Day 21

8:47pm: The eviction has just finished. Brigitte is lying on the couch not saying anything. Terri is glad she can take part in another Friday night games. Travis tells Nobbi that he’s not that upset because she isn’t dead and they will catch up soon. Nobbi says he thinks she was ready to go.

Dixie and Bianca both wonder how Brigitte will be this week ‘by herself.’ Bianca says that she thinks she will crumble. Dixie says she won’t comfort Brigitte. Bianca says there is justice in the world because the hottest chick in the house got voted out in the second week. Brigitte says she hopes she gets evicted next week. The guys tell her that she can hang with the boys anytime she wants. Brigitte says she doesn’t really like any of the girls. Ben dances in the backyard with Travis after surviving a close eviction.

David tries to tell Dixie that Rebecca liked her and she was a bit sad the past few days because she missed her family and her boyfriend. Dixie says she can’t remember why she isn’t talking to Brigitte.

10:32pm: Housemates are called to the living room, except Nobbi. He says he didn’t hear it and comes in, before going back outside. They all sit down as Nobbi gets set in the doorway. Rebecca says she is ok and no one should be upset at her leaving the house. She tells the house that someone else needs to be head of household and she gives this honour to Alice because she needs a break. Rebecca tells the house that they need to be careful when talking to people in the house because they aren’t always the person’s friends and might backstab and tell this information to someone else.

Rebecca says that she loves Brigitte then tells Dixie she liked her at the start, but she found in the end that she was fake because she broke her trust. She says she is very much a like someone one minute, then turn off them very quickly. Rebecca says she admires Terri for being in the house. She says she didn’t like Bianca at all – she simply had to tolerate her. She calls her “a total cow.” She says she loves Alice and will miss the midnight chats. She says Nobbi is funny and he brings a lot of laughs to the house. She tells the house that she has a grenade to throw now – which involves washing people’s clothes indefinitely for everyone. She narrows it down to Dixie and Bianca and then makes Dixie the laundry lady. Brigitte says that that grenade was useless and she would much rather have received that one. Bianca is so shocked at Rebecca’s comments; she says she had no idea. None of the other housemates knew about this either. Bianca says that Rebecca should’ve told her to her face, rather than use the message to say it. She goes to lie down on the bed.

10:48pm: Dixie and Bianca are still discussing the eviction, laughing at themselves acting like the ‘fake’ Rebecca. Bianca is unsure whether Rebecca hated her in the house, or whether she changed her mind after seeing some footage. Bianca says that she acted like an angel to her in the house.

Alice comes to the diary room. Alice gave Rebecca two points for eviction, and she starts crying. She tells Big Brother that Friday night made her think that perhaps Brigitte and Rebecca might be causing the segregation between the girls. Alice says that her time with Rebecca in the house was cut short, but she then explains how she thinks it needed to happen. In the bedroom, Bianca is still trying to figure out if anyone knew Rebecca hated her? She says she wants a boxing bag, but Ben says the proper thing to do is to grab your shoe and hit it into the plasma. Rory says that fake breasts don’t make a girl fake. Terri comes in and says she hopes she gets into Zoo. Ben says he would become the biggest subscriber if Terri were in it. Dixie comes to the diary room saying that she isn’t bitter about the hand grenade, but she says she is still in the house and Rebecca is not, and that the bottom line. Dixie hopes that Rebecca’s lingerie and modeling career goes along great – “no sarcasm intended.”

11:40pm: Brigitte and Travis are talking on the couch. Travis asks Brigitte to try to have a good time in the week ahead. Brigitte says she’ll try to get evicted. Meanwhile, Alice, Terri and Renee are in the kitchen. The girls say that they have tried to interact with Brigitte but if she doesn’t give anything back there is no point. Renee wonders why Terri has a soft spot for Brigitte and says “Because she’s dumb?” Travis asks Brigitte if

Nobbi and Ben wonder how Brigitte isn’t in the bottom four. Nobbi says her dummy spits must be entertaining for the viewers. Ben says that if Brigitte was mature enough to make small talk, but both knew they didn’t really like each other, he would respect that. Nobbi says that Brigitte will be a bit lonely now that her friend has gone. Ben says that Travis will take care of her to a degree.

Brigitte comes to the diary room. She starts crying. She says she wants to get evicted next week and she doesn’t want to stay. She says she was happy because she had made a friend, and now that person has left. Brigitte says that there is nobody in the house now that she will be friends with on the outside. She says that she had another friend in Dixie but she has realised Dixie doesn’t like her. She says she doesn’t want to mend her friendship with Dixie. She leaves the diary room and goes to bed. Dixie watches on.

2:04am: Renee and Nathan are talking on the couch with Bianca. Renee says that she might not like Nathan in a week or two. Nathan says that Renee doesn’t use the L word in the house and uses “like” instead.

Big Brother suggests it’s time for bed. Nathan says “Thanks Dad.” Nathan and Renee finish their conversation alone in the kitchen, with Nathan saying that he wants to make it clear that nothing is really going to happen in the house between the two. He says he would rather become good friends and then maybe start something up afterwards. He says that perhaps sleeping next to each other should be discouraged. Renee doesn’t understand why, but they sort it out and eventually Nathan gives her a ‘hug’ and Renee also offers her affection by slapping his face!

Bianca and Dixie start telling each other all the stuff they have called each other behind their back over the past few weeks. They say they will become good friends over the coming weeks.

8:00am: Big Brother wakes everyone with an alarm. He tells all the housemates to go to the living room, and Nobbi to the glass doors. He tells the housemates to watch the plasma screen.

Adam Williams wonders, “So you think you can dance?” He tells them the details of this week’s task, which includes practicing daily, and then a final performance. He tells the housemates that haven’t danced before that it’s ok. Housemates will be paired up.

8:23am: Nathan and Renee are the first to be paired together much to everyone’s delight. They must dance the waltz. Renee can’t believe it. Ben and Bianca have the tango, Brigitte and Travis have the disco tune, Terri and David have the German slap music and Alice and Dixie have hip-hop music. Rory and Nobbi are then called to the kombi van. Big Brother tells them they are a boy band, with soapy music. They laugh their heads off. Big Brother tells the housemates they are playing for a heap of gourmet food and alcohol.

Big Brother tells the house that they must now practice for one hour. Each group is given a small media player to view the instructional video. Rory tells Nobbi that David isn’t happy being paired with Terri. Brigitte and Travis seem to be getting the hang of it, but Brigitte says, “How can you not get this?” Nathan seems to be having a good time, saying, “You’ll look like a princess.”