Day 18

7.57am – Anna is at the tank, saying she can’t do the task anymore – her hand is cramping. Katie agrees, saying she can’t feel her pinkie finger. They have only been there for 10 minutes. Anna calls out that she can’t do this anymore. The animals call out for food from the animal pen. Katie jokes “you bloody sheep”. Katie and Anna make animal noises to pass the time – it seems to be entertaining them alot.

Anna: I don’t mind.. I just.. can’t do it! Katie I can’t do it

Katie: Yes you can!

Anna: NO I CANT!

Gaelan is waking everyone up so Ash can do the vacuuming – in his underpants and singlet.

Later on Dino is lying in the hammoch with Claire and jokes they can’t be too close because they’ve only known each other for a few weeks. Claire says yeah their relationship eneds to go slow. Dino says he wouldn’t mind getting it on soon though, he’s been waiting.

Katie and Jamie are practicing ballet – or is it dirty dancing? Katie jumps up into Jaime’s arms.

Dino asks Claire who the hottest guys are. Her top three is Jamie, Gaelan, Dino. Dino says “sweet”. Now she ranks personality: Gaelan, Dino, John. They laugh at Ash and Michael who have been excluded twice in a row. Michael jokes they are the ugliest and have no personality. Dino jokes they are seriously ugly. Claire wouldn’t persue a relationship with Jamie because he’s too feminine. Gaelan would be at the top. The boys joke thats the next relationship.

Michael’s top three is Anna, Kaite and Elise – actually he adds that Claire is not bad (she’s right there). Dino says Anna, Claire, and he managed to ignore personality then Krystal. The boys agree and say don’t let personality affect their top 3 hottest housemate rankings. Over the last couple of weeks Dino has seen her other side of Krystal’s looks. Michael says she looks totally different without makeup, and Dino reminds them she has fake boobs too.

Claire: You guys are really… ingrate.


3.14pm – Karen is out of the question for Michael because she’s too old. Dino says its not her age its her general attitude. They were all dissapointed to hear from Karen that she’s only here for the prizes. Claire didn’t like the fact that she let everyone know. Michael says that is really sad for him.

In the bedroom Karen and Krystal are lying in bed together and Karen gives her daughter a kiss. She wants to shut her eyes and pretend she’s at home.

John says David and Karen are finding it difficult with the age gap and the immaturity of the other housemates. Dino comments that David isn’t that mature “thats their personality, and their arrogance, but I’m not afraid to become part of it”. Claire is annoyed about David not getting involved since he came in to proove a point. He closed up with Camilla left but never re-opened when she returned to the house. John is dissapointed with David and Karen’s lack of involvement with the other housemates. Claire says its bad because the two have the most experience than the rest of them. Anna adds the she can’t stand Karen and when Karen starts a conversation she just wants to walk the other way.

8.46pm – It’s family dinner – the topic for discussion is the male dominance in the house. Krystal doesn’t think there is one, but Karen says the level of noise maily comes from the men. David thinks there is a dominance because the last 4 evictees were female. Camilla, one of the four evicted, thinks that considering everyone getting evicted David is true. Anna doesn’t think anyone in the house is sexist so it comes down to individual personalities not male/female. Dino, from the tub, says the boys are more comfortable acting like dickheads and like their voices more than the girls do. Gaelan jokes that the boys have a plot to get rid of all the girls – “muahahaha”.


7.11pm – Krystal is telling the rest of the dinner table thats she’s definately not herself in the house. The current topic is that housemates are not being themselves. Karen thinks she is being herself – quiet and reserved. Katie does think she’s being herself but she has changed and matured in the house, she’s not holding back at all. Michael was having a bad time before she came in the house (or so he says – he’s the insider remember!). He says he didn’t know whether to tell the other housemates, but he says he has to pull out of the game, and expected to be out of the game by now already. The other housemates look confused and a little detressed. Michael says he doesn’t feel comfortable talking about this “big thing” that he needs to leave the house about. Claire says she totally respects him saying that and will speak for the rest of the house in that they will respect his decision.

7.45pm – Housemates are swapping the dam shifts – there is a little spillage. Jamie is in the sauna with Katie. He’s having trouble dealing with other people in the house – infact he looks really distraught. Katie reminds him he’ll just need to make it through this task and things will be better. Jamie can’t really stand some of the housemates and one in particular he can’t deal with.

Jamie: If you’re talking about hearts and good intentions, there is one person I really question 100%

Katie: Mikey? You think Mikey?

Jamie: Dunno

Katie: Yes you do and its him, or you would have said. How come you think that? You don’t think he’s sincere?

Jamie: No, and I’ve said it all along. He’s the most ingenuine person I’ve ever met.

Meanwhile Michael is at the dining table with the attention of the other boys. He discusses talking about the game – to him its the fear of being evicted, not surviving each nomination until the end. The others seem to nod along.

Jamie tells Katie he doesn’t belive Michael’s claims for a second. “If it really affected him he wouldn’t be acting like he is now.”.

Jamie: Lets go to the extreme and say the worse case scenario is a family members of his is sick or died, would you really use that to your own benefit? Oh sorry guys I wasn’t myself last week, I was neurotic because a family member died.

Katie: I think people are definately playing the game.


9.39pm – Anna is giving Dino a hair cut.. of sorts. Anna doesn’t really know what she’s doing and Dino laughs nervously. She giggles while she cuts.

This is Big Brother, you are talking without your microphone. Thats a $5000 fine. When you finish your haircut, you can come to the diary room.

In the diary room Dino finds a toothbrush on the chair. BB reminds him of the rules and says after he has finished sweeping up the hair in the bathroom he must clean every surface of the bathroom with the toothbrush.

Back outside David says to Karen over the tank dam that Michael knows his political move. “He’s not the smartest bloke in the club but he has his knows.. he knows how to manipulate people and he’s doing a very good job”.

Michael comes to the diary room all smiles, and asks Big Brother what he thinks of “the performance”. He explains he either had to upset people or convince them he had to go, which would mean it would be in everyone’s best interests. Dino meanwhile is scrubbing the bathroom floor with the toothbrush and whistling along as he cleans.

Michael says “by monday I hope to have played my cards right so that people will see the issue and vote him out”. He is leaning towards a customs or immigration issue that he needs to leave the house to solve. He plans to bring up this fake issue on monday as a final nudge to get people to nominate him.

Later Ashley comes to give Dino some new water to clean the bathroom. Ash is now off to bed, while Dino continues cleaning.

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