Day 96

7.43am – Housemates are up for their final day of feeding the animals. Tim says hello to the goats and they say hello back. Greg pats a goat and asks them if they know whats going to happen now. Tim tells the animals its the last time they will each other – and Greg says goodbye to the lambs. Vesna tells the alpaca she has never liked it and probably never will… it scares her and it needs to brush it’s teeth. Tim and Greg can’t be pulled away from the goats as Vesna says they are just animals and don’t understand. Vesna has a headache and a stomach ache and just wants to go back into the house. Greg and Tim are dissapointed as the games doors close behind the animals.

9.58am – Tim is cleaning. Vesna screams “for god sake Tim!”. Tim starts singing about his war on filth… again. Vesna starts screaming him for being obsessive about cleaning. He calls her “butterhead”, and points out that she doesn’t complain about Greg doing the baking. Vesna says the difference is Tim is doing his job non stop and it’s annoying. Vesna is called to the diary room to fill out her internet diary. Meanwhile Tim and Greg comment that Vesna is being moody and agressive. Tim says “I don’t know how to operate when people are just giving me negativity and anger”. Greg agrees and says if you bite back at her she says it was just a joke and then gets angry saying “you don’t know how to get me”. Tim has commented before that its none of Vesna’s business – they are not inferior to her and she has no right to boss and bully them around. Tim has “seen the rudeness” in Vesna and comments “I won’t tolerate it”. Tim continues cleaning the kitchen.


12.38pm – This is Big Brother. All housemates to the bedroom immediately. You are to turn your matresses and make your beds. Housemates were previously outside sunbathing and they suspect BB thought they were sleeping. Inside Tim and Greg get on with turning matresses while Vesna complains they can’t sunbathe. Greg sighs and asks if Vesna can’t just cop something and get on with it. Vesna yells that she can’t, and didn’t expect Greg to say that “no I just can’t cop it, I can never just can’t cop it… I will always start up a fight, always”. The boys tell her to go and fight with Big Brother in the diary room then, not to them. Greg breaks out and says they are sick of her complaining and if she has a problem she should go talk to Big Brother because they are sick of it. Vesna gets angry and says she isn’t talking to him. Tim explains it was simply Big Brother getting them to stop sunbathing and do something maybe more entertaining. Vesna comments that she is an animal and she will be chained up – “oh wait Big Brother already did that”. Tim shows distain for her comments. Vesna screams “Tim you have insulted me too many times, too many times”. Tim yells at Vesna telling her to not get angry because he can get as angry too. Vesna sighs and says “logistics… Tim’s logistics”.

Vesna goes into the kitchen and starts eating some cake that was stored in the fridge. Tim asks her to come exercise with them – it will make her feel better… to get the anger out. Vesna says she is doing that by eating cake and more cake…. and “I’m on a self destructive path.. yay”. The boys go outside to do weights. Greg says he thought Vesna would be past the continuous bitching. Tim says he supposes its funny to watch on the outside but for them its very irritating.

Vesna goes to the diary room and we see the first ever camera shot showing us what the housemates actually see when talking to Big Brother – a camera sticking out of the wall… surprisingly! Vesna says the boys are upsetting her – she’s just being angered and eating cake. BB asks if she is feeling isolated. Vesna says yes – every time she comments they say she is complaining and they are just going to go do weights now without her. BB asks why did Tim yell at her. Vesna says because he’s an idiot. Outside Tim says to Greg sometimes Vesna yells at you and seconds later says sorry – like she is just trying to push people to a point on purpose. Greg says she wants them to act like Vensa. BB asks Vesna if there is anything she could do to change the other’s perception of her. She says yeah.. “stop whinging and stop complaining”.


7.13pm – Big Brother announces it has been 96 days since they left the outside world. Tonight they will share something of their lives with the other housemates. He calls them to the loungeroom. Greg jumps up and says “wicked”. Vesna isn’t too keen on this – she suspects they will show them things from their own lives. On the plasma screen a video starts playing and Greg comments it is his house. The video is very melodramatic with short clips and music playing. Greg gets teary eyed while watching it. He wipes away a tear. Vesna says the pictures of him as a baby are so cute. She puts her hand on his cheek briefly. There is another shot and the housemates work out that its Dave not Greg. Greg then starts telling the other housemates who they are watching. Afterwards he says “oh thats awesome”.

