Day 97 Uplate

1:03am: Talking about paying bills and doing own things when they get out when people will be ordering them around from place to place. Vesna says she has heaps of bills, running into thousands. She says she has to pay her staff. Greg wonders if her sister is getting a bit more, and suggests slipping her a couple of grand when she gets back. Vesna says a lot of people aren’t getting into their own business these days because the government is making it so hard for them. Greg & Tim offer ideas for Vesna to expand her business. Greg suggest market research, asking their customers why they came to her etc, while Tim says that drugs would be good to get into. Vesna says that she sent out letters to people who hadn’t been in her salon for a while, and she also has sent out vouchers to get people back. Greg wonders if she has a tanner. Vesna says that someone else runs that part of the shop and they just pay Vesna a week. Vesna says it would be worth her while for the tanner to go out on her own. They talk about massages, and then Vesna says that some offer extra services. Tim doesn’t get it, but Greg and Ves both laugh. Greg says that there are heaps of things Vesna could do with her business. Greg says that he suggests take away beer to pubs and they make extra money on that and Greg wins because they purchase more beer. Cut to a interview with Nadia in the studio, but they cut to a comm break in the middle of it. I think they’ve all had a few in their tonight again!

Housemates are never seen again. Nadia did call Christie ‘pig like’ when describing her though! At 3:14am, with 4 crew members on screen with Mike, Dreamworld says goodnight.

It’s been enjoyable providing you recaps throughout this season. Thanks must go to vibes for providing the daily show recap as well. I quite often got home from work and looked at the recap to decide if I really needed to watch the show. We’ll be back no doubt in 2006 :)

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Day 96 Uplate

Ahh… this is my final shift at recaping Big Brother Uplate for 2005. End of an era. I will miss the idle late night chit-chat, the transexual spa questioning and the endless SMS plug-o-rama :-). But seriously – everyone give Dave a thanks for sacrificing so much of his time watching Uplate this season. I only allowed him one break a week on Thursdays!

I join uplate at 11.58pm – Vesna is making orange juice in the kitchen, and it looks like she has gone through a fair amount of oranges. Looks like she couldn’t sleep either as she is wearing her blindfold (on the top of her head, not over her eyes). A very drunk Mike Goldman comes on to ask who their orange juice sponsor is so they can do an on-air advertisment for them.

12.10am – We still haven’t gone back to the house but on the plasma screen behind Mike, Vesna is still grinding oranges in the kitchen.

12.21am – Vesna is now in bed, and is setting in to go to sleep.

We don’t return to the house tonight.

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Day 95 Uplate

Housemates are asleep when we join the live streaming. Uplate is full of Uplate updates and retrospective updates from back near the start of the series. Mike did confirm that next week will see a new show launched, titled Up-Late, and ruled himself out of the hosting gig.

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Day 94 Uplate

12:08am: Talking about Kylie Minogue. Tim reckons every song she sings is catchy. Logan Greg is called to the diary room. He is there to collect a 3 mobile, where he play Cubed against Axel Whitehead who is in the studio. He comes out to the dinner table and sits against the wall as instructed. The other housemates are told by Greg to sit down as well. Greg explains that he tried to play the game earlier today, and didn’t tell anyone about it. Game One begins and for some reason we get the audio of the damn studio. Smart! Greg beats Axel in round one, 28 to 6. Round 2 is a little bit more competitive. Vesna is interested in talking to this person rather than Greg playing the game. Vesna reckons if you touch a button you can see the other person playing. Axel wins round two. Mike says that if Greg wins, they will get a suprise from Big Brother. Greg is talking to himself saying “Shit, c’mon…Axel got some points on me this round”. Nadia seems very bored, asking what the point is of them sitting at the table with him. They decide to rematch – this is the most boring television I’ve ever seen. Vesna cheers Greg on, as he takes the lead. Greg wins, and they decide it’s the decider, so the housemates will get a suprise. Big Brother asks Greg to return the phone to the diary room. Greg says he thinks he won, Big Brother confirms this. Greg says that Axel did well. Big Brother says that for his prize, he can do a battery change. Greg laughs. He tells the housemates back in the house proper. Can’t hear a word they are saying, all of them sitting there together on the couch removing batteries.

