Day 29

8.38am – Anna is taking Katie to feed the animals this morning. They greet the animals. Gaelan and Krystal are in the rewards room getting ready for the day. They talk about how much food they can scoff today before they have to go back to the regular house. Katie asks Anna if anything happened between Gaelan and Krystal last night. Anna has heard that he’s not that interested in her, becuase she would probably want a relationship afterwards. Meanwhile the rewardees are eating icecreams in bed and Krystal says “it feels like a weekend” (it is a weekend).

The one thing that annoys Anna about Krystal is that everyone’s laughing at her. Katie hasn’t noticed this, but feels bad for telling her that Gaelans interested in her. Katie thinks Krystal will get the hint if nothing happens.

Anna: She’s just a ditz, when it comes down to it. She’s just an idiot sometimes. It’s just the youngness in her.

Gaelan and Krystal have now ventured into the main house to see the other housemates. Anna queries them when their lights were turned out last night. There is no real answer. She asks Krystal if she kissed Gaelan in the rewards room. Krystal says no – he wasn’t keen. Meanwhile Katie is asking Gaelan the same question in the bedroom and his answer is the same. Gaelan jokes to Katie “you’re the only girl I go for in this house”, but adds in relation to Krystal “distance makes the heart grow fonder”. Anna, Ashley and Dino continue to pry Krystal for information, saying if they don’t get it out of her they will get it out of Gaelan. She insists that nothing happened. They didn’t even spoon.

Krystal goes to the bedroom and Gaelan back out to the kitchen. Immediately the housemates start querying him on what happened, calling him ‘stud’. Kyrstal runs up to the bedroom door to hear what they are asking him. He doesn’t really say anything revealing.

Anna: Oh well, at least some one will find out tonight whether they did or not.


1.24pm – Danielle is sunbathing and tells Camilla hard work, but admire her ability to say things without holding back. David says that sometime he finds it more easy to talk to Anna, because Camilla takes things so personally. It sometimes takes 2 days to get his message across.

Danielle: I’m not out to make enemies or anything but I’m about to be fake.

Jade is coaching Rob to go swimming, but he doesn’t want to wreck his hair underwater. While walking past Michael and Claire in the kitchen he says “yeah but how can you not get the water to go underwater”. Michael is baffled.

Claire: Where have they got these intruders from? There’s nothing wrong with them, they’re just… I don’t know. There’s just not a word to explain.

Michael: They’re not very intelligent?

Claire: No! Jade says she got all these great grades and she’s a bit like me I think – give her a textbook and she’s fine but common sense and she doesn’t sound very intellectual.

Michael agrees. Claire says first impressions last and Jade’s first impression with her was not very solid – Jade said she was opinionated but demonstrated she didn’t really know what the word means.

In the bedroom Jade asks if Big Brother could just put an intruder on the spot and have to leave without any notice. Camilla replies with a very confident “yes… they can do what they want babe”. Jade didn’t think it would be a common thing to do.

Camilla: We live in planet nutbag

Jade: And I am the main leader of the nuttos. A couple of people actually said that to me. Totally agreed with them. (To David) You’re probably the sanest one here.

5.21pm – Katie is running laps around the backyard. Dino, Michael and John are in the gym with their regular bitch club. Dino keeps whinging that Jade is so annoying and that he can’t stand her anymore. Michael adds that a few of the intruders are annoying. Meanwhile Jade is telling Jamie and David she hopes she stays in the house about a month because she’s already lost weight in a week. She would also not mind going because then she wouldn’t have authority figures telling her what to do.

Outside Dino continues – he says the problem with Jade is when she has an attitude of thinking you have no friends that’s the point of no return – thats when you can never go back and develop any relationships with other housemates. Jamie has come outside from talking with Jade and says to the boys “oh my god… I need a moment where I’m not talking to her and I’ll go back and do the bread”. He walks a circuit around the gym and returns to the house. When he returns Jade immediately starts talking to him again.

Dino: If you manage to rub Jamie up the wrong way you must be a very annoying person.

John decides to poke his head in for once:

John: She’s just a stupid idiot. She thinks she’s intelligent but she’s not.


8.03pm – It’s time to go… Anna. Krystal gives her a kiss. Ashley calls out that he’s not leaving. Gaelan and Dino look glad she has left. Katie is annoying, saying “ah… crap!”. Jaime is also annoyed Anna is gone, because she was part of his little group in the house. Outside Claire comforts Katie even though she nominated Anna for eviction. They didn’t think she would be evicted, but Michael makes it clear he thought she would. David tells Camilla that her and Anna made the house. Camilla agrees and says the pair provided a lot of entertainment.

Claire: If Jade stays on board it will be very interesting because she will get on all of our nerves.

Rob tells David and a few of the housemates at the kitchen table about the new ‘votes to save’. They toast to “two poofs in the house”. Rob is called to the diary room. Inside, Big Brother reminds him of the rules that insiders cannot reveal information from the outside world. BB repeats the conversation Rob had with David just prior, and Rob tries to jump in but BB cuts him off. Big Brother gives Rob a strike.

9.30pm – Anna’s farewell message is playing. She says she had a ball with the housemates.

Katie – I love you so much girl, when I first saw you I didn’t think we wer going to be friends but you’re just so beautiful there isn’t an ugly bone in you.

Camilla – You annoy me so much but I suppose I still love ya. I’m sorta sorry about a few things I said and you still irritate me but you’re cool.

The housemates all laugh.

John – When I first came in here I looked as you as wicked. You’re one of the few who did give me a chance straight away and I value the friendship I’ve formed with you.

Krystal – The first few weeks I was in here I didn’t like the person who you were, but I’m glad we’ve had this last couple of weeks so we could put our differences aside.

I’ve learnt so much from each and every one of you. I feel like I’ve grown so much in here and I love you all.

Katie: She’s the best chick.


9.59pm – Camilla is becoming emotional because of Anna’s message. She is comforted by Anna. She has been reminded of all the good things on the outside world. Katie reminds her that Big Brother is a once in a lifetime thing and in the house you have time in here to think and have fun. Dino asks whats up, and Camilla fills him in on how she’s feeling in reguards to evictions and Anna leaving.

Camilla: There is going to be a massive hole in here.

Jade is called to the diary room. Inside, Big Brother gives her the offer: be the new insider or be evicted immediately.

Danielle is in the bedroom telling Camilla she doesn’t think Jade likes her. She recalls a conversation she had with Jade about netball and how Jade kept talking and talking. Camilla laughs.

In the diary room Jade accepts the insider role. BB dismisses her.

In the kitchen Michael, Jamie and John talk about Rob:

Michael: It doesn’t take a brain to see that he’s a very smart player.

Jamie: A little conniving.

They all agree he’s a bit iffy and doesn’t seem geniune. Michael has jumped on the ‘playing the game’ bandwagon, and accuses Rob of doing it. Meanwhile Rob is telling Jade he really enjoys being in the house. Jade tells Rob that she feels she needs to speak to Big Brother a lot more recently, which will probably explain her increasing trips to the diary room.

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