Day 51

12.53pm – Camilla and Katie are in the bedroom. Katie explains she is worried about nominations – she thinks she will be up this week. “Oh well… nothing you can do”. The two of them lie together and Camilla has noticed the house is getting smaller but there are groups forming. Camilla and David have difted apart and Rob has taken his place. She feels she can’t vent with David anymore because he struggles trying to see her point of view. Rob joins the girls on the bed. Camilla thinks there are people in the house she can’t live with. Rob jokes she can’t live with that girl Katie – well maybe not so jokingly – he says her mess is driving him mad. Katie acknowledges she is quite messy. Rob asks her to dress up a little more in the house. Katie totally agrees she has to nip this in the ass – “no mess, no mess!”.

Outside Jamie says he’s getting very stressed in the house. Krystal and John don’t think so – they see the Big Brother house as a holiday.

Camilla and David are cleaning up in the bathroom. Ashley has been irritating David big time because of his antics which result in breakages. He also thinks Ashley is hypocritical because he complains about childishness but then does it himself. David will definately talk to both Ashley and Katie about this problem.


3.19pm – The boys are playing cricket in the backyard with makeshift items such as a pillow and ornamental ball. Camilla and David have been told to cut the grass in the backyard with nail clipers as punishment for Camilla helping David with his cleaning task (only he may do it). They comment to each other they are concerned about where the makeshift cricket ball is going to end up. Just as they say this the ball is hit very close to them, and they duck down. Jamie comes over and they tell him they are worried about the ball. David is more confronting – he asks why Jamie keeps on going with his antics which keep breaking things in the house. He has struggled to understand why the boys have no respect for property and just keep going with it. David says its something you can get away with when you are a child because you don’t understand the value of property, but the housemates are old enough now to comprehend it.

Jamie asks if this is a personal thing – but David replies he’s asking Jamie now because Jamie is right infront of him. Jamie says there is a risk factor, and the factor makes it funny. Jamie doesn’t see the risk being too great in the Big Brother house.

8.30pm – The nominees this week are David, Ashley, Katie and Jamie. The nominees laugh and Camilla exclaims how glad she is, and then apologises but is just happy for one week she doesn’t have to worry about being nominated. David is called to the diary room. He picks Ashley because he’s a decent person and David has appreciated that and prefers to see him stay as possible. BB asks why he isn’t taking the points off himself. David replies only a jerk would do that. The new nominees are David, Jamie and Katie. Katie is shocked. Ashley asks why David took the points of him. Katie adds it was so nice. Krystal says he is full of surprises.

Ashley goes outside and is upset David didn’t take the points off himself. This is because Ashley nominated David for 1 point. Gaelan comes over and tells Ashley that David just wants to leave the house. Ashley is obviously upset, and gets teary-eyed. “Words couldn’t express how much gratitude I have for him… I feel like a dog”. Ashley goes back inside and thanks David again, but wonders why David did what he did. David says he will find out when he eventually leaves the house, they can’t talk about it now.

Katie and Jamie are in the bathroom. Katie says she doesn’t really have a problem with being nominated but can’t look the other housemates in the eye any more. Jamie doesn’t know what to think, he is obviously dissapointed about being nominated.


8.41pm – Jamie, Katie and John are in the spa. Jamie is very annoyed and says that Camilla Rob and David are grouping together and are the main cause of them being nominated. John says at this point of the game its easy to vote strategically. Katie says she knows exactly her reasons for being nominated – her messyness and she just isn’t fitting in at the moment. Katie says there are two sides going on in the house now. Jamie says he’s tried to get along with Rob but it just doesn’t happen. He says Rob’s character is very sneaky and a bitchy person. Jamie knows Rob nominated him because Rob couldn’t look at him afterwards.

Jamie says there are three groups – them, the girls and the gays. The girls and the gays have banded together according to Jamie to vote out their group. John was suss about Claire. Big Brother calls all three of them to the diary room. Meanwhile in the sauna Gaelan and Ashley wonder why they are getting in trouble. To pass the time they start air guitaring and banging the water bucket as a drum.

In the diary room BB tells the trio it is the most fundamental rule of Big Brother that housemates vote without influence or collusion. BB tells them they have broken the rules and thus cheated. They have given themselves an advantage. They should all be embarrassed. Their behaviour shows a lack of integrity. They are all awarded a strike each. They leave the diary room. Katie says they have been the naughtiest couple ever. The three don’t seem to worried about the strike at all.

Jamie: I wouldn’t donate a rat’s ass.

Big Brother announces to the entire house that three housemates have just been awarded a strike for nominations talk. The three are in the living room laughing. Jamie looks annoyed,

Krystal notes that Jamie and Katie now have two strikes – she feels so goodie two shoes.


10.11pm – Jamie and Katie are in a hammock outside. Jamie says if Katie leaves the house he doesn’t want to be there anymore. Katie says if he goes, she’ll go, and vice versa. Jamie says he thinks he’ll be the one who goes, so he doesn’t want Katie to go. He would rather go and then still be able to watch her. Katie notes that whoever goes will have attention from the sexes when they leave the house. Jamie asks why he would have attention from guys – Katie jokes he already gets it in the house. She then expresses her concerns for the girls who would give Jamie attention on the outside, and in the other scenario the possibility of hot intruders coming in. Jamie says if he was watching from the outside and Katie was hit on by hot guys he would know she’d tell them to back off.

11.59pm – David asks Katie and Jamie about their nominations. They both thought they’d be up. Jamie says Gaelan and Ashley have sorta been off on their own and if there are people in their group people would have picked on it would have been Jamie and Katie. Katie begins talking about how she thinks she was nominated because of her uncleanliness. Big Brother interrupts and fines Katie for discussing possible nomination reasons.

Katie: Drilled, so drilled! This has been a great night.

BB then fines Jamie. He doesn’t seem to care. Katie recaps: a nomination, a strike and a $5000 fine each in one night.

Katie: This has been the best night of my life!

Gaelan comments in the bedroom the couple must be taking their nomination pretty harsh and spiteful if these strikes and fines are happening. Claire says it shows the lack of maturity levels.

David: Cheeky little bastards.

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