Day 32 Uplate

11:15pm: Jamie and Katie are in the spa. Dani is at the edge of the spa. Jamie is saying that one of the guys was talking a lot about Dani the other day. I don’t know who they were referring to. Dani says that this is all so funny. Inside we go. Krystal and Gaelan lying on a bed together, Camilla and Rob also sitting up on the next bed. They are all talking about hairstyles. Camilla says here hair was too red in the first week. Camilla realises that Gaelan’s hair was cut a bit today. She apologises for not noticing. Gaelan and Krystal start talking about ice cream. Krystal tries to remember the name of a store near her. She says they have heaps and heaps of lollies and they make it on a cold slate. So you can add bars to your ice cream and they mash it all together on the cold slate…And back outside. Lots of laughter out here at the spa. Jamie is talking about a stupid game the boys played the other day about throwing ducks at other guys in the bathroom. This leads to a discussion about how Ashley is very good at hitting targets, and how he can get ducks or similar items through very small spaces. Dani says she is getting a jacket because she is too cold. Jamie and Katie joke that they might be gone when she returns. She checks on the boys (Dino and John) in the gym before heading inside, and she tells the boys that everyone is tired inside and nothing exciting is happening. She says she’ll be back and John asks her to grab one for him as well. She goes inside. John goes back to their previous conversation saying that he thinks that the nice guys might go when first put up. It seems he’s a bit scared about this weekend. Comm break.

11:30pm: Back in the gym. John says that he hasn’t been doubting himself at all, but the convo he’s just had with Dani has made him feel so much better. Dani tells him not to be worried about it at all (eviction). John says that in this house you have to think about it though. Dani agrees, saying that Tuesday-Thursday is just like hanging with friends and then the business end of the week comes about. Dani says that she would feel bad if John left. John thanks her. John mentions Gastro, and Dani is unsure who’s nickname it is, wondering if it was Dino. Dino says “ME!? I don’t fart that much”. They say they mean Rob. John says that if someone like Jade had just said that to him he wouldn’t have cared at all, but because it was Dani, who is someone he highly respects and wants to go far in the game, he really takes it to heart. Dino and Dani both agree that Jade isn’t entertainment value and she shouldn’t be kept in the house just for entertainment values. Dani thinks that Jade thinks she is loud and intimidating, but Dani doesn’t see that at all, and that she can’t change her opinion of herself because she is too set in her ways. She says she thinks Jade is interesting. Dino says he is freezing. Gaelan has joined them. John says that he thinks Jade is harmless. Dani and John both say that in the real life they wouldn’t hang out with her. Dani says that she probably hasn’t given Jade enough time because she has got bored too easily. John says he thought that about some people, but he gave them another half hour and he realises that he really likes them. Gaelan says he’s given Jade heaps of little 5 minutes sessions. Cut inside where Michael is in bed and Claire is sitting on his bed talking to him. Michael is still bitching about Karen, saying she deliberately tried to put barriers between her. Claire says that she can’t anymore. Michael says it’ll be interesting to see how goes this weekend because it’s back to only 3 nominees. Claire agrees. Into the kitchen. Dani and Dino are in there talking to Camilla and Rob. Rob is giving an annoying cooking lession to them all. Comm break.

11:45pm: Katie and Dani talking on a bed. Dani thought that whoever they are talking about didn’t even like her and give her the time of day. She says she doesn’t want to make the move, she did enough by sleeping in the same bed as him. Katie says she should wake him up some nights ‘accidently’ so they can talk some more. Ashley and Michael are looking in someone drawers. Dino enters the room and they all laugh ridiculously. Dino says thats the dumbest thing he’s ever seen, saying ‘why would you risk being put in the punishment room?’ I can’t quite follow the joke, apologies. Big Brother tells Dino to bring the lollies to the diary room, and to also bring Ashley’s stash with him. Katie then immediately gets a $5000 fine for not wearing her microphone. Someone says she’ll reach $100,000 by the end of this. Gaelan says “You sold Dino out there” to Ashley. They wonder whether Katie will have to do a punishment. John says that the dishes are the worst to do in the punishment room. Ash comes out and apologises to Dino, Dino says it’s all cool. Michael offers to help Dino get out of trouble, and suggests that Dino ask BB if he can have a lawyer present. Michael seems excited by this, and watches as Dino goes in. Cut to Krystal in the bedroom who is tidying up her little area of the bedroom. Most of the housemates are gathered in the living room waiting to see Dino’s fate. They don’t like his chances of getting out of a fine and a stint in the punishment room. Claire explains that she thought that the lolly bags could be eaten after the party as per usual practices in the real world when going to a party. Comm break.