Next is Tim – it’s his house and his housemates on screen. Tim screams “yeah!” and happily describes who they are watching. His dad, various items from his house, and some photos of him with his friends are shown. Some old photos from when he was younger are also shown. Vesna says that was fantastic. Tim stares up at the screen afterwards with a huge smile on his face.


7.26pm – Vesna is wondering if her sister will be on her video. It starts playing. Vesna’s salon is shown first. She smiles and says “oh my god”. She begins describing all the people who work there. Tim and Greg have obviously been told a lot about them by Vesna. Vesna’s cats and her possessions are shown, and she laughs – especially at her large collection of purfumes. There is footage of a young Vesna and her siblings. Vesna starts crying and yells at the screen “I miss you!”. Aftewards Greg says “how goods that!”. Vesna is still crying loudly. Greg wants to his again so he can point out stuff. Vesna is glad her sister looks great. Tim says her brother also looked great. Vesna explains to them “you see what I mean now?”. Tim says he now understands – he is scared he will go outside and won’t be able to handle it – especially lots of people talking to you at once.

10.01pm – Vesna comes to the diary room. BB asks her how she felt watching the video. Vesna says she doesn’t have the words – she was overwhelmed with happiness. Her heart was beating so fast and she couldn’t take in anything. In the kitchen Tim says the video message made Tim think of people he had otherwise forgotten about. Greg says it got him… he hasn’t lived at home for 8 years and he didn’t bring any photos into the house. He didn’t think of the sentimental things at all. The thing that made him emotional was he just wanted to go back home and spend time with his family. Tim says it would certainly affect you if you hadn’t seen them for so long – its like another world.

BB asks Vesna how has being in the house changed her. Vesna says probably mainly trying to turn a negative into a positive.

“I just want to be happy.. thats it.”

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Day 95

8.42am – Vesna is up and cooks porridge for everyone. Nadia is looking tired and annoyed this early in the morning. Tim confesses… he thinks he might be in love with Vesna (jokingly). Vesna tells him to stop toying with her emotions, and everyone at the kitchen table giggles. Tim asks why Vesna was looking at Greg when she said that. Vesna rejects what Tim is implying by saying “Greg is just an object”. There is a brief gasp of Jerry-Springer style “oooh”, and Greg says “I don’t want to be an object… I’m not an alpaca”. Tim goes along with the joke, telling Greg that everything will be ok. Vesna corrects what she said before: “you’re an object of my desire… is that better?”.

11.26am – Nadia is ready for a morning of sunbathing. She struts her stuff while walking out of the bedroom in a bikini. Tim shows how impressed he is, as do Vesna and Greg when Nadia comes outside. Nadia is wearing high boots with her bikini and Greg says she looks like Lara Croft. Vesna comments its been really really good with Nadia in the house. Tim jokes that he is Nadia’s favourite in the house. Vesna doesn’t quite catch what he said and demands to know what they were talking about. Tim is called to the diary room. Inside he finds a polaroid camera, film and an empty photo frames. BB tells them they are to be used to prepare a gift for Nadia. When Tim emerges he tries to hide the camera under his shirt but Vesna spots it and screams “what is it what is it! It’s a radio.. it’s a radio!”. Tim eventually reveals it’s a camera, Vesna and Nadia seem amused.


1.43pm – The housemates are taking photos in the bowling alley. Nadia is posing with bowling balls and Vesna’s green fluffy scarf. Later she poses in the showers with Nadia and Greg on either side. Nadia takes the opportunity to shake her body around. Next she poses in the bedroom with some fruit.. and the boys of course. Next it’s outside on the “beach”. Nadia is next to Vesna and a mini Australian flag eating Vegemite on toast. Next it’s in the pool with Tim and Greg jumping out of the water on either side of Nadia. Finally the eviction stairs, strippers pole and diary room. Vesna comments that Nadia really knows how to pose well for sexy photos. When they finish Big Brother annouces Nadia will be leaving the house in half an hour.

