Day 17

10.02am – Gaelan and Ashley are working out, and David is called to the diary room. He is told to collect all the rubber ducks in the house, and instruct every housemate to help. They have 1 hour. There is to be no sitting or lying down until further notice. David tells Ashley first, who comments they can’t possibly get all of the ducks because there are some stuck on the roof. They suggest using the pool scooper to get them down.

David moves into the bedroom and tells some housemates who yet to get up what Big Brother has requested. Gaelan and Ashley get a duck down from the roof with the pool scooper. Camilla is having problems getting up because she’s so tired. In the bathroom David says the thing is Big Brother knows where all the ducks are. Later in the lounge room they have counted 27 ducks, and predicted 3 have gone over the wall. Flower duck is missing. David brings the bag of ducks to the diary room, and annouces they have 27 ducks. BB asks him to leave the ducks in the diary room.

In the backyard Michael asks Claire “if some one didn’t want to be here would you get rid of them?”. Claire is unsure and says it depends – not necessarily. “I don’t think its a reason for me to nominate”. She says she wouldn’t waste votes on some one like that, they should go speak to Big Brother.

11.09am – Karen is sitting a bed when Big Brother said there was to be no sitting. He announces she must go to the punishment room. She must stand and stare at the red dot on the screen until furhter notice. The others come to watch.

BB: This is Big Brother. Karen, you are to stare at the dot and nothing else.

Karen says this is impossible because she has a 3 second attention span.

BB: Karen, you looked away from the dot. Thats a $5000 fine.

Karen is then fined again. The others worry and think Karen will just give up because she doesn’t want to be in the house. 10 minutes later BB relieves her from the punishment room.


12.07pm – Housemates are playing ball in the backyard. In the bedroom Katie is getting her hair done by Karen, and comments she couldn’t handle staying in the house for 3 months. Karen doesn’t know how anyone could. Katie doesn’t plan to be in here for that long – she isn’t a showpony. Krystal comments you don’t have to be. They all agree on girl power but don’t want to be feminists.

12.54pm – Housemates emerge from the bedroom to find the object for the next task: A big water tank, with the house ducks floating on the top. Housemates are to pull corks out of the holes on the side of the tank and dam them with a body part. The tank has different coloured levels and the water cannot fall below a certain level, but housemates don’t know which one (its the yellow line, second from the bottom). Ashley and Gaelan go first.

3.01pm – Katie and John are sitting outside, away from the other housemates. She asks who is in John’s eyes. He replies Krystal, then Anna, then maybe Claire. He comments Katie has a good body though. John would hook up with anyone in this house, except Camilla. She’s not good looking and theres something about her that annoys him. Katie comments there was something about John at the begining that she liked and she would have hooked up with him. John looses his words and gets a little tounge tied. “From the first night I could tell that you were cool”. Katie says “yaaay!”.


6.06pm – This is Big Brother. All housemates adjust your microphones. This is insider Michael’s cue to come to the diary room. Inside he finds lots of food. This is his extra reward for passing his personal mission last week, the first special meal and treat he will receive. He only has 5 minutes to eat. Under the dinner tray is spaghetti. Michael runs around to eat the food but seem to can’t stop talking, even to shove food down his mouth.

Meanwhile outside the housemates talk about the food they want. Katie has noticed there is the smell of food coming from somewhere and gets the housemates to group around.

Big Brother: What are your housemates eating tonight?

Michael with mouth full of food: Who cares!

BB tells Michael he now must return to the house. Ashley is cooking on the BBQ and is warned by other housemates not to taste the food this time. Michael goes to the diary room and brushes his teeth. Camilla and Karen are manning the dam. Camilla is lying down with her feet on the tank holes.

Michael offers his dinner to another housemate, whoever will take it, but everyone tells him he must eat.

6.45pm – Housemates are now changing dam shifts over. They have worked out a way to make sure no water comes out when they change over – getting another housemate to stick their hand on the inside of the tank to block the hole.


8.30pm – Anna is talking about her boobs when Camilla juts in “Anna!”. Anna says Camilla is just jealous of her boobs. Camilla comments she is perfectly content with her boobs, they fit into anything. Anna says whatever. The boys aren’t very impressed now, and Anna says to Camilla she was only joking – but Camilla doesn’t think so, and they exchange heated words. The boys all say the two girls had a good relationship going while it lasted.

10.44pm – Housemates are on shift for the dam task. Katie is sitting down while plugging a hole, which is not allowed. Big Brother announces they are sure to fail the task if they keep this up – and instructs Katie to pull out the fourth cork, meaning there are now four holes to plug up.

2.29am – Housemates are swapping over for the task. John goes inside to get another housemate to change over. Camilla offers but Anna says she will – they have some whisper bickering. Anna wants to wake Krystal because everyone has to have a fair turn, but Camilla wants to do it now – “why don’t you (Anna) go to sleep and we will handle it”. Gaelen yells from his bed – “discuss it outside”. They go to the kitchen, and try to work out something. Camilla eventually takes over Krystal’s turn.

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