Day 23 Uplate

11:30pm: Dino, John and Michael are in the gym. Dino is saying that when he is asking the girls which guys they like he is complimenting them in a bizarre way, whereas the girls see it as the guys trying to crack onto them. Dino says it’s all in fun. Jamie is also out there. Dino says that Anna got defensive when Dino asked a question such as that today. John says he saw that too. Dino suggests they make their way to the sauna, saying it’s turned into the guys room. He says that Camilla sometimes heads in there, but not many others do apart from the boys. John says Katie goes in there. They say that Karen also used to like to go in there, but she is gone. John says that he rated Karen a 6 when he first walked in the house, but quickly raised her to an 8 when she first got in a bikini. Michael says that he is at the age where he needs a girl to be able to have a conversation with him rather than just simply looks. Michael says that he once went out with a girl who had no personality but looked stunning for 2 months, simply for the sex. John and Jamie both say they haven’t done that. Camilla interrupts wondering if Michael can give her a lesson at something. Michael really doesn’t want to, you can tell, as he’s umming etc. Camilla gets the hint and says that whenever he is ready is fine. He agrees, and the boys are left alone again. John says Moroccian Joe and laughs, and they bring up Elise. Michael says he wishes she was still here. Dino disagrees saying “No. I thought she was a pissweak character.” John agree,s but starts laughing heaps at Dino’s comment. Michael remembers when she was in a clown suit and came out with balloons in her costume. Michael says he felt bad for her. Dino agrees with that. He says she didn’t fit in anywhere, she would stand behind a circle and eventually say “yeh yeh” to a conversation and everyone would turn around and she’d have to walk away because she knew she was a dickhead. They decide to head to the sauna. John keeps laughing at ‘pissweak character’ as they walk in. Dino gets ready for the sauna as John checks on Anna, who is lying on the bed. She says she has a sore throat, and thats she is tired, but she’s alright. Dino heads to the sauna and says he’ll have to leave the bathroom door open because Gaelan just left a lovely smell from going to the toilet.

11:45pm: Heaps of people in the living room. Katie, Krystal, David, Camilla and Claire. Camilla is talking about a guy she met in Coles in Richmond. She says that he was 33, non married and single. She says that had she not been seeing Michael (her kinda boyfriend on the outside) she would have got the guys number. The guy had a kid that the mother no longer wanted since breaking up. Krystal wonders how old Katie would go seeking a boyfriend. She says 26. Gaelan is there, Claire is not, apologies. Gaelan says that age doesn’t really matter to him as long as they are fun. Katie kinda agrees. Krystal says she has been with an older guy, and lets them guess. I think she nodded to 32 as the age. Gaelan says that his brother is 40 but doesn’t look like it, and can still pull 21 year olds. Krystal dated someone who was 26 when she was 17, but she thought he was about 21. Camilla tells a story but there are too many beeps in it, so I have no idea whats going on. Something about a party at her old man’s work, and hiss boss was in the 40’s and asked her to have a drink with her. She says she had to say no when the boss asked her straight out. David changes the subject and tells Katie that he finds her attractive. Krystal wonders whether he finds her attractive, and he says ‘extremely.’ Gaelan asks Dave if he think he himself is attractive (Dave.) Dave says that he knows he’s alright looking, and he says he can get what he wants easily enough. They wonder if Claire is asleep. Krystal says she’s the new Tilli, always sleeping. Katie says she better get up then otherwise she’ll be evicted.

