Radio – Week 2 10/05/08

What a confusing week! We try to sort out the riddle of who’s come and gone this week, and which housemates we’re left with now. We also try get a grasp on FNL – not even BB knew what he was doing last Friday night!

Plus Tronno, our most ‘enthusicastic’ fan, drops by to give us his thoughts on the BB proceedings to date, we reveal a BB secret from one of our many goons on the inside and can TiGS make a comeback in the Debate?

We also take a look back at the all the “extra people” BB has squeezed in over the years and we get your thoughts from the chat, the mailbag and the forums!

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It's usually pretty awkward when I tell strangers I run a website about Big Brother. I swear it's a healthy obsession.