Day 24

7.33pm – Big Brother has brought the housemates to the living room, and explains there is another housemate with a secret, who has been working against them. He then shows the HMs footage of Michael acting as the insider. The group quickly realises that Reuben was made up, and throw pillows at Michael. Karen questions Michael directly but there is no response at first. Footage on the plasma screens then changes to Michael discussing in the diary room David’s emotional reaction to the Reuben story. David looks annoyed, and Anna has started to cry. Some one swears at Michael, who stands up and explains he had to do what he did. Anna, who is now very upset asks why he had to make up stories like that when some of the housemates don’t even know their parents, like Krystal and Anna who both don’t know her father. Michael says he didn’t know that, but Anna says she has told him this before.

Michael: I’m sorry you feel this way but I had to pick something, where I was going to upset people.

Anna continues to cry. Michael explains he felt bad lying to people but if he didn’t do it he would have been evicted immediately. BB says the housemates are free to leave the lounge. Camilla quietly comments that Michael’s story was a little too complicated. David goes outside to the gym, trying to hold back his anger. Ash is doing weights, and says he doesn’t really care.

Ash: There are people like Mikey, who generally aren’t nice people at all.

David: This is not right… not right.. you just don’t… shouldn’t do this. Thats not good. What good can come from that?

Ash: You see thats where he’s in the wrong because he could have chosen anything.

David: He could have easily kept on doing annoying stuff. This is why I live on a farm because of this… stuff.

Karen joins them, and agrees with Ash’s comments. Ash says it isn’t fair because Ash has stayed true to himself and been nominated whereas Michael has lied and gets saved from nominations. Krystal repeats the effect it has on her and Anna, and Ash adds that he only just lost his father last year so it impacts him too. Dave is still very unhappy and wanders around “I’m sick of the lies”.

Anna: I really took that to heart, that story.

David: So you should! So you should! We’re human beings, we’re meant to be polite we’re meant to hear people’s problems. What sort of a human being am I to think this is part of his stategy to get further in the game.

Meanwhile inside Claire and Katie are saying to Michael he should go and speak to people about this – they add he’s a strong character though. Claire is glad she’s not getting sucked up in the drama.

David tells the group huddled in the gym about the earlier instance where he looked Michael in the eye and asked him if his son story was part of his strategy. Michael looked him in the eye and said no. This outrages Krystal, who goes inside and asks “hey Mikey, is that why you never did any housework, so we would vote you out?”. Michael doesn’t answer the question, instead deflecting to his own question “why are you so upset now?”.

Michael: I was the one who delegated chores.

Krystal: No I mean since Day 1

Michael: You and me are going to have a conversation outside. If you want to go on show, I will put you on show. If you want to act childish… I will put you on show. Just grow up, and we’ll have a conversation outside. If you want to act like that I will embarrass you as much as you want to embarrass me. Just grow up, settle down, and we’ll chat later.

Katie: …. hrm… I’m feeling ackward.

Dino: (to Michael) Don’t tell me that was a mission because that was totally uncalled for.

Michael: We’ll she’s complaining… so….

Dino: To me it seemed like she asked a simple question.

Michael: Just wait, I’m going to speak to you later.

Krystal: I feel like I’m at school

Dino: Sounds to me like you’ve got a lot of people to talk to. Sort that out first.

Katie: This is intense.


8.21pm – Big Brother has all the housemates in the diary room. He explains there are too many housemates talking about nominations tonight. This must stop. While they are in the diary room intruder Rob is lead through to the lounge room. When the housemates leave the diary room, they find Rob on the lounge room. Anna is the first person to see Rob, stops and says “oh my god”. David is the first to go up and say hello, and shakes Rob’s hand.

While the others go to greet Rob, David says “looks like I’m not the only fag”, which sends Dino it a fit of laughter. Michael tells David they have to chat. The girls are all over Rob, especially Anna, asking him questions about where he has been and if he is staying. David is lying on the couch when Claire comes over to him laughing. David doesn’t look very impressed at the new intruder. Infact, he looks at Rob like he’s a circus attraction.

Anna comes over and says “is this your perfect match or what?”. David replies “no, no I think I can easily say no”.

Meanwhile Camilla is letting Rob know that David is gay as well. She then gives him a tour of who sleeps where in the bedroom.

David wonders where Rob will be sleeping, and then as a joke screams out “Dino!”. Camilla rejoins him in the living room and says “this is insane!”.

Camilla: It’s like some one climed through the television and came to us!

Anna needs to clarify that Rob is infact an intruder while the other half of the house are bombarding David with questions whether David will pair up with Rob. David has changed his tune slightly now and says “its too early to tell”. The girls discover Rob is a hairdresser and all scream in excitement, realising he can style their hair in the house.

