Day 21 Eviction

The hosts come onto the stage welcoming us to the second eviction. They go through a detailed recap of the week before revealing that Travis’s mum will join them on the stage to discuss Travis’s sexuality. Maria comes out onto the stage.

She says that Kyle is being a bit disrespectful to herself as a mother and also to the gay community. Kyle doesn’t understand why it would affect the gay community. Maria says that her son is flamboyant. Kyle says he’s never had sex and doesn’t like kissing girls. Maria says that Travis is naive when it comes to sex and topics such as that. Maria says that Travis is not gay and people should just let the boy live his life however he chooses.

Jackie then says that Terri was upset about Kyle’s comment regarding her fringe last week. They cut to a package and then cut to the house to talk to the housemates. Jackie says she loves her Terri’s fringe this week.

They talk to Travis and say he has shingles on his back. They say he is using cream to get rid of it. They cut away, and then cut back to the house almost immediately. Big Brother welcomes them back to the eviction room. He tells them the time has come to reveal the 3 housemates with the lowest number of votes. The three housemates are: Ben, Rory & Travis.

It’s time for the twist to take place so we head back down to the eviction room. Rebecca, the winner of Friday night games, decides to save Travis because they are close and have become very good friends. Kyle tells us that Rebecca will fall down into the bottom three and may be evicted tonight now. Big Brother tells them the news.

It’s time for the voting to begin. Big Brother explains that Rebecca’s votes will be doubled – even nominees nominate. David is called to the diary room. He gives two points to Ben because he hasn’t got to know him saying Ben is too quiet and reserved. He chooses Rebecca for 1 vote because she spends too long in bed and he doesn’t see her around the house all that much. David walks back into the eviction room instead of going to the living room, but eventually gets there.

Brigitte is next to vote, and she gives two points to Ben because he is not very nice to her. For one point she chooses Rory because he can be disrespectful to the girls sometimes. Back with the hosts, who both hope that Ben gets kicked tonight. Terri is voting next and gives two points to Ben because he gets hurt quite easily and doesn’t mix with the boys as well as others. Terri gives one point to Rebecca because she thinks she is fake. Nobbi is up next and gives two points two Rebecca because all she talks about is her boyfriend. For one point he evicts Ben because Rory is his best mate.

It’s time for Bianca who gives Rebecca two points because she doesn’t want to be here as much as the others. She gives one point to Ben because she likes Rory more. Alice is up next and she gives two points to Rebecca and one point for Rory both for tactical reasons.

After these two vote, it’s time for Corey to come back onstage at the auditorium. Lots of cheers, a few boo’s. Corey says he thinks he has changed a few opinions and he’s happy with that. He says he misses them all except Terri. He says that Renee and Nobbi we’re both great and he hopes one of them will win.

Dixie is voting, and gives two points to Rebecca because she would rather not live with her, and gives one point to Ben because he snores all night. Nathan is up next and gives two points to Rebecca because he thinks she isn’t being herself in the house. He gives one point to Ben because he likes Rory better.

Renee is up next and gives two points to Rebecca because she doesn’t mingle with the group as much as everyone else. She gives one point to Ben because she likes Rory better.

Travis still has to vote and gives two points to Rory because he dislikes Rory the most. He gives one point to Ben because he ignores some of his statements. Big Brother has a different setup this week, telling the three nominees to go to the living room. Kyle and Jackie will do the honours this week. Kyle tells Rory he can sit back down because he is safe. We’ll fine out who gets evicted after a break.

Finally we’re back and Jackie has the envelope. “The next housemate evicted for 2008 is Rebecca.” Rebecca says not to be upset and she is fine, quick hugs all around. She says that her boyfriend better be there! She says it was nice to meet them all. Once she is gone, Brigitte says damnit. Obviously the show is pre-recorded because she comes straight onto the eviction stage. She says she is ok and was ready to go. She says she had a great time though. Rebecca says she loves her own space and that was doing her head in. We get to see who the boys and Rebecca voted; both boys giving Rebecca two votes and each other the one, while Rebecca gave herself four points because she says she is ready to leave and gives two points to Ben. The hosts can’t believe it. Rebecca had 22 points, Ben had 15 and Rory got only 5.

Rebecca confirms that she wants to do some modeling for the men’s magazines now she is out. Rebecca says she would be happy never to talk to Bianca ever again. She says she loved Brigitte. Jackie gives Rebecca some prizes, which includes a holiday, a phone and a broadband kit.

The hosts cross back to the house. Brigitte says she isn’t crying but she has watery eyes. Rory says he is glad to still be there, and Terri is stoked to be still there for another week. They cut to all the saving numbers once again, then it’s goodnight!