Day 52

10.38am – The punishment room is full of soccer balls. Claire is cleaning the kitchen, and says this is the reason she won’t have kids – humans are so friggen messy. We’re the only animal who doesn’t clean up our own space, its disgusting.

11.51am – The housemates are given their weekly task. There is a soccer goal in the backyard, which housemates must defend around the clock. Big Brother can shoot soccer balls at it at any moment. Additionally there must be at least one person with the goalie at all times as their “number 1 fan”. The housemates are called into the garden to find the goal – there is a split reaction. The boys mostly like the task however the girls are weary. They vote to wager 100% on the task – Krystal doesn’t want to, but Camilla eggs them all to take a chance.

Later in the kitchen Camilla tells Katie to spend some time with the rest of the housemates – since she’s been so isolated. Katie says she will later, she just has to wash her face. Jamie walks past them without saying anything. Camilla says to Krystal “boy they’re really cheery aren’t they?”. It’s been Camilla’s 3rd attempt to chat with them. Krystal comments she doesn’t have the energy to try.

Ashley is infront of the goals, with Rob being his number one fan. Rob sings out a crowd chant while Ashley dances in the goals.

Katie and Jamie are talking in the bedroom. He says he can tell the bad people from the good – and its only been good people leaving each week. Katie is finding it hard to talk to the other housemates and be nice about it because they’re being fake. “Claires not even talking to me”. Rob doesn’t bother… “its like being picked on in school”. Katie jokes they are the losers of the house. Jamie says he knows.

Claire asks Ashley if she can be his cheerleader. Rob jokes “imaging if it threw eggs at you instead”.

Inside Katie tells Jamie they should stop sulking. Jamie says they should have fun. Katie can’t have fun when no one likes her. Jamie is used to being liked, and thats whats getting to him – Katie comments she is the same. Jamie describes it as “a new feeling… a new, nasty feeling”.


12.36pm – Ashley is still infront of the goal posts. Gaelan points out a gap where Ashley isn’t defending so well, so Ashley re-positions. Rob says not to worry – his supporters look good, they’re looking nice in a hat (Rob is talking about himself), and Ashley’s hair looks great. Suddenly a soccer ball shoots towards the goal and hits the net. Claire is shocked at how fast the balls are shot towards the goal. She goes inside and tells Krystal and Camilla how fast the ball was. Ashley continues to guard the goal (and dance) while Rob chants.

Katie comes to the diary room. She says last night she got upset, and thought “why am I getting upset? everyone has to go through it”. She has been lucky to go through it. Then she had her angry “screw it” attitude. Then her sulky time as well.

Outside Jamie thinks Katie is talking to Big Brother about leaving. He considers leaving the house too, and explains this to John. He grabs the house rule book to read the pages on leaving the house. John asks why he’s doing this – Jamie replies because the house is shit – “everyone left is shit”. John says “thanks mate”.

Katie proposes she had a choice over who would be evicted out of Jamie and her – she would pick her. Jamie hopes Katie isn’t “doing anything stupid”. Jamie tells John about his theory that Katie wants to leave. John says fair enough they are pissed off but they shouldn’t leave – they have lasted this long and thats an indicator of how highly they are looked upon. Jamie understands what John is saying, but says its like your best friend leaving the house.

In the diary room Katie says there is no way Jamie is leaving the house this Sunday. She would rather go than have Jamie go – because he has so much to offer. BB asks if there is anything else she wants to talk about. There isn’t, so she leaves the diary room. Outside Jamie asks what her visit was about. Katie says it was about nominations and evictions.. “because I already have 2 strikes”.


5.59pm – Jamie comes to the diary room. He wants to have a chat about the things on his mind, specifically Sunday. He says this Monday if there was any chance of being nominated it would be that. He says his real friends have been slowly kicked out of the house and he doesn’t have anyone to turn to.

Over the dining table, Katie asks why there wasn’t enough bread over the weekend. Rob said it was because of the last baker – they had to use bread for normal loaves, apple crumble and other misc. items. David tells Katie to forget about it because it’s backpeddling. She’s ok, and comments Jamie has been in the diary room a long time. David jokes this is the first opportunity he’s had to bitch about Katie. Katie says he wouldn’t dare.

However Jamie is crying in the diary room. He says he’s met so many cool people in the house and he couldn’t have done any of it without Katie and John and Dino. As soon as Dino left things caved in for him. He gets annoyed, saying he never cries at home, he hasn’t cried in ages. He’s had a couple of breakdowns in the house. He doesn’t want to be angry or upset and he has been put out of his comfort zone and this is how he’s reacting. Big Brother says he can always come to the diary room to talk about how he’s feeling. Jamie leaves just after grabbing a tissue.

Claire is at the goal nets and Rob explains to her that he’s worried the bread questioning before was going to start something hostile. He comments she was kinda out of line questioning him without any evidence. Claire agrees. Rob says if he has to take people down a peg in the house if he has to, he will.

Meanwhile Katie is updating Jamie inside on the bread questioning.

Claire tells Rob “their” (Katie and Jamie’s) attitudes have totally changed for the worse once they found out they were nominated. John comments they are just dealing with it in their own way. Suddenly a ball shoots at the goals and Claire touches it with her hands, but it hits the net.


7.01pm – Jamie and Katie are lying together in bed. Meanwhile Camilla and Rob are discussing them while lying in the hammock. Camilla just wants them to stop – they are whinging for nothing, and everyone else knows what its like to be nominated so why should they make a big deal about it. Camilla adds they aren’t really losing each other if one of them is evicted anyway. Rob says its going there will be bigger problems on the outside for them. Family will be a big hurdle for Katie, if they continue the relationship outside the house, because of lifestyle, statures etc. He thinks family wise they aren’t too different but whats expected from the parents is very different.

Camilla says the dirty pissing is pissing her off because Jamie (the kitchenhand) hasn’t cleaned the kitchen at all. Gaelan doesn’t like the dishes just sitting there. Rob says if people here had basic social etiquette people would clean up so they could all enjoy themselves more. Jamie is loitering around the kitchen talking to Katie, and there are a few close up shots of dirty dishes and benches. They both say they want to leave the house, and are doing so much damage just by moping around. They think as long as they stay in the house they will continue to do this. Jamie says this has been the hardest week ever.

11.39pm – As part of this week’s task every time the housemates here a referees whistle they must “take a dive” (pretend to be injured) and plead with Big Brother for a penalty shot. The whistle sound plays. Most of the girls are in bed and immediately hop onto the floor for their dives. John decides to stay in bed while doing his. David and Camilla are outside, Jamie and Katie are in the kitchen, Gaelan is in the blue bedroom. They all call out for a free kick. Afterwards Claire comments that took forever.

11.56pm – Katie is in front of the goal posts. A soccer ball shoots out and Katie manages to block it. Jamie says if he keeps moping around like he has he doesn’t stand a chance of surviving eviction. The two then ask John if people have been talking about them. John says they have been – but they weren’t bitching. He doesn’t want to say names but they force it out of him – it was Claire. Jamie knew it would be her. Katie says Claire has been avoiding her all day. Jamie is “as sure as sure can be” that either Jamie or Katie will be evicted.

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