3.33pm – Tim puts on a serious face and tells Nadia he hopes he won’t offend her by what he’s about to say next: he wants to check her bag to see if she’s stealing anything. Vesna bursts out laughing at the joke. Greg and Tim go look through her bag and “find” a bunch of bananas. Vesna jokes “I can’t believe you Nadia!”. Everyone is full of laughs. Nadia says she has a problem with stealing things.

26 minutes later – Nadia is in the living room with her mini Australian flag to say final goodbyes. Tim gives Nadia her present – the framed photos taken earlier. Nadia says she will treasure it for a long, long time. She gives them all a hug and a kiss. The HMs wish her a good trip. Big Brother announces it’s time for Nadia to leave the Big Brother house. Another round of hugs and kisses. Vesna thanks Nadia for her support. Nadia tells them to “keep it going” as she leaves up the eviction stairs. There is an emptyness once she is left and the housemates don’t know what to do with themselves. They scatter into different directions.


5.51pm – It’s family discussion time, but Big Brother has given the housemates a letter: tonight the discussion topics have been set by relatives of the remaining housemates. Vesna’s best friend asks “coming from a strict ethnic background, was it a shock to be living with so many boys? Do you feel you understand the aussie male ego a bit better?”. Vesna says there is a lot of “mate” type of behavior, and she would like to be less of a mate – she still doesn’t understand the aussie male. Tim’s Dad asks “has it been as easy to fit in with your housemates as you’d thought?”. Tim answers no – it was rocky at the begining and he didn’t expect to clash with people so suddenly. He didn’t expect the confrontation with the other boys in the house. Vesna says he has kept very resiliant while in the house. Tim feels he has fit in with everyone, yet clashed with a select few. Vesna thinks Tim is very flexible like that. Greg’s friend asks “do you underestimate any housemates who have surprised you?”. The only thing Greg underestimated was the friendships he formed in the house: especially Tim. He didn’t think he’s have such a good friendship with Christie. Greg found Vesna interesting – he didn’t think she’d be able to cope… he thought she would walk out by now. Vesna agrees – she didn’t expect to come this far either. Being in the final three is a big thing for her. Greg re-reads the letter, and emphasises the part about seeing relatives again in less than a week. Vesna puts her hands over her face.

7.19pm – The housemates are watching Nadia’s goodbye message in the living room.

“Big Brother I really cannot stand this anymore, I cannot stand it any further I want to get out of here. I mean who are these people you have in the house? They haven’t even made an effort to get to know me. And I just pretend to be happy and smiling I cannot take this anymore Big Brother please get me out of here. I need to get out of here I cannot stand it anymore. I’m going to go and pack… get me out of here”.

Vesna and Tim have been gasping thoughout the message. Greg says that Nadia is only joking, but Vesna is not so sure. On the video screen Nadia leaves to go pack, then after a short silence, jumps back onto the screen:

“ooohkaaaay. Little old Nadia here. Guys… I love you all really, Tim you are kind you are funny. Very intelligent I like that very much. Greg my god I love your bread – there’s more than I like than just your bread but thats a different story there. You’re absolutely gorgeous and I’m glad I met you. Ves you are everything you could possible have in a person and if I may say so we are very similar: we have the drama we have the passion we have the highs and lows. You’re funny and you’re very interesting people. Thank you so much for embracing me in your house and taking me in. I had a great time. I love you all, and hopefully you will come and see me in the UK”


8.46pm – Housemates are in the bedroom getting ready for sleep. Vesna asks if they will have an exciting day tomorrow – and if Tim has a schedule. Tim is very systematic in getting his bed ready for him to sleep in it. Vesna commentates. Tim moans in relief at lying down. Greg comments they are almost out of toilet paper. They talk jobs today – Greg and Tim vote to swap chores so Vesna gets all the bad ones. They turn in and BB turns off the lights.

