Day 3

6:19am: Nobbi is in the combi van, naturally by himself. Travis is talking in his sleep in the same bed with eleven others. Breakfast is served, and the lights are turned on in the bedroom. Housemates slowly wander out to the table and only just save the breakfast, a massive bowl of Yogurt nearing the end of the conveyor belt. Outside, Nobbi is awake and comes out into the yard. In addition to the Yogurt, they have little mini packs of cereal for everyone.

While Alice walks on the treadmill, Rory talks about how he wants to travel and then start his own business. Rory says that he wouldn’t normally meet someone like Ben, and that’s what he loves about the house. Meanwhile, Dixie, Renee and Rima are talking about the national anthem. David yells out that he hates the anthem and that it’s pissweak. Nobbi walks up to Ben at the washing up sink outside and says “I was surprised you came straight out and said you didn’t like David.” Ben agrees that he probably shouldn’t have said that. Nobbi says it’s fine, and he should be free to say whatever he likes. Ben says that David will probably nominate him again next week. Alice is collecting a few dishes around the yard. David and Dixie are talking about ‘up there’. David thinks they are talking about heaven, and he says that he hopes so, as he was raised to believe in such things. Dixie says she’s talking about a second story of the house!

4:08pm: Alice is trying to climb the tree, while Renee and Travis are playing rugby. Renee is trying to teach him to play, but she is getting frustrated. The boys are in the spa. They are talking about Travis’s sexuality. David, Nobbi, Ben, Rory and Saxon are in there, the only person missing is Travis. It’s just a bagging session on Travis, bringing up the fact that he doesn’t drink. They say he needs to stand up for himself a bit more.

Inside, Rima is saying she used to get picked on a lot. She says she has learnt to stand up for himself. She is talking to Travis. Travis says that he is happy with who he is though and he believes that’s all that is important. Rima says she is open to chat with him at any time. She says to think of him as “Aunty Rima”.

Brigitte, Bianca and Dixie are on the couch. Brigitte is saying she doesn’t like certain people based on looks. Dixie picks up on this. Brigitte says that she can’t find Aboriginal boys attractive. In the bathroom, Rebecca says she is a bit picky about her body. She says that she stacks on the kilos and has to watch what she eats. She goes onto say that her dad took the news about her doing skimpy barmaid service very badly, and their relationship has suffered as a result. Rory reveals he and his father had a falling out when he was 15 years old and although he has tried to patch things up with his father, it hasn’t work. Rory says “He’s a very stubborn man.”

7:39pm: Housemates talk about Travis’s voice again. Dixie says that perhaps they could’ve asked him in a nicer way. They are all sitting around the dinner table. Travis says he didn’t take offence to Alice asking her about his voice, however he says it could’ve been asked in a nicer manner.

Nobbi is talking to himself, making an imaginary person called Terri to talk to. Back inside, Saxon says he’s normally a bit more of a bastard than he is in this house. However, he says he is trying to change his manner and that’s why he came into the house. He says that he wouldn’t give half of the housemates the time of day in the outside world.

Out in the combi van, Nobbi is talking to Big Brother via a mobile phone. Nobbi says that if someone could swap with him, he would want to see Brigitte in the van.

Back at the table, Saxon says that if Travis came up to him for a chat in a bar he would laugh and turn around. He adds again that he is trying to change. Ben also says he is trying to come out of his shell a bit more. Housemates soon realise that Nobbi must be bored beyond belief and start to go out to speak with him.

10:06pm: Housemates fill Nobbi in that Saxon is an asshole in the outside world and came into the house to change his ways. Saxon believes he has changed a little bit in the first three days even. Saxon says that he was racist, and he wouldn’t have associated with Nobbi in the outside world because of his race. He says he has changed and the old Saxon won’t come back out.

Meanwhile in the bedroom, Ben, Travis, Bianca and Rima are chatting. Ben says that too many people butt into when others are trying to say something at a dinner table. He says that Travis is one of the best listeners in the whole house.

In bed, Renee and Travis say that the conversation at the dinner table might have opened up the can of worms and a few arguments might be just around the corner. Outside, Nobbi puts a towel over the window of the van because he can’t sleep in the light. Big Brother tells Nobbi the towel must come down, but had waited until he had fallen asleep so he scared the heck out of him!