Day 16 Uplate

11:25pm: Dino and Ashley are out in the gym. Dino says that there are people here who he doesn’t want here. Ashley agrees. Ashley says that he’s done three sets, and it’s Dino’s turn now. Ashley says that at the end of the day it’s a game. Dino says that he never looks at it as guys versus girls. He says he doesn’t hate the girls, but the girls are taking everything too seriously and thats why they are being nominated. Ashley says that they bitch and moan all day long. Ashley says that the microphones piss him off. Dino says it’s the rules though, and also says that no one has had a fine today. Ashley says that he finds it easy to relate to three girls, and all the guys. Comm break.

11:36pm: After a long chat to the two evictees, we finally head into the bedroom where Camilla, Karen and Krystal are there. Camilla tells Karen that the reason she was nominated was probably because she said she wanted to leave last week. Krystal says it could be because of the disputes with Anna and Dino. Karen says she thinks they voted for her for sure. Camilla wonders what happened with Dino. There seems to have been an argument with some rolling of the eyes after Dino’s win of FNL. Camilla says she didn’t do it, and if she did, she would’ve made it much more obvious. Camilla says that she finds the Friday Night thing just isn’t her. Camilla says that Anna loves it. Krystal says that she’s not tough enough for it. They wonder why they haven’t got a task yet. They talk about how Monday has normally been the task day. Camilla wonders how last Monday went after the nominations, as she wasn’t here. Karen says that just because people were nominated one week doesn’t mean they will be nominated every week. Krystal says that it was good Dino could take himself off the block tonight and not put anyone else back up. Cut to the gym, Michael and Dave are talking. Dave says he’ll have a conversation with Dino about something when he’s ready, but he has to get a few things sorted in his head first as to where to draw the line. Comm break.

11:49pm: Still out in the gym with Dave and Michael. Dave is saying that heaps of people think that farmers whinge for nothing. Michael gives him some pointers on doing some weights, then counts as he does them. Michael says he’s finding it more and more comfortable….and we cut to the bedroom. Katie has joined the mother/daughter combo on one bed. Karen says that Camilla is going to go and hang out with them in Batemans Bay. Krystal says that Camilla will come and think that mum is a neat freak. Krystal says she thought she would be in here, but she has relaxed a bit. Katie talks about how bad her mum is, obsessed with cleaning. They talk about Enyo stuff (I have no idea!) They say it’s good for the environment though. Krystal asks whether Katie knows heaps of words from songs as she sings the Enyo jingle. She says she doesn’t, only TV ads and all those kind of things. Comm break.

12:05am: Krystal says it’s such an accomplishment to be able to sit here in this house with her daughter. Karen says that she won’t realise what they’ve done until they are home watching it on TV. Gaelan, sitting on the base of the pole just inside the bedroom, says that they’ll be able to watch themselves every night for ages. Gaelan says that he forgets that it’s getting aired. Krystal says she worries about how she eats. Karen tells Gaelan that he should never take her daughter out for meal. Katie chirps in with “My mum said that I was that fat when I popped out that Mum said that had she not seen me come out herself, she wouldn’t have thought that I was her’s.” Krystal says that mum had her sunbaking from the moment she was born. She has a photo of her sunbaking when she was a fat toddler, only a few weeks old, and she was already black. Katie goes “Were you black?” They clairfy it and say brown! The girls start talking about sunbaking, all admitting that they get bored doing it quite easily. Karen says she reads godd mags and stuff. Krystal says she can’t wait until she gets out so she can get an iPod. She says her sister is 14 and can work one, so she should be able to. Gaelan says he would sometimes rather just go to the beach by himself and just think a bit. Krystal agrees. They start talking about Half Moon Bay, Dino saying that his mate has a boat house along there. They get into a disagreement about whether you can actually own them, because they are heritage listed, but Gaelan eventually gives in. Gaelan says they are so good, but no power or anything. Karen says she could live in one of those. Big Brother calls Michael to the diary room. They all says ‘batteries’. Jamie says he’s always listening to songs. Krystal asks if he has an iPod. He says he does, but he now can’t be away from it, he says he plugs it into his car, takes it with him when he gets out of the car, plugs it into his stereo once he gets home. Comm break.

12:18am: Still in the bedroom. Krystal asks Jamie to tell them a good story. Jamie says that they just need a topic and they’ll have heaps of stories. Krystal suggests making up a story. Dino and Gaelan start talking about something on TV or something. Krystal suggests starting a story by each person adding a sentence to the story as they go. She says you can make it rude or whatever. Katie says that these are really cool, referring back to a mate she used to do this with. Camilla starts with “I want a sweet chilli twister from KFC.” jamie tells her you can’t start like that! Katie starts with “I went to the deli and bought a goat.” Karen takes the next sentence. They only get three sentences in before Gaelan changes the game. He tells John to start telling a story, and he’ll keep throwing words at him that he has to incorporate into the story. It’s actually pretty funny, and John does a great job of incorporating ‘helicopter, 17 ice cream cones, carpet, footy’ into the story. Gaelan has a shot, and while not as good as John, he also succeeds at the story telling. Comm break.

