Everyone else used the witty titles

Before I begin, a moments silence please for the dearly departed. They weren’t with us long, but we’ll never forget them and the impact they made.

So may the monkeys rest in peace.

We’re two shows in and I’m still none the wiser about which housemates I love and which housemates I loathe. In fact it’s probably a good thing this year that I’m seeing positives and negatives in everyone – it proves they’re not two-dimensional characters.

I’m not going to go on about the housemates then too much – I’ll focus more on the show, where I’m more clear about my views.

Let’s begin at the beginning – the titles. Well, that wasn’t worth waiting three years for was it. They may be different, but they’re not very good, and having the same Dreamworld opening yet again does them no favours. From us UK folks point of view it’s interesting how the BBUK eye is prominent not just in the titles, but throughout the show in the various stings too – indeed it appears more than the new Aussie logo.

As for the theme – not too sure at first, but it’s really growing on me now. And it’s great they’ve given it a noticeable revamp, rather than just adding a few beats here and there.

The Stage
Like the titles, it’s been three years waiting for a new set too – and on the whole I like it – but I wish they’d ditch those plasmas around the big screen – an unnecessary throwback to the last few years – the set would look better without them.

Kyle and Jackie O
I was surprised at how good they actually were – Jackie O looked like she’d been doing the role for years, and while Kyle seemed a bit wooden and uncomfortable in a suit, he made his mark by asking the housemates interesting questions and saying what viewers really were thinking – even when he shouldn’t. And if you weren’t too sure about them, just search out some old Gretel clips from launch night – they were truly embarrassing to watch.

The show needed a change – and there is no better way of illustrating that than changing the hosts, and it’s really paying off too. This years launch wouldn’t have been so special if Gretel had been in the role.

The House
Probably my favourite BB Aus house from what I’ve seen so far – the garden is great and seems to have much more life than previous years. I don’t quite get why they’ve shrunk the pool, but then we do know there is a second pool over the wall too – so maybe it’ll make more sense when that’s revealed.

The big bed and conveyor belt dining table are great gimmicks too – yes, the housemates will think nothing of it a few days in, but different is good. Love the lounge and bathroom too – though not so sure about the diary room. It should be a sanctuary away from the house – but feels more like a nightclub.

Big Brother’s Rules
They say there are no rules, but still won’t let housemates call Big Brother “mate” – I thought all the petty rules were supposed to be gone. It’s interesting though to here some nominations discussion might be allowed – I’ve often suggested having a “nominations room” as the only place in the house where the subject can be discussed, and I think it may happen this year. It would be a natural follow on from them being allowed too discuss tactics in the rewards room last year.

The Housemates
This year they definately seem to have delivered on the promise for more dynamic housemates – definately the most interesting group Australia have had in recent year – but let’s just hope the Daily Show doesn’t shy away from their personalities.

Not really formed too much of an opinion on them yet, but I don’t really get the forum support for Terri. She’s 52 – and that’s about the only interesting thing about her. If she’d been 20-30 years younger but with the same views and personality nobody would really be talking about her.

The only fault in the casting so far is how Terri is singled out in the oldie, with David the next oldest at 32. They should have put a couple of people in their late-30s and forties in to bridge the age gap and not single Terri out as “mum”.

Episode 2: The Eviction
After a brilliant launch show I was actually quite disappointed with the second episode – it was so focused on the eviction twist we seemed to learn nothing about the housemates. It wasn’t until it was done with and they moved in the house that it felt like Big Brother got started too me.

And some things never change – I still believe it’s a fake eviction and I think Big Brother trying so hard to make out it’s real – “this is not a twist, there is no secret house” – was pathetic really. It seemed like they were trying to convince themselves more than the housemates.

If, as I suspect, it turns out to be fake then it’s a bad move on Big Brother not to let viewers in on the secret. And if it’s real, what a pointless twist – though I’m not too gutted it’s Terri that’s gone – just a shame she couldn’t take Travis’s voice with her.

The Gatecrashers
So the top three online auditionees will move in Sunday – and I hope they really do something different with them. I’d send them in and put them in charge of the house – they own the place, they run the show, and for one week at least, they determine the nominees.

And finally…

Very much cut and paste views in my blog this week – just little things to say about alot. So if you want to read a decent blog, check out some of the other userblogs – I’m very happy with how they are going so far and we’ve had something like 30 new entries since launch night from both our forum regulars – and some relative newcomers too.

And thanks to CJ and Cove for keeping BBBA alive the last few days. The forums have kept flying throughout really.

And that is all…

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