They’re straying from the concept!

I hate to make such a negative blog entry for my first for the 2008 season, but I can’t help it. So far, this season is so beyond a joke I’m finding it hard to watch.

One of my biggest gripes about any series of Big Brother (and it’s happened in international series, not just our Australian version) is when core elements of the show are removed and modified to make the show “fresh” or “exciting”. Unfortunately, it’s happening with this season.

It’s week three, and we’ve already had three intruders/gatecrashers/whatever, two snap evictions, some idiot party kid, and endless twists. Now, we’re about to see Carson go into the house. Why? I hardly know any of the housemates in the house as is and you’re flooding the daily show with twists instead of letting Big Brother just be Big Brother.

The core concept of Big Brother is a range of people living in a house, their every move followed by cameras. By throwing a twist in every second day the housemates cannot just live – get to know each other, bicker, fight, cry, etc. They’re too busy dealing with the twists!

I want to be able to form opinions on the housemates and decide who I like and who I don’t like. Right now, that’s impossible.

I know that Big Brother is a one-of-a-kind television show: in Australia it’s been running for 8 years now and still manages to get more than 1 million viewers tuning in every night. Perhaps it’s the higher powers at Channel 10 that are pushing these crazy ideas onto the viewers and quite frankly, treating them as idiots. Carson going in the house is nothing but blatant cross-promotion and to think that the viewers will look at it like anything more than that is hideously naive.

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