A little later Michael is outside with Anna to discuss the insider issue. Anna says he could have picked something better as a story. Michael explains he thought if he had only said something like “family problems” was not going to be enough. David is suddenly now happy there is another gay guy in the house. He wanted to leave tonight but now its completely turned around now. A group of them agree its not Michael’s fault.

9.31pm – Anna and Michael’s discussion has now moved to the bedroom. Anna tells him not to hide away in the house, and to come and meet Rob. Big Brother suddenly interupts, saying its time to meet their newest housemate. Anna runs off, leaving Michael where he is. The housemates collect outside, and Jade enters the area through the rewards room. Again, the existing girls in the house are all screams and excitement. They all introduce each other.

Michael however is back in the bedroom. He says “I don’t want to play this anymore”, takes off both his shoes and throws them at the wall in anger.


9.38pm – The housemates have all gathered around the tables outside to have drinks. They decide they need to have a learn-about-Jade session. Jade says she is “a westie… yeah!”.

Michael is on his own in the toilet.

Jade explains she does three things: she studies PR, has her own tutoring business and she has a job as an office manager.

Michael leaves the toilet and starts moping around the bedroom. John comes over and tells him he should join the others and meet the new intruders. Michael says in the begining he has not been able to be himself. John explains that if he doesn’t go outside everyone will think he’s being an asshole. Michael just wants to chill out and stay out of people’s way – he doesn’t know the point of continuing now because everyone is pissed off at him and will nominate him anyway.

Jade tells the HMs she is nuts – and has been described as “nutty”. She’s not bitchy though – unless people are bitchy to her first. Very opinionated.

Dino comes to the bathroom where Michael and John are, and tells Michael to snap out of it. He suggests Michael stop looking in the past now that his insider missions have finished and start living in the house from this point on. “Give up on Krystal I reckon”. Michael agrees to come outside and on their way out asks Dino if the new girl is hot. Dino says not really, but she is nice. He runs into Rob who asks if there is anything wrong and feels the need to bond with him. David says thats not really a good thing to do right now.

Michael: I feel really bad for what I’ve done to people in this house, how I’ve manipulated them.

Rob: Do you think they respect you enough to understand that?

Claire: Some do, some don’t

Michael: I don’t know, thats what I’m dealing with. I’m having a hard time…

Rob: So instead of having a hissy fit you need to suck it up?

Michael: I’m not having a hissy fit I’m just… I was chilling myself out for a while.

Rob: Have faith in yourself that they can see through that. Because you’re a good guy.. you’ll be fine!

Michael asks David if he’s alright. David doesn’t know just yet. They sit together outside. David explains as soon as he heard about Rueben he knew there was no son.

David: In my reality, people don’t lie.

Michael: I realise that but in my reality to blatantly lie was something I thought I had to do.

David: I was convinced you had lied and I just wanted you to…

David starts crying.

David: I just felt like a (censor beep).

Michael explains how he had to do what he did otherwise he’d have been nominated.


11.03pm – Jamie is acting the council for David in the bedroom. He hopes David isn’t feeilng the pressure of people nudging him about hooking up with Rob. David explains he’s not just going to get together with some one because it fits – he wants to be with some one it fits perfectly. Tonight he felt the worse he had ever felt in the house but now he feels the best.

Anna and Katie are lying in a hammock outside. Katie explains she wouldn’t have voted for Michael, and Anna yells at her to stop talking about nominations but she keeps going. Big Brother then fines Katie $5000 and calls her to the punishment room. Quickly on her way there she tells Anna what she thinks of the intruders: Jade is like Camilla and Rob is like her. In the punishment room Katie must sort brown rice from white rice.

Big Brother annouces there is an intruder in the house, and calls all housemates to the living room. Danielle enters through the diary room door, much to the excitement of everyone, again. Katie watches from the punishment room in shock. Jamie points out her girlfriend through the glass and they wave. Karen gives Danielle a tour of the house almost instantly, along with the other girls. They discover Danielle is 18, so she is the new baby of the house.

12.59am – Katie is now out of the punishment room, and is talking with Jade in the bedroom. She asks Jade if she is loving it.. “yeah”. Jade feels a bit pushed out, she’s not jealous or anything but she’s not he girly girl and she’s not the guy so she’s just inbetween. Katie says she will get along with her. Jade explains she has lost the girls now because Danielle is so girly. Jade is exactly right: at that moment Danielle is talking about girly things with the original female housemates. They explain there are no hair curling irons in the house, and explain their different hairstyles.

Ashley and Gaelan are in the sauna.

Ash: That Dani chick is good looking

Gaelan: She’s haaaaaawt.

Ash: Jade seems like she’s full of personality.

Gaelan: She seems great… she’s going to be a wild one.

Gaelan says he didn’t notice Claire in the first week – Ash is similar. The two laugh about it.

Gaelan: Rob seems pretty good… he’s camp as but he’s a good guy.

They both agree tonight has been “a trip of a night”.

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