9.54pm – Vesna is crying. Greg asks her if she is ok. Vesna is quite upset and declines to sleep with Greg. He gets up and comes to see her anyway. Vesna says she is scared, so scared. “I thought I was going to be out of here a long time ago and I’ve come this hard its hard. I don’t know whether the whole thing is positive. Nothing ever comes my way I always have to work so bloody hard for it. I hope my family is happy, thats all I want”. Tim comes over to see Vesna too and Ves asks if he is scared too. He is unsure – they have been in the house so long they get used to it. Tim says she is worrying for the sake of it – everything will be ok. Vesna explains she got that from her mother. The experience will change her, and Greg adds “for the good”. Vesna seems to be ok now and tells them to go to bed because they have things to do tomorrow. She declines another offer to sleep with one of the boys. Before leaving the boys smother her with kisses on the head. Vesna cracks up laughing.

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Day 94

12.41pm – Housemates are sunbathing and Nadia comments it’s quite warm. Tim says “imagine what its like in summer”. Tim then asks “is that a snake?”. Nadia jumps up screaming and Tim laughs. Vesna says there are no snakes, a snake would never get into the house. Tim has previously convinced Nadia the house is surrounded by blood sucking bats. Nadia sees a magpie and asks if it is one of the bats Tim was talking about. Tim says no – the bats are out at night and can suck your blood without you even knowing it – like a mosquito. Greg explains he used to be a “swoosher” at Sydney airport. His job was to swoosh Kangaroos and Koalas from the runway so planes could land and take off. Tim says he would carry a rifle to school as a young child to shoot kangaroos and koalas if they get in the way and tried to attack you. He says they play in numbers and had to be shot sometimes. Everyone took rifles to school. Vesna says they are lying, Greg chuckles. Nadia says “oh my god!”. Nadia says she will ask to leave now. Tim jokes “make sure you take your rifle out there”.

1.17pm – Vesna has prepared some lunch, but only with a staple budget. Tim says she has done a great job with the food.

45 minutes later – Vesna and Tim start rowing about doing the dishes, and the cake fight last night. Tim comments they had to do a lot to get the cake out of hair and bed. Vesna can’t believe Tim is being such a prick this week. Tim says he has tried so hard to discuss this with her and she continues to “do it”. Vesna wants to know what “it” is. Tim says she shouldn’t have thrown cake last night. Her ability to switch from happy to angry and silly is annoying and Tim can’t handle it when he’s tired. He doesn’t get pleasure from being agressive and rude – last night she was exceedingly aggressive. Tim didn’t find it funny one big. Vesna is silent as she looks down at her plate.


2.38pm – Tim is closing the bedroom door so he and Vesna can talk inside privately. Nadia wonders what that was all about. Greg says he doesn’t know – probably just one of those chats with Vesna. He explains Vesna goes up and down. Meanwhile Tim is explaining all the arguments being caused by Vesna – it’s a pressure cooker. They are getting on each other’s nerves – its going to happen. Tim has tried to do the best to welcome Nadia and wanted her to feel happy. Vesna says its difficult and she can’t ask any more of the housemates.

3.48pm – The housemates all go to feed the animals. Tim tries to trick Nadia about seeing a snake again but she doesn’t fall for it. Vesna introduces Nadia to the Alpaca but Nadia gets scared when she learns the Alpaca spits. Greg says Nadia should walk to the Alpaca. She walks around with Greg, and he warns the Alpaca will run on the way back to the pen. As warned the Alpaca runs back to the pen and Nadia laughs and screams. Vesna says Nadia has a lot of guts. Greg tries to scare Nadia for a second and they all scream. Tim is now showing Nadia his trick where the goats jump onto his back. Greg does it too. Nadia says they can go to the circus. Greg and Tim seem to have a goat balancing competition going on.


4.56pm – Housemates are quite sleepy, and start snoozing on the lounge. Big Brother annouces that Tim and Nadia, who are trying to sleep, must go and wash the windows in the garden. Vesna explains its because they were sleeping. Nadia says she doesn’t even wash her own windows, and won’t do the Big Brother windows. Vesna laughs. Nadia gets up and has some bread and butter with Vesna. Tim goes outside to wash the windows. Big Brother annouces that Nadia must assist Tim. Nadia says she won’t do it, much to the entertainment of Vesna who laughs. Nadia asks Tim if he needs help, he says no. Nadia sits down with a drink before Big Brother calls her to the diary room.

