Day 48 Uplate

10:39pm: Rob is walking Camilla and Dave to the rewards room. Rob looks in from outside. They talk about putting something on charge. Rob says he wants to come in for a cuddle. Rob says he’ll see them in the morning. Dave and Camilla decide to start with the worst alcohol. Camilla says she is excited for him to perhaps win one of the boxes. Camilla says that this trophy is the best one so far. Dave says of all people to win the sporting one. Dave says that the four guys would’ve been peeved to have thrown the game. Camilla doesn’t agree that the guys threw it. Camilla says he wanted it. Dave reckons that they threw it for the two of them. They sit on the couch and just love being in the rewards room. Dave says that he just told BB that the past week and a half haven’t been the best for Dave and Camilla, but he would’ve always taken Camilla. Camila says they always use to imagine winning and getting into the rewards room. Mike cuts in. Comm break.

10:49pm: In the rewards room, Camilla is saying that she loves Claire, but finds her a bit of a know it all sometimes. We cut away from that pretty quickly, and cut to the bedroom where Katie, Jamie and Rob are talking. There is a huge long beep soon after, so we cut back to the rewards room. They seem to be talking about sheep! How exciting. He says he’s going to breed them a bit differently than the normal process. Finally cut away, back to JamKat and Rob. Rob is talking about something he did at 7. Rob says he kissed his first boy at 7. Jamie wonders who the dude was. Jamie wonders if the guy is gay. Rob says he is. Back to the sheep convo in the rewards room. Dave says he gives meat to his neighbours when he goes over for dinner or something. Camilla says she should come and visit all the single farmers in the area. Comm break.

11:04pm: Dave and Camilla have come back to the house. Wow, very colourful language being used on the couch. Rob starts it off, before Camilla and Krystal join in. We focus on Dave and Gaelan’s convo nearby. Dave says that the housekeeper job is crap. Some people are telling him what they like doing jobwise. Comm break.

11:12pm: Time for the boxes reveal in the rewards room. Big Brother guides David through the process. The prizes are an Xbox 360, a photo of ex housemates or a trip to northern Vietnam. He chooses Box number 1. BB tells him to open box number one now. He wins the trip. Lots of swearing, lots of cuddles! Big Brother tells him the holiday is his to keep, and he can check the other boxes. They check the photo out for a bit. He is really excited, and they decide to go and tell everyone else. They wander in and decide to act cool. Dave tells Krystal that the photo of Karen looked hot. He hangs Gaelan the piece of paper explaining the prize, and Gaelan says “Wait, you won!” Everyone celebrates! Krystal seems much more interested in what her mum looked like! They congratulate Dave on winning the trip a bit more. Some wonder what Vietnam will be like. After the short stay, they head back to the rewards room, and we head to a comm break.

11:26pm: Katie is saying she has come close to having sex numerous times, but always said no. Jamie says that they will have to ‘start again’ when they get outside. Katie agrees. Rob decides to give his theory on how the relationship will go on the outside. He tells them to be wary that it might not work out on the outside. Katie says she doesn’t want to get too close in her just in case it doesn’t work out. Jamie thinks that Katie is trying to see Jamie in a negative light in the house in the hope that she can be dissapointed in him a bit so she is not head over heels for him. Jamie says that there will be more guys out that that like Katie because they know what she is like. Claire asks for a lollipop from across the room. Jamie says it’ll take time to say how he really feels about Katie (I think). Comm break.

11:40pm: Into the rewards room we go. Dave telling a story of some sort. Dave is talking about some guy he knows and him rining Dave’s mum. Anyway, we cut into the bathroom. Jamie is sitting on the floor, Rob is brushing his teeth and Katie is watching Rob. Claire enters. They seem to be singing nothing in particular. Rob starts singing “Celebrate good times.” Back to the rewards room. Camilla says she felt bad in March when she lost her job and thought she had missed out on BB. She says the phone call on March 8th changed all that, and from that moment on it was very full on. Back to Jamie and Katie who are waiting to go into the diary room. They kiss. They talk about how full on it’ll be to be evicted. Katie says she didn’t get the option of the trip last week. She says she’ll keep the bike though. Comm break.

11:49pm: Lots of singing going on in the main bedroom. Jamie thinks there is too much singing going on, and they’ll get fined soon. Well that was a good 10 second cross to the house. At 11:50pm, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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