12:37am: Everyone back on the couch. Greg and Vesna both tell Nadia that Tim wakes up early every morning so he casn put a heap of shit in his mouth so he can speak it all day. Nadia says she thinks Tim always has to be the smartest person in the room. Nadia says that Tim takes big breathes. Tim says that perhaps they can do a trial to see up to what point his breathing is acceptable for Nadia. Everyone has a laugh. Vesna says the game on the mobile phone was bizzare. Greg says he thinks it was more for Axel, the phone player. Greg says he won though, and Ves says he always does. Greg says he lost $20,000 on Friday night. Housemates look tired as hell, and sit on the couch in silence.

12:50am: Greg says he hears a slight clicking sound every now and then. Tim agrees, and they say that they keep thinking it’s BB about to talk to them. Greg thinks Nadia will go tomorrow, being Wednesday. Vesna agrees. Vesna thinks that Nadia will choose two people who will be up for eviction. Greg doesn’t think they would tamper with the format in the final week. Vesna says that Nadia will be doing it hard without cigarettes. Tim says that people say it’s harder to give up cigarettes then heroin. Tim says he knew what to expect when he quit and he pushed through it. Greg asks if he had a couple along the quitting cycle, and he says no, saying that he has made the decision for life now. Tim says he saw Barry Humphreys on Denton one night saying that he drank heavily until he was in his early 20’s before giving up and has never drunk since. Tim says that Humphreys said that he is always going to be an alcoholic, because if he has another drop he knows he’ll want more. They talk about binge drinking, and Greg and Tim explain the concept to Vesna who doesn’t understand.

1:08am: Vesna is waiting to go to the diary room. Greg wants to wash a spoon, but in the process puts the tap on too much and makes a mess on the floor. Greg says he liked the game, and says it would’ve been for Uplate. Tim is now at the sink. Vesna is in the diary room and silence continues.

1:22am: Vesna looks at what Nadia is sleeping in and says it’s nice. Vesna says she can’t get that stuff cause she is fat. Nadia says that is rubbish. Nadia wants to know about the prizemoney. Vesna tells her it’s a million. She goes onto say that it would buy 2 nice houses in Australia. Nadia is suprised. Tim tells Nadia that the average wage would be under $50,000 a year, so it’s 20 years wage. He goes onto say that it would be about 500,000 pounds, which is WAY OFF. More like 400,000. Tim goes back to doing the dishes.

1:34am: Vesna says she thinks it’s bad that Greg has known her for so long and won’t share a bed with her, but will sleep with Nadia who he has known for 2 days. Nadia comes back to bed. Greg wants her to scare Tim after he comes out of the diary room. Nadia gets into bed and Greg says he’ll get up, but he doesn’t. They talk about microphones in the UK house. Nadia says that BB never directed it at housemates, but rather as a group to check their mics. Vesna says she needs to go to the toilet. Greg thinks of Timmy as the kid in the wheelchair off South Park. Nadia has no idea what he is talking about. They talk onto impersanating the guy from Police Academy, and Nadia starts laughing a lot. Greg says Tim will be in the diary room for a year, saying he is having his medication. Nadia wonders what the medication is, and so we’re taken to a break!

1:45am: Greg talks about his most sexual encounter, which involved doing a girl from behind. Vesna asks if he used protection. He says he did. He says she was a Swedish girl, aged about 25. Tim comes into do a battery change again, I don’t know why. Vesna says she has never let anyone do her from behind. He starts talking about a UK girl who he met somewhere else. He says she was a beautiful, attractive girl. He says he met her family and everyone because they were on holiday there with family. The girl told her to stay and they would pay for a flight home or something. Greg says he decided against it, he had mates to finish their trip in Bangkok etc. Greg said the last night he stayed with her he had sex with her in ‘many a places’.

1:56am: Tim shuts the bedroom door, and then leans on Vesna’s bed, and Vesna tells him she has farted. He says he doesn’t believe her anymore. Tim asks Nadia if she could do 13 weeks in a house. Nadia says she surely could if she had done 10. Vesna wonders if there are similarilaties between Vesna and Nadia. Tim thinks so, and starts listing some thing. Vesna soon tells him to shut up. Nadia says she has become really comfortable in the house. She says she feels like she has been here longer than she has. Tim goes and gets blankets, and offers oneto Vesna but she doesn’t want one. Tim starts putting them on his bed, and Vesna tells Nadia to look to see how many he puts on his own bed. Tim and Greg have a little play fight, making Nadia sit forward while they fight. Tim climbs into their bed, and they all lie there together. Tim wishes they had some chicken. Tim tells another made up story but Nadia has cottoned on and realises he is making it up. Vesna wonders if Nadia will eat porridge tomorrow.