12:01am: Dino is in the punishment room. He is trying to get others in trouble now seeing he;s in there. Claire says that anyone with a stash should come forward. Someone else says why would they come forward when they are only going to get into trouble. They change the subject to gay guys. Michael is convinced that Thorpie must be gay. He says that ‘why else would he have a pearl collection.’ Lots of little conversations going on on top of each other. Dino sticks a page on the wall which says dick. Jamie, Michael and John all laugh. They all say he’ll probably get in trouble for that. His punishment is to make confetti, but he’s punched ‘dick’ into the paper and made a word. Jamie and Michael talk about challanging Big Brother on his verdicts. Michael says he loves doing it. Jamie says he doesn’t do it often because the last time he did after coming out of the punishment room, BB sent him back in there. Comm break.

12:19am: Still quite a few people on the couch. John and Jamie are talking about how Michael seems to have been punished for tivial things the most. They say the first time he was punished, and in effect, the first punishment of the series, was for Michael interrupting Big Brother. They say he was in the punishment room for 4-5hours seperating needles. Claire says that he was having fun though. Michael exits the diary room, saying he tried to get Dino early bail to no avail. Dino and the boys all have a laugh, and Dino ends up farting on the glass. Michael goes to the bathroom. Dani says goodnight to the boys, and John calls out to Dino as he is having a hug with Dani! Rob comes out and says goodnight to them all. Jamie and John talk about how Dino looks like the young Chopper in the movie, when he first was in prison. Michael comes out of the bathroom and is looking very suss as he is going through his suitcase (at least i think it’s his). He looks under the bed from every available angle. Comm break.

12:32am: Michael has grabbed some toothbrushes from the bathroom and popped them in a sock and put then under his bed during the commercial break. Now it seems he’s going back for more. He grabs some more and goes back to the bedroom again. Cut away for an Uplate update, but we go back and Michael is still trying to hide stuff. Michael has now finished playing around. They boys all keep Dino company, and he moons them. BB tells Dino the longer he micks around, the longer he’ll be in the punishment room. Michael says that he sounded as if he was kind of laughing when he said it. John says that the goodbye messages have been so fake so far. Michael agrees. John says you don’t need to go overbored, but you can be honest at least. Michael says that some people just want to end on a good note. Michael says wait for his. He says he wants to make an impact with his. Cut to the bedroom. Camilla is saying she can’t wait to eat real food again. She says that everything here just makes them fart.

12:51am: Bathroom it is, Camilla and Rob are in there. Camilla says she wants her damn toothbrush now. She can’t find it. They joke about mango’s and bowels. Lovely. Camilla can’t find it and informs Krystal, who tells her she can use hers. She explains the colours, and Camilla says that hers might be gone too. Krystal says she better be joking. Rob says that Krystal should have a cuddle with Gaelan. Gaelan says that ‘distance makes the heart grow fonder.’ Back to the bathroom, Camilla looks everywhere. She reports back to Krystal that hers is gone too. John goes to the toilet. Camilla comes out to ask Dino if he stole them. Michael watches on. He is concerned for his toothbrush, saying he was just about to brush them. He goes and investigates. He says he still has his because he never leaves it in the bathroom. Ash says that his is still there. Comm break.

1:07am: Camilla comes out of the diary room. Michael says “For some reason I like woman shoes.” John says that this side of the bedroom is quite cool. Krystal says it’s way better. Gaelan says he hated his bed because of the position at the start, but he loves it now. John and Michael exit that side of the bedroom for a ‘brushoff.’ Camilla says she would like to play a brushoff, but she hasn’t got her brush! Comm break.

1:21am: Ashley exits the diary room. He says he said the mood in the house was tired. Michael says that he likes doing the dishes if he has someone else good helping him out because he can have a good convo. John says he should get Camilla to do it tomorrow. John says he likes doing dishes. Michael says Camilla told him off the other day for using too must dishwashing liquid. He says that he told her that it would only affect him as dishpig, and in actual fact, he didn’t think he had enough in there, so he added more. John says that he finds Camilla funny in the morning. He says she walks around as if she is asleep while doing exercises, then goes back to sleep, then gets up late and complains that there are no raisins left, then goes back to sleep and gets up late for lunch and there are no beans left. It sounded very funny! Comm break.

1:34am: John, Michael and Katie on the couch. Katie tells the boys who she will see in the outside world. She says Jamie. Michael says that Katie was in Sydney, he would spend time with her all the time. Katie says that John and Anna would be the Melbourne ones. She says she would like to catch up to Karen, and also Claire. John says that Dani is a great chick. They all agree. They talk about how Rob was so pumped at the party, even with shit music. They say it was a great party. John says he was robbed with his! At 1:39am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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