Day 32

8.44am – Dino and Danielle are up feeding the animals. Dino says last night was action packed, it was heaps fun for Danielle. Dino thinks Katie is really open about her feelings for Gaelan. Daniell wants to go back to bed after they feed the animals – Dino says “I like the way you put it”, reffering to going to bed.

9.56pm – Jamie asks Dino if the morning brings any regret. Dino says he wants to know what the others think. Ashley apparently also had a crush on Danielle and Dino might be a little worried after kissing her last night. Dino adds that Ashley is a little puppy and sometimes only follows what other people think and do. Jamie agrees, he feels Ashley has been hiding his feelings towards Danielle.

Later in the morning Big Brother announces all left over food and lollies from last night are to be returned to the diary room. The boys say thats really harsh. They collect all the lollies that are left and scoff as much as they can, but Big Brother interupts, saying the part is over and the lollies must be returned.

David joins Danielle outside and asks what happened with her last night. She says nothing happened afterwards. They both agree Dino is very attractive, but usually Danielle goes for very Aussie guys with blonde, possibly long hair, and Dino is the exact opposite. She is very much attracted to Dino.

Rob, Claire, Danielle, Camilla, David and Katie are called to the diary room for the task. They are given eggs to break on their heads. David’s is half boiled. Katie’s is raw. Danielle’s hard boiled. Camilla’s is hard boiled. Claire’s is raw. The housemates watching in the living room laugh. Rob’s egg is raw. The housemates who had boiled eggs can leave the diary room now. The remaining housemates are to stay to test if their luck can change. They choose eggs randomly out of a bucket. Claire is the only one with a raw egg – she is the unluckiest housemate, and given a golden horseshoe. She must hold it upright at all times to test whether it will make her more lucky.


3.32pm – Some of the girls are in the sauna. Krystal still has a secret stash of lollies from last night, and she shares them with Claire and Danielle. Big Brother immediately tells her to return the lollies and go to the punishment room. She must blow up balloons. Jamie says there isn’t enough oxygen in that room. Claire tells her to blow them up small, but BB already instructed Krystal to blow them up to soccer ball sizes. Danielle is called to the diary room, and BB tells her to collect all items left over from the party and then join Krystal in the punishment room. Danielle goes on the defence, saying there are other housemates who have stuff left over.
BB wants to know who, but Danielle has wised up and shuts her mouth. BB annouces to the entire house if there are any other housemates with supplies from the party to bring them to the diary room. Claire and John go, and are told to go to the punishment room as well.

In the kitchen Rob asks David if he would date him outside the house. David jumps around the question, saying he doesn’t want to upset anyone. Camilla translates: “although I like you, I have my mind set on marriage”. Rob says thats ok. Camilla translates again: “thats ok, lets be friends”. Rob just wants a pash from David.

Meanwhile the punished housemates have finished blowing up their balloons – the punishment room is like a children’s ball pit, filled to the top with balloons. They all cheer and jump around the balloons. Dino watches in amusement.

Rob tells Camilla that its ok David isn’t interested in him – he can’t imagine himself on a farm anyways. But he will get a pash out of David before he goes.


5.53pm – A group of boys are in the bedroom. Jamie is asked if he would get married soon. Jamie says his wife would have to cook – it shows she’s creative. Danielle comes in, and Dino asks her if her husband has to cook – she says yes, so she wouldn’t have to. Dino says “you’re losing points”. They exchange banter. Dino says he makes good sandwiches. Michael and David give animal show commentary on the relationship between Dino and Danielle. Michael jumps into Daniel’s arms and they “act out” Dino and Danielle’s relationship. They almost kiss, and Dino asks if David would have if he was straight – maybe. Danielle says she can’t wait to get married.

7.25pm – Family discussion time. The topic is “what do the housemates really think of the intruders?”. Rob says he and Danielle have fit in, and Jade is having more trouble. Jade says maybe she could learn to put on makeup for once in her life. Camilla says it’s Jade’s differences that make her so special. Camilla had a special connection with Danielle from the first day – she doesn’t have a problem with any of the intruders. Danielle loves them all, but says she won’t go through what she loves about them all because it would take forever.

Dino: Me first!

Danielle: Dino, I’ll tell you how much I like you later.

All the housemates at the table say “ooooh”. Dino is all smiles. The next topic is “housemates are to explain why they are in the house, and justify their reasons”. Ashley says his reason for coming is, and it hurts him, he never met his brother or sister. Ashley gets upset and Michael comforts him. Ashley hopes being on Big Brother will bring about meeting his siblings so he can share things about his life with them. Ash has never told the other housemates this much before, but he is now becuase “family is the most important thing”. All the housemates appreciate Ashley’s feelings. David suggests they now have a break from family discussion.

In the kitchen Claire hugs Ash and lets him know she is always there to talk. Claire asks if Ash has ever tried to find his brother or sister – he hasn’t. He only knows their first and second names and nothing else. One is 22 and one 27. Claire hopes he finds them, and agrees with what he said about family. Krystal also lets Ash know she is there to talk.


11.48pm – There are still lollies hidden behind Dino’s bed. BB tells him to bring them to the diary room – Dino says goodbye to the other housemates and is moved directly to the punishment room. He must make confetti from paper using a hole punch. Meanwhile Michael is playing pranks again – he is stealing people’s toothbrushes and hiding them in a sock. He puts hte sock under a housemate’s bed.

Jamie tries to keep Dino amused in the diary room with a joke:

Jamie: Whats better than hole punching?

Jamie: Everything.

John: Dino, would you rather get a punch in the face, or punch a bit of paper?

Dino: Punch a bit of paper.

Dino continues with punching the paper, and Jamie says he looks a little blue.

12.47am – Camilla can’t find her toothbrush. She ventures out of the bathroom and questions the other housemates – she says there are heaps of other toothbrushes missing too. Michael plays dumb – he asks the others if they left their toothbrush in the bathroom. Camilla goes to the diary room and tells BB that a few of the HMs have misplaced their toothbrush. She wants Big Brother to tell her if it is through their own actions. BB tells Camilla he didn’t take their toothbrushes. She asks if a housemate has taken them – bug Big Brother never comments on what others do in the house.

Michael is brushing his teeth. Camilla says goodnight to Dino, who is still in the punishment room punching holes in paper. Shortly after BB relieves him of his punishment. He goes straight to bed – with Danielle.

Dino: Honey I’m home.

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