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Day 93 Uplate

11:54pm: Everyone is in the spa. Nadia wonders what is wrong with the guys as neither have any hair on their chest. Tim reminds Nadia that they have a sauna as well, but Nadia doesn’t want to spend too much time in there because of her hair or something. Tim asks them all if they want to go to the sauna. It seems not, as they stay where they are. Nadia starts saying, and it takes Tim 30 seconds to understand what she said, and then he relays it onto Greg and Ves. Nadia tells them how she felt when she came out of the UK house, saying she was screaming and shouting etc. Tim asks her about her family, but Nadia tries to learn about their families. Tim starts talking about his parents, his Dad a prosecutor and his Mum a pyschologist, and his sister wants to do speech pathology. Greg starts talking about his family, and his upbringing now. They start talking about Conola Oil for some reason, perhaps it’s made in Wagga. Vesna tells her you put it on when you sunbake, explaining it to Nadia. SHe says they’ll both put some on tomorrow. Nadia starts wondering who they liked in the house. She learns that Tim liked Kate, Vesna liked Dean but he was taken, and Greg had a relationship with Christie in the house. He says she was very free will. Greg says he’ll see what happens on the outside, he doesn’t know. Tim says that Christie liked Greg a bit more than the other way round. They start talking about Angela and then wonder if they are allowed to talk about it – and then we’re taken away anyway.

12:09am: Still talking about Angela, because they are talking about her speed dating business, and explaining how speed dating works. Nadia has never done it. They turn to Gianna, saying she was attractive, from SA. Tim says she didn’t really fit in, saying she was a sexual girl, but quite immature about it. He then think’s about it, and perhaps takes it back, but decides that it is fair. They talk about Michael, who they dub the ‘gentle giant’. They say that he was a very sexual person. Vesna says he is a great guy, saying he’s not dead. Move onto Michelle, who they say was very attractive. Greg says he didn’t get to know her that well. Vesna agrees, saying it was hard to get to know. Vesna says she pissed her off a bit. They start talking about Glenn, and Nadia wonders whether he had the big penis, but they quickly tell her that it was Dean. Nadia says “I’m obsessed with Dean now!” They say that Glenn was very relaxed, and Vesna says she took away from his eviction the knowledge that the public wants to see every single emotion from housemates. They move onto Hotdogs. Vesna says that he was her best friend.

12:25am: Greg is talking about how they didn’t know when it was finishing, and it was frustrating. Nadia says her version she knew when it would end. They talk about how you can smoke in BBUK and how they can buy smokes from the weekly budget. Vesna says it’s very limited here in Australia, especially concerning what they can say. Vesna doesn’t see why they couldn’t have made a smoke room here in this house. Nadia talks about how she survived, saying friends in the house gave her cigarettes all the time.

12:39am: Nadia says she doesn’t believe in regrets. She says she wouldn’t have done anything differently because she won. Tim says thats a smart way to look at it! Tim wonders what they will do for the next few days. They say a task will be given to them tomorrow. Vesna thinks that Nadia will only be in the house for 48 hours because she is a smoker. Vesna wants to ask Nadia a question but she is a bit shy about asking. She says she is going to build up to the question with a series of other questions. They just come out and ask her about her sexuality. She says they just need to know! They beat around the bush for a sec, and then Vesna asks whether she was a woman when she came out of the womb. Nadia says she wasn’t, and then she gets a bit worked up asking why Vesna had to know. Vesna says she likes honesty in the house. Unfortunately, comm break cuts us off.

12:50am: Back finally. Tim talking to Nadia. Tim says he has treated with Nadia as a person and had a wonderful night. He says that he wasn’t as interested to know as Vesna (Vesna has obviously left the spa). He says that he would have preferred Vesna to ask later or wait until Nadia raised it. Nadia says she shouldn’t have to talk about it. Nadia says she see’s no revelance to talk about, and would never raise the issue. Sorry, Vesna is there. Tim says that had she told them at anytime he would have been comfortable hearing it. Nadia says she is glad she had the guts to ask, but then again she doesn’t see the need to raise the issue. Tim says had he raised it, he would have done it privately. Vesna and Nadia laugh, saying that it’s in front of millions. Nadia says she feels insulted because in the UK no one mentioned it for 75 days, but a few hours into her stay here it’s already been raised. Vesna says there are tough things in life and you have to deal with them. Nadia thinks it’s the alcohol talking. Vesna says she admires her. Nadia says she doesn’t need admiration. Nadia cries a little bit. Nadia says that Vesna will never look at her the same way again, although Vesna doesn’t really agree. Comm break again.

