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Day 88 Uplate

3 August 2005

Posted by Tim

12:31am: Vesna is screaming at Greg not to read the label of the jar in the kitchen. Ves says she hates Greg, saying he put it out of her reach just to shit her. Mel says that Timmy has fallen asleep. The girls say their wrists are killing them. Ves threatens to cut the cord as such and fail the task. Greg dares her, and she wimps out. Mel on the couch wants to go to bed, but Tim needs to rest for 5 minutes before going to bed lol. Mel says he’s so boring. Vesna says she hates Greg again, and Greg says that he loves her. Greg keeps telling her to take the chain off. Vesna says she took the chain off last night in bed. Mel is yelling at Tim right beside her. He says he needs 60 seconds, so Mel starts counting, but yells. Tim finally gets up and they clean the table. Mel says they are in a war, and they have to clean the tail. He says he’s exhausted. Mel thinks Tim eats too slow so he doesn’t eat enough. Greg needs to go outside to clean something. Vesna doesn’t want to go, but she follows. Tim complains that Mel is cleaning the table simply by brushing stuff onto the floor! Greg starts cleaning outside, moving Bean Bags around, while Vesna just walks beside her. They are soon done. Greg now wants to go to the toilet. Vesna agrees. Mel says that she needs to wash her face and her teeth. Vesna goes to the toilet first. They both finish with their toilet, and Greg wants to find the tweezers. He see’s Mel’s biscuits she sucks on, but doesn’t eat. They think it’s disgusting. They look in a drawer for the tweezers and find a pack of biscuits. Greg says he doesn’t want any, but tells “Tough Girl” Vesna to eat them. He says she won’t do anything wrong. Vesna breaks the chain link to prove her point. They link back up and go over the other side of the room to find the tweezers. Vesna says she hates him again, and Greg says “We figured that out 10 minutes ago, but you keep coming back”.

12:50am: Greg and Vesna have joined Tim and Mel in the bathroom. Tim looks like he has almost fallen asleep in there. They all head to the bedroom together. Greg grabs some glad wrap for the morning (boys are going to dress up in it I think). Tim decides he needs to clean up the dishes now, so he starts cleaning. Cut to Vesna, back in the toilet. Greg is outside singing and yelling. Vesna tells him to be quiet because she can’t go while he makes that noise. Greg gives her encouragement, “So that turd who’s boss.” Timmy comes into the bedroom with Mel, and he says “Look, flith.” Greg says that tomorrow Foil has to go round his underwear as soon as he gets up. Tim agrees. Greg says he’ll do it before farmhand.

1:04am: Greg and Vesna akwardly get onto their bed. Vesna wonders if Tim is doing the number two’s on the toilet. Mel wants him to hurry up. He takes his time on the toilet, much to Mel’s annoyance. When he comes out, Vesna tells him about time. Tim yells “Whats it to you fathead”. Vesna says he said she was fat, but Tim argues that he didn’t. Mel wonders if Tim is undressed, and Tim says ” Does it look like i’m bloody undressed?” Tim says everyone thinks he’s weird and Greg is sitting there cutting foil up. Greg says he’s trying to make a pair of undies.

1:16am: Greg and Tim talking about the female BB. Greg reckons she would feel left out at the Christmas party with the other BB’s. Vesna does a good interpratation of the female BB according to Greg. They say they hardly hear her. Greg says it’s going to be a big day tomorrow. Mel wonders if Tim is going to get under the covers. He says he ‘bloody will’. They discuss farmhand for the morning. Greg says that he thinks tomorrow night the task will be finished. He says they can’t go for any longer. Vesna says she hopes she hears the woman again. Greg says “So do I!”. Vesna says he should go and wank himself. Greg reveals he had a dream that a female BB called him to the diary room and did sexual things to him. Vesna says maybe the female BB and Big Big Brother are an item, and when making love they say “Call me to the room Big Brother” and silly sayings like “This is BB. Undress yourself now”. Mel wonders what it was like the first time they heard the female. Vesna says it was arousing.

1:45am: Vesna and Greg are talking about food, again. Chedder cheese to be exact. Greg says he’s only recently started eating cheeses. This cheese conversation has full on been going on for a good 5 minutes.