Day 25

9.43am – Housemates are up and about… sort of. Michael and Claire discuss the night before: Michael could not sleep because he was so hungry. He had put part of his dinner in the fridge and when he went back to eat it this morning, it was gone. Michael hopes BB told a housemate to take the food because if not, that is very low.

David is outside on the exercise bikes with Rob. Rob explains you need to anticipate the mindset of people who aren’t used to gay people.

Rob: I always thought homophobia was a thing of the past but its still there. It still puts me out. It seems a bit surreal.

Rob has never really had a problem with being out because he’s been out with high school and everyone has been fine with it. David agrees with the points Rob has made. Ashley comes outside and Rob comments he’s wearing a nice new singlet.

Michael goes to the diary room, and says he doesn’t know whether to continue in the house. BB asks which way he thinks is forward, and Michael replies “that door”, the one to the side of the diary room housemates use to leave. Michael says if the intruders didn’t come in last night he would have had the opportunity to resolve some issues but now it might be impossible. The whole stigma of being the insider has affected him in a really bad way – for example some one taking his food. Michael says despite lying to them he’d do it again, he’d be more careful and he also had the attitude that if the housemates want to have that opinion he can just play the game harder and really give them something to complain about.

Michael leaves for the bedroom and Dino asks him whats wrong, but Michael doesn’t really want to talk about it. Dino walks outside whistling cheerfully. In the bedroom Michael tells Anna he wants to know who took his food, and he feels its a personal attack because of his role as the insider.

Anna: Mikey I can’t do it anymore… me and Dino ate it! But it wasn’t against you!

Michael shakes his head and leaves without saying anything. Anna calls after him, but to no effect.

Jamie: Mickey thinks about things too much. Dino will be more pissed off than Mikey.



Michael: How was my food last night Dino? I already know its you.

Dino: Then why do you keep asking me?

Michael: Because you ate it! I already know you ate it dude. I alrady know Dino… you can just admit it.

Dino doesn’t say anything, instead he looks down away from Michael.

Michael: So why’d you eat it Dino?

There is another long pause.

Michael: Why’d you eat it Dino?

Dino: There’s some shitty parts to your personality Michael.

Dino then goes to walk away.

Michael: Anna’s already admitted it dude

Dino has now gone outside, and Rob enters the kitchen to see if Michael is ok. Michael says he’s fine.


Dino: Whats this whole thing about Mikey blaming me for eating his pasta?

Jamie and Krystal: Anna told him.

Dino: [censor beep] and then Dino laughs, followed by Jamie.

Ashley asks if Dino actually ate the pasta, and Krystal clarifies that yes, Dino did eat the pasta with Anna. Michael meanwhile is still fuming and walks around inside. Dino tells the housemates outside the conversation that took place between him and Michael moments ago. A little later on Dino is complaining about Michael to Rob. Rob agrees and says everytime he’s tried to communicate with Michael he’s been blocked, and Rob is happy to just leave it like that if Michael won’t make the effort to talk back.

Michael talks to Anna once again:

Michael: It was definately you and Dino?

Anna: It was definately me

Michael: Are you scared to say Dino?

Anna: I’m sorry but if it was anybody else’s food I would have done it too. It wasn’t a personal thing… If you’re angry with me, thats cool.

Anna goes outside and is told off by Dino. She says she cracked because Michael was getting so angry. Dino says Michael was applying pressure. Anna felt bad because Michael was a personal attack. Dino continues to elaborate that she shouldn’t have told Michael they ate his pasta, no matter what Michael thinks. Dino uses the fact that Michael lied to them about the insider task as justification.

8.03pm – The housemates are having their family dinner discussion. David explains about being gay in the house – people can be accepted for their sexuality and when David entered the house thats exactly what happened. He says the day of the fake wedding was his worst day in the house because in the outside world he doesn’t have the right to get married. Rob and him are both in a situation where they live in a western democracy where they are second class citizens because there are no other people at the dinner table knows what that is like. Rob is in tears.

David: So many of us are barred the rights that so many of you take for granted. Thats one of the fundamental problems with this country.

Claire says he has done bloody good in the house and all the housemates applaud David.

Dino: Before you I never knew a certain lifestyle or a certain way of life.. like I’ve known gay people.. but I never knew the problems you had to go through like the hardships that you’ve felt. I think now with your excellent speeches you’ve recruited 17 people who will fight for whatever you believe in as well.


7.51pm – The family dinner continues. It’s Anna’s turn.

Anna: Are female housemates largely stuck up and vain? I personally think that I’m perfect so I don’t think so … nah… I’m joking!

