Day 89

3.25am – Vesna is up with Greg, she needs to go to the toilet. Quickly she gets fed up and takes the chain off. She says she will get sick if she doesn’t get her sleep. She doesn’t care what Big Brother says.

9.11am – Housemates are awake in their beds. Vesna tells Tim she took the chain off last night. Tim wonders whether they will continue with the task. Melanie is worried about the ramifications – she knows Big Brother gets angry easy. Greg doesn’t think he will be angry. Vesna wants to get up and make breakfast, scrambled eggs. Tim says he’s dissapointed with the task but he doesn’t want Vesna to hurt from the chains. Greg agrees. They all take their chains off at the same time and cheer. Vesna screams to Greg “now get out of my bed!”. Vesna goes into the kitchen to make breakfast. Big Brother announces “all housemates to the diary room”. Tim asks “do you think thats because we unclipped”. In the diary room they find the house rules on the diary room chair. BB tells them their task this week was to stay connected – they are not connected. Why? Vesna says she was having serious issues with being chained up. She was extremely stressed and she couldn’t tell anyone. Tim tries to speak for Vesna but Big Brother rudely interupts Tim saying “NO”. BB asks Vesna if she discussed this with her other housemates. Vesna says she couldn’t at that hour of the night. BB asks why she didn’t talk to BB about this. Vesna says she just couldn’t.

Big Brother bans Vesna from using the kitchen. She can’t be involved in the preparation of any food. She can’t gather in the kitchen. BB fines her $5000. The rest of the housemates are each fined $5000 – $20 000 altogether. BB tells them they can pack their bags and go if they do not want to follow the rules. No one is being held against their will. The task will continue as normal. The task is normal.


10.56pm – Tim and Greg are making underpants out of aluminium foil. Vesna is still looking depressed. She wonders when she can use the kitchen. Greg says maybe when the task is over. Vesna comments “fancy banning a woman from the kitchen”. Vesna goes to the diary room to double check the ban with Big Brother. She asks if she can give orders for the kitchen. BB says she cannot be involved in any way, and the ban is indefinate. Meanwhile Tim is explaining he is annoyed that Vesna doesn’t follow through with tasks. In the diary room Vesna explains she can’t understand how Big Brother can be understanding when he takes so much away from her. She starts crying. Big Brother says just because Vesna is angry at him, doesn’t mean they can’t work out a solution. He reminds her that her decision impact on the other housemates.

Later in the bathroom Tim is explaining that they were all fined because of Vesna’s actions. It’s not a walk in the park and they are all chained up. Tim says “the world is not revolving around you”. Vesna says everyone keeps giving her advice to see the positive side of things but she’s had enough and this is the way she deals with things. Vesna gets very upset with Tim and says its hard for her to watch her other housemates do these things and she’s trying to think about them but its hard for her to deal with the house. Eventually Vesna tells the other housemates to just ignore her.


2.13pm – Greg is mowing the lawn, much to the annoyance of Vesna. She complains he is mowing parts of the lawn that don’t even need mowing. She says he is doing it on purpose just to annoy her. Meanwhile Mel says to Tim that Vesna is really enjoying herself. They chuckle at Vesna’s complaints. Greg jokes “everyone is against Vesna”. Melanie says its so romantic they are mowing the lawn together. They don’t say much to each other but when they do its all swearing. Tim says maybe they are Mr and Mrs Get Stuffed. Meanwhile Vesna is telling Greg “don’t push me”. Greg is still wearing his aluminium underpants. When Greg finishes mowing Tim and Mel clap. Tim says the lawn looks so much better. The boys want to go to the diary room to show BB their aluminium underpants, leaving the girls chained up in the living room. The boys walk in with only their new underpants and announce “happy aluminium underpants day”. When asked by BB, Tim explains the underpants are to celebrate the Australian mining industry. The boys do some model poses to show off the underpants. The boys have a song too “horray, horray, its aluminium undie day”. They dance around the dairy room with aluminium foil.

3.50pm – Greg has a letter from BB. They must swap chains. Vesna is now with Mel and Greg with Tim. They must swap within 10 seconds. Vesna says now the boys have to cook and “please make dinner good”. The boys joke about making a sloppy dinner for the housemates. Vesna and Mel leave. Tim comments to Greg he could tell Vesna was driving mad. Greg was so releived they had to change. He counted how many times she complained yesterday – 89.


6.52pm – Boys are in the kitchen cooking. Vesna relays a message to Melanie to tell the boys to was the vegetables. Melanie calls out for the boys to wash the vegetables. Big Brother announces Vesna must not directly or indirectly help with cooking. The boys joke around in the kitchen about carrots and hot water. The girls aren’t impressed and Melanie gives a look to Vesna to say “oh god”. Tim starts his own cooking show and asks the BB cameras to zoom in on him. He talks about the vegetables. The girls laugh to themselves. Tim starts cooking the root of a vegetable, which is elastic and according to Vesna, poisonous. She yells out they can’t put that in the food. Melanie tells Tim they only add the bok choy at the end of the cooking. Big Brother annouces Vesna and Melanie must wash the outside windows now. They leave while the boys laugh. Greg says “sucked in” and comments he is enjoying cooking for once. Melanie and Vesna do a hasty job of the window, not impressed. Vesna glares at one of the outside cameras with disgust.

The girls have a lot of trouble washing the windows by the garden. Vesna is freaked out by the frogs and bugs in the bushes. She says she can’t do it. Tim decides the boys should go outside and ask them how they are doing. Outside Greg says dinner is almost ready but Vesna tells them they are busy. Melanie screams that a mosquito bit her. Vesna yells “dear Big Brother, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit”. Vesna lets out a long scream of annoyance.

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