11:57pm: John and Michael are in the sauna. John wonders if Uplate would be on. Michael says it’s better if they don’t mention it or talk about it. They turn their attention to what they think the time is as Jamie climbs into the sauna to join them. John says he’s having a stab in the dark, but he thinks 10:30. Michael agrees. Dino comes in and flashes himself to the other guys. Jamie says he did it three times in the punishment room the other night. Cut to Mike for a bit, then back to the sauna. Dino says that he finds it unfortunate that he gets along with the guys so well and the girls he find irritating. He says if even the smallest thing happens with the girls, he really gets annoyed, wheras if it was one of the guys he wouldn’t think twice about it. John agrees. Dino says that they just don’t think before talking. Michael’s toe is hurting. Jamie gets out and so does Dino. Michael says he’ll stay with John. Michael says that he was very happy with the way things went tonight. John says ‘really’. He says yeh. John said that he didn’t want her to be here John didn’t want him to be here either. Michael says that he’s happier now, and he’ll see what happens in the next day or two. John thinks that it’s crazy with 15 housemates in the house, but says that comfort will come when housemates start to dwindle, and that’ll last for a few weeks, then you’ll become frustrated, and the last stage being the one where you just learn to live with each other. Comm break.

12:11am: Heaps of people in the living area/kitchen. Lots of convo’s and hard to make out. Mike cuts in and spins shit for quite a while. Back to the house, camera following Michael in the bedroom by himself. He’s getting changed. Finally cut back to the living room. Camilla is talking about some show or something. Claire starts talking about Man O Man and how she used to love playing it with her friends back in high school. Jamie agrees that it was a great show. Someone didn’t ever see it, so a few people explain the concept of the show. Camilla talks about Paradise Hotel. Gaelan says The Resort was good. Michael tells them they had to pull it only a tiny way through because of such poor ratings. Krystal seems to have watched it, and then says they must have cancelled it, because she never saw the end. Someone else mentions “The Villa”. Oh dear, talking about crap reality TV.

12:27am: John and Ashley are all that remain on the couch by the looks of it. John seems stunned that Ashley doesn’t drink milk. Ah actually it’s Dave. John says he doesn’t drink it either. Dave says he used to drink 2 litres a day when he lived in town, but not anymore. Claire and Dave start singing “Hungry Eyes.” Michael and Camilla are out in the gym. Michael tells Camilla he’s feeling positive. He says he found out some information from the outside world so he’s happy. Camilla says she can’t believe that he has a son. Michael says he loves the boy to death. Camilla wishes she had known from the start. They start talking about the gym equipment and Michael tells her how to exercise properly. Camilla says she could be going home on Sunday. She says she would be happy with that. Michael says a month is a great accomplishment. Camilla wonders if he’s shocked at not being up. Michael says that he believes everything happens for a reason so he’ll go with the flow. He says thats something is obviously keeping him in the house. Michael says he’s dissapointed that he can’t exercise because of his toe. Camilla suggests asking BB about it. Michael says he did FNL, but perhaps he was just pumped. Michael makes her do 60 seconds seated on the exercise bike going hard. Cut back inside, John is talking to someone. John says that when he’s at uni he tries to do all his homework there so he can veg when he’s home. He says he works part time for his old man who is a builder. Dave wonders if his dad just pays him cash, but John says it all goes through the books. He says he gets $14 an hour. Dave seems suprised. Dino says that it’s handy money when your at uni. John agrees, and says that he is learning so much that he would do it for $10 or so anyway. Dave says he thought $14 was only for farmers. Cut to the bedroom, Anna, Krystal and Jamie are there. Anna thinks she’s been asleep for a bit. Krystal suggests about an hour she has been asleep for. Jamie hums the wedding tune.

12:45am: In the living room. Quite a few people there. Gaelan says he did an outback shoot for another countries magazine or something. They asked him to grow a beard, and he couldn’t. Jamie and Katie whisper with Krystal for a bit. They talk about how they have more rice or something this week. Talk turns to Krystal’s shoots. Her first shoot she was really embarrassed and didn’t want to do a few poses. Someone asks her to do the pose from her last Ralph shoot. Krystal says they’ll bring them back out (on the cover baby!) Krystal tells the guys that Jennifer Hawkins was on the cover when her latest shoot first appeared, and a Michelle from ‘a similar reality show.’ Krystal seems worried now, and talks to Gaelan wondering whether they can release photos without Krystal herself giving them the go ahead. Gaelan says they properly can because she didn’t sign a non release. (Perhaps the latest shoot was the fruitshop one and the test shoot Krystal was worried about is the one in the latest Ralph.) Gaelan says they are most likely out now. Krystal seems concerned, so Katie tells her that she has some shockers out there somewhere. Gaelan says “oh but you mum loves those school photos.” It gets a laugh. Actually Krystal now explains the test shoot she did, saying she is having an ice cream which is dripping down her skin and she’s sitting down legs apart front on to the camera, with her pants pulled down a long way and a really short tight top. Katie says thats ok though, because she’s covered.