Claire says that personality is far more beautiful that your looks and they should remember that there are girls out there and the housemates should be teaching them that beauty is on the inside. Vanity for David has nothing to do with makeup at all. He doesn’t give two hoots about how you put on your makeup “but if you do make a hell of a fuss about the way your fat is distributed over your body or the fat in the food or when its clearly not a fatty meal you are setting a message to the girls out there that they may be in great shape, they may be just like you but you’ve just said to them you’re a little bit too fat”. Camilla asks if she does it – David says that yes she does do it. Camilla nods in acceptance of that.

Jade says that she is probably the largest girl in the house but over the last few months she’s lost 10 kilos. She was always picked on in school for being fat and ugly and she does look at thin people and when they say they are fat it makes her feel worse because her and people like her think “well I’m way fatter than that”. Jade knows that you aren’t intentionally doing it but it does make others feel negative.

Anna says that Krystal and Camilla have fantastic bodies but they don’t eats some things. They have a mouthfull of porridge for breakfast. Krystal says she has never said she is fat or complained about that – she has put on weight in the house because she doesn’t fit into a lot of her clothes. Anna tells them they need to know they have fantastic bodies but when they turn around and say they need to cut down their foods it makes Anna feel second rate. Camilla continues the discussion but Krystal has become upset and moves to the bathroom alone.

Claire tells the dining table that Katie has already admitted to having an eating disorder, and now Claire admits she’s had one too. “You’re only as beautiful as you feel, so just be beautiful”. Claire starts to get teary. Michael goes to the bedroom to talk to Krystal. He says as much as they have animosity to each other but he wants to put that aside and tell her she’s an extremely stunning, attractive woman. Meanwhile Claire is upset at the dining table and apologises, but everyone say its ok. Krystal is telling Michael that much of this has been brought up because of her and her makeup and Michael was looking at her weird for doing that. Michael personally thinks that Krystal doesn’t need to wear makeup at all.

Rob just wants to move onto the next discussion question now.

Many of the girls are in the bedroom comforting each other and discussing what just happened. Danielle is a little upset she might have caused this, and Camilla is angry that people are thinking she goes around the house worrying about what she eats. Anna soon comes to talk to Krystal and Krystal iterates that she will not change what she does. David comes to see Camilla but she is angry at him because she feels he just called her fat.

David: For gods sake Camilla I’m going to say it once and I’m going to say it out loud: you said to me today at least half a dozen times something to do with your weight, ok? Don’t accuse me of calling you fat if you’ve raised the issue.

David says he’s not going to continue the discussion, but Camilla feels she is being yelled at and can’t respond to the issue. David says he’s not ready to talk to her at all because he’s already explained himself and she’ll have to get him to do it at a different stage – not right now.

Camilla: Thats just really unreasonable.


9.55pm – Camilla and David haven’t talked to each other for about two hours. David finally comes over to her and she hugs him and starts crying. She doesn’t want to have an argument with him because she doesn’t really have anybody else in the house. David reminds her that she’s always got him. Camilla apologises for what happened before and wants David to appreciate her. He does appreciate her, but at some times there are things he can’t take about her. He will be there even if he disagrees with her but sometimes he can’t accept some things. They hug again.

Camilla: This whole house is insane! It’s not normal!

Outside Jade is lying on a hammock and Rob is sitting in a chair next to her – just like a psychiatrist’s office! She is feeling down because she feels like she doesn’t have anyone to click with in the house. Even though she clicks with Camilla a lot, Camilla has Dave. Rob and Dave have fit in together because they have something in common and Danielle has fit in with the girls because she’s girly like that. Jade adds thats great but she doesn’t have that. The house is not what she expected. Rob says she needs to stand for what she is and not exclude herself like staying outside like this. Jade comments she is fine but just needs occasional times to think.

Michael tells David there are more people in the house playing the game than he realises. David says if he survives the eviction on Sunday he will help play the game with Michael.

Michael: Between you and me, if you and me are close. We can play this game. We can turn this into something interesting. I couldn’t give a stuff if I win this game, but if we can make it interesting.

David: What do we get if we win this game? $57.80?

Michael: But are you serious?

David: I’ve got nothing to lose.

Michael: I think you need to work this out for yourself.

Jade meanwhile is still lying on the hammock outside, she is talking to herself.

Jade: There are parts to their personalities I like. Sure. But. At the end of the day, they would never be my friends. I mean I’m kinda a bit emotion right now cos its that time of the month. Its just hormones things like that so hopefully by the end of next week I think I’ll be a whole different person and view some of the housemates a bit differently.

She goes inside.

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