Day 97 Uplate

1:03am: Talking about paying bills and doing own things when they get out when people will be ordering them around from place to place. Vesna says she has heaps of bills, running into thousands. She says she has to pay her staff. Greg wonders if her sister is getting a bit more, and suggests slipping her a couple of grand when she gets back. Vesna says a lot of people aren’t getting into their own business these days because the government is making it so hard for them. Greg & Tim offer ideas for Vesna to expand her business. Greg suggest market research, asking their customers why they came to her etc, while Tim says that drugs would be good to get into. Vesna says that she sent out letters to people who hadn’t been in her salon for a while, and she also has sent out vouchers to get people back. Greg wonders if she has a tanner. Vesna says that someone else runs that part of the shop and they just pay Vesna a week. Vesna says it would be worth her while for the tanner to go out on her own. They talk about massages, and then Vesna says that some offer extra services. Tim doesn’t get it, but Greg and Ves both laugh. Greg says that there are heaps of things Vesna could do with her business. Greg says that he suggests take away beer to pubs and they make extra money on that and Greg wins because they purchase more beer. Cut to a interview with Nadia in the studio, but they cut to a comm break in the middle of it. I think they’ve all had a few in their tonight again!

Housemates are never seen again. Nadia did call Christie ‘pig like’ when describing her though! At 3:14am, with 4 crew members on screen with Mike, Dreamworld says goodnight.

It’s been enjoyable providing you recaps throughout this season. Thanks must go to vibes for providing the daily show recap as well. I quite often got home from work and looked at the recap to decide if I really needed to watch the show. We’ll be back no doubt in 2006 :)

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