1:02am: Gaelan says that he has half a grapefruit everyday. Krystal says that it’s a really great fruit. Talk changes to Subway. Krystal says the last time she was there she asked for a little bit more tomato, and they charged her a $1 more. Katie talks about a Brazilian guy who totally won her over by just giving her the nicest compliments and saying everything she wanted to hear. Comm break.

1:15am: Jamie is talking to David about his brother. He says his brother tells him all the time that Dad is running the company he owns wrong and he should be doing this, this and this. He says that his brother is very switched on. Jamie says that when one of his friends is hanging out and his brother is there Jamie can’t get a word in and is totally out of the conversation because it goes over his head. He tells Dave that it’s been awesome growing up with his two brothers, referring to them as his two best mates. He says that if you invite a friend over to hang at his place it’s an honour, because they just don’t bring friends over because they are that close they don’t need anyone else. Jamie explains John and Ben, his brothers in a bit more detail. However. we’re taken to the bedroom where everyone is seated around Camilla who has just had a panic attack. Claire is talking very softly and calmly towards her and telling her to breathe through her nose. Krystal tells her that she has a very cute nose. A small smile shows up on her face. Krystal says that Claire should be a nurse. Claire says it’s basic; you can’t panic when another person is panicking around you. Camilla says that her head feels really strange. Camilla says she just feels like going to sleep now, she’s so tired. Claire says she will feel like that. Camilla stands and makes her way to the diary room, which almost opens as soon as she hits the button. We hear Jamie say that he doesn’t think another girl will go. He then thinks about it, and takes it back.

1:28am: Camilla is just getting into bed. Katie and Anna are making sure she’s ok. Krystal yells out “Sweet dreams Camilla.” Anna gets her a face wipe to get the makeup off. Anna tells her that she’ll make sure the housemates are quiet if they come into the bedroom. Back out to the kitchen. Jamie says a girl started talking Swedish girl outside a lecture theatre, and later found out she was royalty. A princess from Sweeden. Jamie says that she was talking Swede, and he stood there and freaked out! Michael says that he does look Sweedish. Jamie says it was a big regret walking away from her, not knowing who she was. ‘Big’ Big Brother calls John to the diary room. Jamie says batteries. Dave helps him discover it was Princess Victoria. This happened at a university in Stockholm (sp?). Jamie wonders how Dave knows so much about them. Dave says he knows stuff. Jamie thinks that Dave knows them, but he denies it. Dave says that he would there though, because she is spectatular. John comes out and it’s a battery change all round. Katie grabs one for Camilla. Feed cuts to Katie changing Camilla’s mic. Katie tells her that everyone is concerned about her out there. Back to the kitchen. David says that Sweeden is a hated country because they are so liberal. Krystal yells something quite loudly. David says he has been to most of Europe but not Sweeden. He says Finland people are quite rude. He says they take their clothes off all the time. Gaelan says he wouldn’t worry about that. Comm break.

1:41am: Katie says she loves the colour of John’s eyes. She says she likes Jamie’s as well, but says they look like big pupils sometimes. Jamie gives her a cuddle. Ashley and Gaelan continue working on the dishes. Claire tells them that there are no more dishes lying around. Cut to the bedroom where the lights are out. Camilla is talking to someone, saying she didn’t want to push it with her GP. She is talking to Dave. She says she has had a panic attack before. Jamie comes over and Camilla apologises for sleeping in his bed. Jamie says he’s going to sleep with Dino, so he’s going to sleep naked and hopes Dino can deal with it. Camilla says she is embarrassed with her panic attack. Cut to the bathroom. Katie, Ashley, John, Michael and Gaelan are in there, most brushing their teeth. At 1:51am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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