12:34am: Michael is talking to Dave and John. Michael says the girls are upset because he bought up the fact that the girls were upset by Dino’s behaviour, to Dino. He says that he can see why they are mad, but it’s not what he set out to do. He says the girls said it in front of 6 people, it was half the house. Dave says that he likes to tackle an discussion with someone by himself, and not have others do it for him. Michael says he just thought he would let the person it concerned know about it, and he says that if thats playing the game, then he’s guilty of that. He says he’s happy with that. Mike cuts in, and we finally get back out to the gym. John explains the game going on in the bedroom. Jamie has joined the boys as well, but soon walks out into the backyard. Michael helps Jamie out doing a new exercise. Michael says they haven’t even been going that hard tonight. Dave reckons he’ll be sore tomorrow. Comm break.

12:45am: John and Jamie are talking in the gym. John says he wouldn’t give his time of day to some of the people in here. Jamie says he tries to find the best in everyone. John agrees, and he says he gets on with everyone. But they both say that they are judgmental. Mike cuts in, and then we cut to the sauna with David, Ashley and Michael. Michael is saying he fought tooth and nail to get into this house, but he’s got issues going on outside the house that he is concerned about. Ashley says that lots of people have issues going on outside the house as well. Ashley says he made the right decision coming in. He says the easy way out is to go to the diary room and say goodbye. Michael says that quitting though. Ashley doesn’t see it as quitting though. He says that if someone wakes up one day and thinks that it’s time to go, then they should go. But he says that while he knows Dave’s issue on the outside and obviously his own, he doesn’t know Michael. He asks him if it’s too do with family, but Michael doesn’t want to get into it. He says he’s happy to discuss it when they are out. Michael says it’s been bought on because he knows he’s in here for another two weeks. He says that he thought he would be out much quicker. Ashley has gone. Michael says that he thought that there would be a lot more opinions in the house, and a lot more tension. Mike cuts in again. We rejoin the sauna, Ashley having returned. David says he would have rathered come into the house without having the gay thing hanging over his head. He feels he has to educate the public about gay people. Comm break.

1:03am: Jamie and John are still talking in the gym. Jamie says he has a mate who they never invite anywhere, but he always gets wind of their parties etc. He says the guy comes out with the most outrageous statements, and he’s always unsure if he’s doing it for fun or whether he genuinely believes it. He says that he just can’t win, so he gives up. Jamie says he’ll know exactly who he is now too. He says he has a heart of gold when he’s by himself, but when he has a group he just has to be the best at everything. Jamie says that the guy hasn’t had a girlfriend for 2-3 years. A fair bit of bleeping going on now in this convo. He says that the guy is mega loyal though, always there for ya if you have girl issues. John says that he has heaps of friends exactly like that. Jamie says that he has been a great mate really, but came from nowhere. A friend of a friend of a friend as such. John asks him if he has to hold his touch a lot in here. Jamie says so often this has happened in here. Jamie says that when he’s drunk he gets to say whatever he wants, while when sober he’s considered as a ‘sensitive guy.’ He says the next day he always regrets his actions though. He says he pissed inside a mates car three times once, and the mate sat in it. John laughs! Into the couch, Anna and Dino are there. Dino wonders why they haven’t got a task yet. Anna wonders whether it was Monday or Tuesday last week. Comm break.

1:23am: Anna and Dino still on the couch. Dino says he walked into the bedroom before and heard his name, and he just thought he would keep walking and lie on the bed to make things awkward. He says that Michael telling him about Karen’s concerns made things a bit exciting earlier tonight. Anna says that they kicked John out of a conversation earlier today, and Anna though it was a girls convo, so she walked in and pretended to change her top so she could hear it. Dino says that Krystal acted like a little kid, and he told her that she seemed childish and they were just trying to have a conversation. Anna asks how it worked out with Michael. Dino says Michael feels bad about telling him about it. Dino goes onto explain that the girls thought that the games night was too rough. Big Brother tells Ashley not to touch the plasma. Anna laughs. Comm break.

1:35am: Stil with Anna and Dino. Katie says goodnight to them as she passes by. Anna says she is very tired too. Dino and Anna sit there in silence for a bit, so we cross to the action of the bedroom. It seems they are back playing the game they tried to play right at the beginning of the night. Mike cuts in and tells them to turn the lights out. BB does exactly that. They seem to settle down and say goodnight to each other. Anna yells out to Krystal wondering whether she is sleeping with her mum. She then realises she could’ve just asked Karen who was basically right near her. Claire yells out goodnight to everyone. Back out to the gym, Ashley has come out to John and Jamie in the gym, retelling his story about touching the plasma. They agree that isn’t worthy of a $5000 fine. They talk about a dot they all seem to stare at in the bedroom. Dino comes out, and they tell him they were just talking about how competitive he is. Back to the bedroom, Katie is talking to Karen. Katie is saying that they’ll find out soon whats going on with Katie and Jamie. She says if she starts coughing they’ve broken up. Jamie comes into the bedroom, saying that they turned the lights out so they could concentrate on John and his indepth conversation. Dave comes out from the sauna. Karen says they had a really good day today. At 1:45am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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