Day 22

9:32am: Housemates are going through their dance moves. They all seem to be struggling to get a grasp of the routines. Brigitte does seem very good at it, but Travis has no idea. David is excited that he gets to slap Terri on the bottom. Nathan and Renee are going through the waltz. Nathan picks her up and lifts her close to the ceiling in the bathroom, and Renee screams a bit.

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Terri says to Ben she was astounded she wasn’t evicted last night. She says if she was in the bottom three she knows she’ll be evicted immediately. Ben doesn’t disagree. Nathan says he’s going to treat Renee like a princess all week so she can get in the zone. Nobbi is wondering how to do the routine and not look like an idiot. Bianca give him some ideas. Renee wonders where too look doing the dance, and Nathan tells her they have to look into each others eyes. She doesn’t seem that excited about it. They continue to practice as Nobbi laughs at them, but Big Brother turns the hot water on and Nathan decides to have a shower.

3:26pm: Renee and Nobbi are chatting outside. She tells Nobbi that she told Nathan that they would strictly be friends inside the house. Nobbi says that was a silly thing to say, and then shows Brigitte how Renee acts around Nathan, laughing like a little schoolgirl.

Dixie comes to the diary room to ask for smaller gloves to do the housemates laundry. Big Brother says that the current gloves will have to do for now. She says she is stoked to be given the role of washing all the laundry and thanks Rebecca. Meanwhile, Nobbi sings a song to Brigitte telling her she is so beautiful, with fake breasts.

Later, Nathan and Renee are practicing again. They seem to be laughing more than getting the routine right though. The guys are making fun of Renee and Nathan and Renee tells them to shut up.

5:11pm: Travis, Dixie and Bianca are talking about Brigitte in the bedroom. Travis says that she came into the house to challenge the stereotype of blondes being bimbos. Travis says that she has challenged it in certain ways, but the girls aren’t so sure. Dixie says she can do it, but she needs to give it more of a go. Cut to a shot of Brigitte sitting by herself on the grass.

Later, Dixie is talking to Rory while she does the laundry. Rory says the guys didn’t realise the huge divide between the girls. Dixie says that she never realised how much Rebecca disliked her and would love to see what was said about her in the outside world.

Nathan and Renee are still practicing. Nathan says he doesn’t think he’s met a girl as tough as her. She says she isn’t tough. Renee says she wants to borrow Dixie for a minute to practice because she has to touch Nathan’s face and she says she feels funny doing that. Dixie says she should just plant one on him and say, “Right, got it out of my system now.”

Bianca and Rory are talking about picking up at clubs. Rory says he picks her girl and basically goes over to them. Bianca says she has never picked up at a club. Bianca is unsure whether to look away after initial eye contact or sustain eye contact for a bit, or stare!

7:39pm: Nathan and Renee are talking about previous relationships in the kitchen. Renee says she doesn’t want to know about his previous girlfriends, but Nathan wants to know why. Nathan wonders if Renee hates hearing the word cute about herself. She says she wouldn’t use it to describe herself.

Dixie is giving David a haircut, with about 3 people looking on. Terri tries to give advice but David says she can’t because of her awful fringe. Later, Ben gets a haircut and thinks he is losing a bit of his hairline.

Nathan goes outside and then the guys tell Renee they should just kiss (meaning Nathan and herself). Nathan goes to sleep in the kombi and he hopes the guys don’t gang up on Renee in the bedroom and tease her. Renee doesn’t answer any of the boys questions and simply says goodnight.

Nathan says that Renee gets goose bumps when she talks to him. He doesn’t know if it’s creepy or ‘cute’. Nathan says he likes her, but he doesn’t want to lead her on because he’s not ‘into’ her. Nobbi says that perhaps he has been flirting with her a bit, and says it’s something for him to look out for.

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