1:05am: Greg and Tim have gone into the pool. Vesna and Nadia are talking in the spa, but you can’t make it out because Tim & Greg seem to be yelling in the pool. They were having a fight in the pool on the big rock chairs. Vesna says that Greg should go naked. Nadia asks her if she is attracted to him. Vesna says that Greg reminds her of her ex boyfriend. Vesna tells Greg to take off her boardies again, and Greg wants some money before he does. Greg asks Timmy if he would do it! Tim says he doesn’t have anything underneath so he can’t take them off. Vesna asks her about the boys in the UK. Vesna says she would have been evicted over there.

1:17am: Vesna thinks Greg looks ill and should retire. Greg asks her again if she will go in the sauna. She says she is very picky about her hair, hating it going curly. Vesna says she doesn’t have to go in there. They talk about the pool, and Vesna says she never dives in. Tim is yelling out for help and Ves says “Shut up Tim, your making me sick.” Vesna goes to the pool for the third time tonight to pee. She says smiling “I’m peeing”. Lovely. Tim now wants to go to the sauna. Vesna says thats how she raises issues. Nadia has gone outside. Vesna says she knows what Tim is saying, but thats just the way she handles things. They decide to end the conversation there, and talk about breakfast in the morning. Everyone is now back in the spa.

1:32am: Timmy and Vesna are cuddled up to each other in the spa. Vesna wonders if Nadia is tired and wants to go to bed. They say that they all got new sheets because she came. They say that Nadia should sleep by herself because Tim snores, Vesna farts and Greg does weird things! Vesna says that sometimes the double beds are actually singles stuck together, it’s an illusion. Amazing, the things you learn on Day 94! Tim again suggests a sauna! Vesna says she doesn’t want one now. Now Vesna decides they should go in the sauna, and she tells Nadia to come with her. Vesna says they have to talk with their microphones and also that Nadia should leave her shoes at the spa because Ves wants to steal them. Greg and Tim slowly get out and get a bit dry before too making their way to the sauna. Greg says he can’t believe Ves bought it up. Tim says she can’t resist. Tim says people want to be treated like a person. Greg gets a couple of beers out of the freezer as we cut to a break.

1:43am: Nadia says if she is talking rubbish to just not listen to her. They talk about how Nadia coming into the AU house came about. She says she got the call on the Friday to be asked to do it, and left on the Saturday and arrived today. Nadia says she cancelled a few things so she could do it. She goes onto say she was excited. She thinks Big Brother has a soothing voice, compared to a loud BB in the UK. Vesna says that Nadia makes them feel very lucky. Tim says that BBUK sounds like torture. Nadia says it was “Evil” BB. She says the compound was also smaller than previous years. They think about going to bed, everyone is very tired. Nadia says she wants to sunbake. Tim says that he’s tired because they did half a marathon. Vesna says she cooked all day as per usual. Greg joins them, after talking to BB. Vesna wonders if he asked if Greg was a dickhead. Greg says BB already knows he’s a dickhead. Vesna tells Nadia that she went into Greg’s bed topless waiting for something to happen and nothing did. Greg and Vesna start slapping each other, in a playful mood. Tim is half asleep yawning away. Vesna tells Nadia that she kissed Greg’s brother, and that it sent shivers down his spine. Greg says that Ves does nothing for him. Vesna and Tim leave, and Greg talks about hen they run out of toilet paper BB makes them do plays lately, and Greg explains that Tim is a writer. Greg says that when he leaves the house, he might go back and work on the family farm. He says he doesn’t know what to expect when he leaves.

