Day 2

The house action actually picks up early on Day 1.

8:38am: Most housemates are up and sitting on the couch in the living room. In fact, everyone has been woken up and Big Brother instructs them to turn their attention to the plasma screen. Terri appears and says that she wasn’t surprised she was evicted. She says she is extremely disappointed for her short stay and would’ve liked to have at least seen inside the house. She says that Saxon has a tough guy image, she says that Rory didn’t give her a go simply because of her age and that’s sad, but she accepts Ben’s reason that Terri ‘reminded him of his mum.”

She moves onto say again that Nobbi was too touchy feely. She says that she has the power to banish one housemate to the garden and sleep in the combi van for the remainder of her stay. She banishes Nobbi. Nobbi says “You bitch” He goes on to say she is a bitter old woman. Nobbi says to everyone he isn’t trying to be a sleeze. Travis doesn’t think that Nobbi is ‘in your face’.

Big Brother tells Nobbi that he has to collect his belongings and leave the house. David comes into the bedroom with him to help him out. He tells him the best thing he can do is to try to take it on the chin. Nobbi explains that he goes loopy when he’s by himself. Ben makes a good point saying he’ll never be nominated if he has to keep to himself. Big Brother tells Nobbi to hurry up.

Nobbi finally reaches the combi van. Bianca and Rima say that it’s such a bad punishment, but again it’s better than being completely evicted. Bianca says they’ll be outside all the time.

11:05am: Rebecca and Rima are talking about perhaps going outside in the sun. They are in the bedroom. Rebecca asks if it’s ok to call Rima cute and Rima says that it’s quite annoying and asks her to stop.

Rebecca says she has a boyfriend, and then Travis says he does as well. It’s a joke, but the others question him about it. He says he definitely isn’t gay and is straight – a guy asked him out once and he had to reply “I’m not your type.” Nobbi says that Travis is unique and that’s a good thing. Brigitte says that she would think Travis is actually more gay than some of her gay friends.

Dixie is waiting to go into the diary room – she says it’s surreal waiting to go into it. Outside, Rory and Nobbi are talking and Nobbi think that Rory will hook up with Renee in the house. He’s not so sure. Once Dixie is in the diary room, she says she is really missing her mum. She cries a little bit, saying she is trying to be strong. Renee calls Rima ‘little one’ then immediately takes it back. Renee asks if she is missing her family. She says yes she is, but at the same time they can watch her whenever they want. Travis joins in and says that her family thought it was great going in, simply so they could hit the mute button when they wanted to. Meanwhile Dixie cuts the chat short saying she’ll come back and have the conversation another time. “It’s too early to be crying and missing your mum isn’t it?”

Out at the swing, Rima says she is scared of heights and her shadow. Rima is concerned about her dog in the outside world. Nobbi requests to speak to Big Brother and a phone is given to him. He must call Big Brother from the van; he has to stay in the van until further notice. Nobbi is happier with this sentence. Nobbi says that hes going to lose his mind by himself, so he would really like to be let back into the main house. He then realises he’s locked himself inside the van.

Unknown time: Housemates are inside cleaning the dishes while Nobbi gets set for his first night in the combi van. Housemates in the bedroom are talking about how they have wto wear their microphones to sleep. Saxon and David talk about where everyone is sleeping in the bed; Saxon is happy because he has lots of leg room with Rima opposite him.

Rebecca and Dixie are saying they are looking forward to sleeping. Dixie says she misses her mum lots. Rebecca says she really does as well. Dixie explains that she talks to her mum 3 or 4 times a day usually.

Nobbi says goodnight to everyone outside. He retreats to the combi van. Inside, David and Saxon say that Nobbi is the life of the party. Nobbi is trying to figure out the best way to sleep saying it’s very uncomfortable. Travis walks around the bed in his Daffy Duck pajamas and Saxon and Rory share a little laugh.

Out on the couch Rima says she is starting to get a bit pissed off a bit. Dixie and Rima agree that this place will bring out the aggression in all of them. Dixie says it’ll be very interesting. Meanwhile Nobbi continues to try and get comfortable.

Day 2
8:24am:Big Brother wakes the housemates and tells them that breakfast is served. It comes out on the conveyor belt. They say that a couple should go and eat with Nobbi. Saxon goes and wakes him up and lets him know that pancakes are available. Once up, Nobbi says he hates mornings.

David has come to the diary room. He says he feels weird that he’s the only person over 30. He is disappointed that Terri left so soon, but understands that twists must occur. Rory asks Travis about his sexuality because he has red glasses in the shape of love hearts. Travis says that he thinks he is quite similar to Rory! Rory says he thinks he is the complete opposite.

On the couch, Dixie is talking to Rima. Dixie says he likes builders. Rima says that she and a friend used to go to worksites to check the guys out. Dixie says she likes electricians.

5:53pm: Rory says that he thinks that Rebecca, Brigitte and Bianca are good looking. He says he also likes Dixie’s breasts. Brigitte is called to the diary room. Nobbi honks his horn asking to speak to Big Brother. Brigitte says that she is sorry to Big Brother because she had her microphone in her mouth. Big Brother tells her to clean the windows. Big Brother speak to Nobbi next. He says that he can’t trust Travis at all, and he also thinks that Dave is playing a nice guy act. He also says he had a really really bad nights sleep.

Dixie talks to Rebecca and says that she is a bit insecure about herself. Rebecca says she doesn’t get looked at in the face ever and that’s really upsetting for her.

Dinner is served. Each housemate is given a number and Nobbi gets number one, which is a seafood platter. Problem is he hates seafood! Meal number two is spaghetti and Bianca gets it. Travis gets a hamburger and chips with coke, but Ben gets a stack of Cheese slices. Brigitte gets sardines on toast!

Meal number eight is eye fillet steak and David gets it. Dixie gets meal nine which is a tin of tuna. Meal 10 is a plate of boiled greens and Rory gets that. He says that they could’ve at least packed the plate. Alice gets the chicken parma!

Saxon, David and Nobbi eat outside. In the bathroom, Dixie confronts Rory about his earlier comment about her breasts. Rory says that he simply isn’t attracted to larger woman.

Ben is in the bedroom complaining about the food, while Alice says that her parma was great. Travis is stoked that he got the burger. Bianca, Dixie and Rima discuss Brigitte. Dixie doesn’t think that she means to come across the way that she does. Bianca agrees. Meanwhile, Brigitte is shown outside running in circles again and again and then trying to walk in a straight line.

4:13am: Terri re-enters the diary room. She is allowed to remove her blindfold. Big Brother welcomes her to the inside of the house. She says she is feeling pretty dejected over being evicted. Big Brother tells her that he is not a fan of predictable endings and therefore he has a plan for an experienced mind. He says that on Sunday night Big Brother will make her an offer she shouldn’t refuse. He asks her to return to lockdown until Sunday night. She accepts.