In the diary room BB says by agreeing to enter the house, Nadia has agreed to the house rules. Nadia waves her finger at Big Brother and says she will do rules but will not do cleaning. She reminds BB she is not a housemate, but rather a visitor. BB says she is a visitor AND a housemate. Nadia’s response is clear: she will not do the windows. Tim meanwhile is cleaning alone. Nadia asks BB if she can leave the diary room. BB asks if she will be cleaning the windows. Nadia says she will be going outside. BB asks what she will be doing outside. Nadia says she will be an assistant to Tim. Nadia comes outside and asks Tim which windows he has cleaned. Nadia grabs a bucket and lets out a big growl. She hits the windows with the cleaning brush and says “now I’m a scrubber”.

7.14pm – Vesna is lying on her bed looking sleepy. Big Brother says the main glass doors must be cleaned. Vesna sighs and says at least give her something useful to do. Nadia, Tim and Greg are in the spa and Tim explains that Vesna must have been sleeping. Vesna cleans the windows quickly and goes into the diary room. She asks BB why he made her wash them. He says they were dirty. Vesna says no she was sleeping – are they going to make her clean every time she closes her eyes. Vesna says there is nothing to do or eat in the house, they are only on staples. BB plays dumb and asks why they are on staples. Vesna says they are on staples because BB treated her like an animal during the task and she broke their chains. Vesna asks BB if she can sleep, but BB just says “that is all”. Vesna storms back into the bedroom and lies down on her bed, eyes closed. Greg comes in and asks if she’s ok. Vesna is upset she only fell asleep for 5 seconds and BB made her clean. Vesna says BB is just out to get them. Greg lies next to her and offers to cook dinner tonight. Vesna cries and says there is nothing to do in the house. Greg says they are going to have a sauna and then will work out something for dinner. He leaves the bedroom while Vesna continues crying.


9.16pm – Nadia has come to the diary room. BB asks how she is getting along with the other HMs. Nadia says she is comfortable and at ease with the HMs – they are wonderful. Meanwhile Greg is planning to scare Nadia when she comes out of the diary room by hiding under a blanket. In the diary room Nadia says something about each housemate:

Tim – very intellectual, very deep in his thoughts and beliefs. Almost like a geek but a cool geek. Very nice.

Greg – eye candy, big muscles and lovely to look at. Again quite young. A fun guy. Lovely.

Vesna – something that I’m not intimidated back but there are similarities in our personalities. Dominating and in your face and loud. Underneath she is quite vunerable and insecure most times.

Nadia says overall she is very surprised. She then comes out of the diary room and Tim distracts her for a second while Greg jumps out of the blanket and yells. Nadia screams and laughs, and grabs Tim.

1.53pm – Nadia is asking Tim if he could spend the entire time in the house with her. He thinks so. Vesna asks if her and Tim are very similar. They both love seafood. Tim says they both have two ears. Nadia says she feels really comfortable with them. Tim says its because they are very Australian, but Vesna doesn’t think so. Tim says she just disagrees for no reason “NO TIM!”. Vesna says they’re at the stage where they’re quite loose. Tim comes into the bedroom with extra blankets and Vesna explains she hates the extra blankets. Vesna says no one needs them. Tim jumps into bed with Greg and Nadia and starts hugging Greg. He starts joking that Greg missed Tim in his bed. Greg starts wrestling and pushing Tim away, which also pushes Nadia. Vesna tells them to stop. Randomly Tim says “I wish we had chickens”.