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Day 90 Uplate

12:55am: Mel is getting one of Tim’s pimples. Greg and Vesna are also standing around Tim, everyone watching on. Tim is now chained to Vesna, Mel is with Greg. Tim tells Vesna he can pop it himself, but Vesna continues regardless. Greg and Mel are ordered to the diary room by Big Brother. On the couch, Vesna wonders why there wasn’t anyone from season one on FNL this evening. Vesna sees that it’s a simple battery change as Mel and Greg come out of the diary room. As Greg and Mel go back to return the old batteries, Vesna goes back to playing with Tim’s face. Vesna says his face is terrible, and that he should wash it more. Tim makes scared noises as Vesna keeps playing with his pimples. Once the others are back out, Vesna says to Greg that perhaps she should colour her hair blonde and lose about 20 kilo’s, obviously talking about Jo Ashton earlier in the night. Mel starts playing with Greg’s back, but they are soon gathered around Tim again as Vesna keeps playing with him. Greg offers advice on how to get the pimple to pop straight out. Tim says he wants to go bowling. Greg says that their favourite BB is on too, but he’s not letting them have fun. Mel looks at Tim’s face, saying it’s revolting. Greg now has a look too, pointing out another pimple.

1:10am: Still pimple popping. Vesna wants Mel and Greg to get some tissues so she can do it properly. They leave. Vesna tells Tim to lie on some pillows. Tim is worried he’ll have marks on his face. Vesna says he won’t have any. Vesna tells him to have another beer. The others return, Mel saying “This is so exciting Tim.” Greg wants to use a bobby pin. He says it would fly out, Christie used to use them all the time. Anyway, back to Vesna going to work onto Timmy, as Greg and Mel watch on from very close range. She does something and all three of them say “oooh”. Mel says “Look at them all!”. After about 5 minutes, Greg says there is still about 80% of the face still to be worked on. Mel and Vesna are very excited about Tim’s skin. A few minutes after this they are yelling out jackpot!

1:33am: Mel and Greg are sitting on the couch not saying a word to each other. Vesna and Tim walk from the bedroom to the bathroom and say something, but I didn’t make it out. Just as we go to the break, Greg says “Kate would have loved that one.”

1:39am: Everyone is back on the couch, and the blackhead plucking is back in full force. Tim seems to be in a little pain as Vesna keeps going. They decide they need more tissues, but Tim suggests they all relax and have a drink. Mel says it’s like war on flith, but it’s a war on Tim’s nose. Mel sits back down and accidently knocks Tim as he is sipping his beer, and his tooth starts to bleed. Vesna thinks Mel should move onto Greg and do his nose now. She continues however. After a few more minutes they do decide to move onto Greg, and he says he isn’t going to like it. Tim stands exactly where Greg had been watching Timmy from, roles now reversed.

1:58am: Vesna and Tim are on the couch. Tim drips water onto Vesna. He apologises. Tim starts humming, and Vesna says she is going to have to go to the toilet lots tonight. Vesna asks Tim if he is dead as he lies down on the couch again. They start singing so we are taken back to the studio with Mike.

2:09am: Greg playing in the kitchen with Mel, looking in the fridge for something. They both get up from the fridge eating. They then move over to the table and clean that up a bit. They decide to leave one bottle of water on the table for some reason. Back to the kitchen with the Pringles. Mel says she was so happy with the meal tonight.

2:20am: All housemates now in the bathroom. Both boys are checking out what the girls have done to their faces. Most move onto brushing their teeth, flossing etc. Tim says he feels as if he is blowing up in the face. Mel says he’ll have much better skin too. Vesna finishes, and tries to march Tim off to bed as quickly as possible. Mel now brushes her hair. Vesna acts as a cat and brushes her face along Greg’s arm. Vesna and Tim begin to go back to the bedroom, but Tim gets his jacket from the couch. Vesna wonders why, saying “We’re not going anywhere!” In the bedroom, they begin to get changed.

2:34am: Greg and Mel are in bed. Tim is waiting for Vesna outside the toilet. Tim says he’s going to wake up tomorrow with scars. Mel says he looks better. Vesna says he should seek legal advice. They are sleeping in Tim’s bed, so they are all alongside each other. Vesna is in bed, and trying to get Tim in, but he’s trying to do something to the bed beforehe gets in. He says he needs to be comfortable and warm. Vesna just keeps laughing. Still laughing…

2:43am: Greg is saying that the Allstars shouldn’t have won anything – they should have been there to prevent the housemates from winning. Mel says it was hard for the housemates – the Allstars saw everything beforehand. Tim says the bike used for the first challenge needed to be warmed up. Not suprisingly, we are taken away from this conversation. Show finishes early for some reason, at 2:45am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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