Day 15

1:55pm: Brigitte is in bed next to Dixie. She says she won’t eat anything until she gets her clothes back. Outside, 3 people are fielding in the cricket task. Terri is worried about Brigitte, and she says that sometimes parents do too much for their kids. Travis attempts to catch a cricket ball and fails. Later on, he finally takes a catch and a major celebration follows.

Meanwhile, In “Bali” the 4 lucky housemates are relaxing in the sun. Renee, Alice, David and Rory are the first to travel on Big Brother airlines. They are slightly worried for Brigitte, but they all agree that they love their surprise and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

Brigitte and Dixie come to the diary room. Dixie speaks for Brigitte and explains that she is on a hunger strike until she gets her clothes (or some of them) back. Dixie tells Big Brother that potentially she only has 21 days to live. Dixie and Big Brother go back and forth numerous times with Big Brother telling her that he already gave back some clothes. Brigitte says she can’t simply wear underwear around all the time, and the jacket she has on at the moment is too hot for Queensland conditions. Big Brother thanks them both but Dixie tells Brigitte that Big Brother told her to ‘get stuffed.’

2:36pm: Nobbi, Bianca and Travis are fielding in the cricket task. Bianca is so bored. Bianca says that she won’t be doing much later on today because she has already cooked lunch and dinner. Nobbi and Bianca have an argument over absolutely nothing. Dixie and Brigitte sit down inside to listen to Bianca go beserk at Nobbi. Rebecca comes and listens to the argument as well, saying that Bianca needs to grow up. Bianca says that no one listens to her explanation and they never give her the chance to explain. Nobbi tells Bianca that she pushes her opinion across very roughly. Bianca starts crying and says she never cries.

Brigitte comes to the diary room. She starts cutting a pillowcase and makes it into a top. She dances around the diary room chair and without talking, walks out.

5:17pm: Dixie wants Brigitte to eat but she refuses. She eats a waffle cone though. Travis says that her dress is really nice, and she reveals that it’s only a pillowcase. Inside in the kitchen, Dixie tells Bianca that if she keeps harping on about cooking she doesn’t have to do it. Bianca says she likes cooking, and she blew up a bit today, and she apologises for that.

Corey (and Ben watching) throws flour onto Brigitte who is sleeping. She goes into the bathroom and calls him an idiot. He goes out and tells the others and most laugh but Terri says, “You didn’t.” Brigitte gets even by putting body wash soap all over Corey’s bed.

Brigitte comes to the diary room, crying, and asks to go home. She explains Corey’s practical joke and she doesn’t have shampoo to wash her hair out. She explains that clothes and toiletries while they are material things, she says they are part of her and make her who she is. She lies down on the chair. After a while, Big Brother tells her it’s time to leave the diary room.

Travis tells Bianca and Brigitte that at times in this house you can feel like people are ganging up on each other. Bianca says she had a massive fight today and she says she even dislikes herself in this house.

Corey gets into bed and realises what Brigitte has done. Corey says that he didn’t do it, and then he says that she can check the footage when she gets out.