Day 30

10.54am – The housemates have found a tame cockatiel in the backyard. Jamie jokes about feeding it the housemate’s rations. Inside, talk turns to butter – the housemates don’t have any and Katie suggests making some out of milk. David tells her to keep on shaking milk, but it will take 45 minutes. Outside the cockatiel sits on Gaelan’s head, and Danielle comments it must be some one’s pet. The housemates decide to name the bird Mikey.

The bird goes to bite Dino. It must be able to sense evil.

Michael is in the bedroom hiding people’s shoes. The other housemates decide to take the new bird to the diary room. The bird sits on Katie’s head and Big Brother tells them it should not be in inside the house. Michael is now stealing kitchen cutlery – he hides it behind lighting panels in the bedroom. The bird ontop of Katie’s head is still the centre of attention.

In the house Dino explains a bet Katie gave him to stay within 5 metres of Camilla all day, as a test – since he is so annoyed at her. Big Brother calls Gaelan to the diary room. Inside is a birds cage and bird seed. Gaelan must entice the bird into the cage with the seed and then return it to the diary room. Dino is sitting by Camilla while she does the washing. Gaelan and Claire get the bird inside the cage with not much difficulty – it seems the bird is familiar with cages.


12.18pm – Dino is helping Camilla with the washing and some one calls out “good work Dino!”. Camilla wonders what the message is about. Katie is watching from the sidelines, still shaking milk to make butter. She finds it very amusing, and tells Krystal about the bet she made with Dino. Dino breaks the 5 metres and when questioned by Gaelan explains he has a 60 second rule.

1.23pm – Housemates in the bedroom, it’s time for the task. This week they must suffer for science. They must put superstitions and old wives tales to test. They vote 50% of their budget. All housemates are called to the garden. Jamie, Gaelan, Michael and Dino are called to one of the platforms in the garden. They have a tug of war competition. At the horn Jamie is eliminated. Next is Michael. Gaelan and Dino battle it out but Gaelan falls backwards, thus Dino is deemed the strongest housemate. Jamie is the weakest housemate, and is called to the diary room. Inside is cans of spinnach. He must eat four cans in the next hour to test whether it makes him stronger. Upon leaving the diary room the other housemates laugh at his situation. Jamie plans to put all four cans in a bowel and eat it all at once. The HMs suggest he heat it up first.

Rob is giving Ashley a haircut. Ash talks about his car. Jamie has started eating the spinnach and Katie say she will lose heaps of weight from it. Jamie replies that he’s been putting weight on in the house. Rob is almost done with Ashley’s haircut now, and Jamie has moved outside, being coached along by Katie. He says he’s feeling sick, and slows down eating the spinnach. Katie calls out that Ash looks awesome in his new haircut “oh Ash you look really good looking”.

Katie: Wow Ash new haircut… and Jamie spinnach.


8.27pm – The nominees this week are Michael, Camilla and David. Gaelan goes to the diary room and deducts 3 points from David, making the new nominees Michael, Camilla and John. BB makes the annoucement, and John says he’s fine. Dino really can’t believe John is nominated. Krystal is happy she’s in the house for two more weeks. Danielle congratulates Dino on staying in the house, but Dino is more preoccupied with the fact that John is nominated. “He’s the sweet guy who everyone loves in this house”. Dino would rather be nominated over John.

8.50pm – Jamie and David had made pizzas with the food they now have from passing last week’s task. The housemates all say the food is great, but feel sorry for Jamie who can only eat spinnach. Jamie has isolated himself in the sauna and Katie comes to see him. She tells him the food isn’t nice to make him feel better – but the bread (the part Jamie made) is perfect. “It tastes like a real pizza base”. Jamie say she doesn’t want to sit with the others and look like he’s sulking, so he’ll go away and then come back. Katie understands, and goes to leave, but walks into the massage table and falls over in a fit of laughter.

Jamie: Thanks for coming to see me!

The housemates in the dining table are toasting to the chef and Dino wishes good luck to all the nominated housemates.

9.08pm – David comes to talk to John about nominations. On the surface John doesn’t seem bothered. Both housemates nominated each other for two points. David say she feels a bit responsible since the house wanted him up and now its John. John reassures him he can’t feel like that.


9.53pm – Rob asks Camilla whats up with Dino. She doesn’t really know – “hes very hot and cold with me”. She says a few people have spent time with her today that dont’ usually and she’s wondering if its a nominations thing. She’s not playing the game but some people are. Rob agrees. Camilla adds that the people playing the game have inconsistancies and show themselves to be transparent after a while.

John comes to the diary room. BB asks him how he is feeling about nominations. John is excited, and didn’t expect being nominated. He’s never had conflict in the house and everyone has been nice face to face, so he can’t pick who dislikes him. He has close relationships so he was surprised some of them may have “backstabbed me so to speak”. John thought going by the trend in nominations other people would have been up before him.

In the bedroom Claire quietly tells Krystal that Dino is shocked and a little upset that John has been nominated. Claire thinks that Dino doesn’t need to get upset. Krystal says that deep down John might be feeling it a bit because he was questioning her earlier about her time being nominated.

Big Brother has asked Ashley to check Jade’s microphone transmitter as a guise for bringing her to the diary room. Jade tells him the transmitter is fine, but BB calls her. Inside she is issued her first insider mission: tomorrow from sunrise to sunset she must not talk to the other housemates – she can only sing. Jade acknowledges the mission.

Upon leaving the diary room Jade’s plan to outsmart Big Brother is already in motion: as she goes to bed she tells the other housemates she’s starting to get a sore throat.

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