Travis tells the boys that he is glad that they told him. Rory says “Of course. Your one of the boys.”

Later, Ben, Nobbi and Rory burst into the toilet where Travis is and squirt him with some shower gel. Everyone is laughing hilariously. Ben says he didn’t think it would squirt out so much. Travis comes out and says that his eye is killing him.

9:21pm: Friday night games have finished, however, Travis has been removed from the house to check out the eye. Renee takes Dixie to the Strategy room. Renee says all she ever wanted from Big Brother was to win a Friday Night games. Renee tells Dixie that Bianca, Travis and Dixie are in the bottom three. Dixie tries to work out a strategy with Renee, but she isn’t really interested in the slightest. Dixie suggests trying to get friendly with whoever wins Friday Night Games.

Later, Renee comes to the diary room and says she can’t believe that Dixie thinks things through as much as she does. She says she feels sick for having to sit through that conversation. She didn’t think that it was this much of a game for some people.

10:19pm: Nobbi and Brigitte have a game to see who can spit the furthest through their teeth.

11:13pm: All housemates are called to the diary room. Travis was taken to a Gold Coast medical facility and is having further treatment overnight. Big Brother tells them he will pass on more information when he has it. Ben seems very upset, and Rory tries to tell him that it was just a prank and anyone could have done it. Ben starts crying a bit and goes for a walk in the backyard.

Nobbi tells him not to feel bad, saying that Travis will be fine. He gives him a hug telling him Travis will be back in the house tomorrow. Ben says that if Travis has to leave he wants to leave too.