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Day 93

8.54pm – All housemates are called to the store room. Inside they find a dinner with places for each of them to sit. Vesna screams in excitement and says “what can I steal from here”. Tim pulls out a chair for Nadia who sits at the head of the table. He offers to serve her. Nadia says she will be expecting desert. Vesna sarcastically says “oh so I suppose I’ll have to serve myself” but declines Tim’s help when he offers it. She says he is sucking up as usual which makes Nadia laugh. Tim toasts to both the lovely ladies in the house, and their guest in the house. Greg congrats Nadia on winning BBUK last year. Later Vesna asks Tim for some cake, but he cuts her a too big slice, and she complains. Nadia goes to leave for the toilet and Tim offers to show her where it is. As soon as they leave Vesna starts laughing to Greg and says “she’s a guy!”. Greg agrees. Vesna says she can’t hold it in, she has to say something. Vesna is trying to hold it in. She wants Nadia to just admit she is a guy. Nadia meanwhile is going into the toilet and Tim wonders if she can make her way back – Tim say she will wait for her but instead runs back to the store room.

When he comes in he starts laughing and Greg jokes if Tim got her number. Vesna asks him if he knew she’s a guy. Tim says of course, and then tells Vesna off for making it a big issue. They all agree they like Nadia however, and say she is funny and smart. Tim runs back inside and offers Nadia a glass of water. Vesna wonders if she (herself) has a moustache, and asks Nadia if she (herself) has one after Nadia re-joins them. Nadia asks Vesna why she is asking that. Vesna was just wondering. Nadia says sometimes your skin pigmentation is different. She looks uncomfortable all of a sudden.


10.42pm – Housemates are still having a dinner party in the store room. Greg gives Nadia his nameplacer. Vesna says it took 3 months for her to get anything out of Greg. Nadia says its because she’s blonde. Vesna agrees and says she is blonde… and skinny. Nadia jokes they don’t want to see her when she takes her clothes off. Nadia says women are sometimes so self-critical it gets ridiculous because most guys don’t care. Vesna doesn’t think Greg is like that – she hasn’t met anyone who has been so big on physical qualities. She says he doesn’t see from the shoulders up only the shoulders down. Vesna feels her face has no relevancy for him. Greg is slightly annoyed and they will talk about it later.

Big Brother calls Nadia to the diary room, she swears. Tim walks Nadia to the diary room. Nadia says they will have a bikini session when she gets back. Vesna says she will go through Nadia’s bags, and Nadia laughs. After Nadia leaves Vesna says Nadia brings out a lot of things in the housemates, and it has brought out more to discuss with Greg. Vesna feels Greg only finds the most plain, boring, insecure girls attractive – ones that don’t have any balls or anything to say. When he meets girls who are loud he pulls back. Greg says its just intimidation. Vesna says she feels like he’s scared of her. Tim returns, and wonders whats going on. Vesna explains she is finding it hard to be accepted in this house with Greg’s standards. Greg thinks he is doing well to get along with Vesna. Tim tries to interject – he says Greg tries and whether Vesna has feelings for him or not, don’t get stuck into him just because of small things like this. There is only 1 week to go and they should enjoy it. Vesna repeats that Nadia has brought up many things Vesna would have otherwise kept to herself. Tim says Greg respects her and loves her. Vesna wants to hear it from Greg himself, not via Tim.

Nadia returns, and the housemates wonder if she got her luggage. Vesna can’t wait to go through Nadia’s belongings. Tim jokes that when Vesna says “your luggage”, she means “my luggage”.


12.40am – Housemates are in the spa, and Vesna begins to ask Nadia about her sexuality. She explains she is trying to not offend Nadia. She needs Tim to help her find the words for a second. Nadia says she isn’t comfortable with the word ‘sexuality’. Vesna asks “were you a woman at the time you came out of the womb”. Vesna says she is uncomfortable with that and they can now move on. Nadia asks if it had any relevance. Vesna says not in the way she thought or spoke about her. Vesna proceeds to dig herself into a hole about the issue. Nadia doesn’t find the conversation comfortable or necessary but says at least Vesna had the guts to ask. Tim jumps in and basically repeats what Vesna said just with bigger words and better grammar. He says “to me you are a person”. Nadia says it is hard to be catagorised. Vesna says there are tough things in life and Nadia has to deal with that. Nadia says she is a survivor. Tim goes to comfort Nadia by putting his hand on Nadia, but she doesn’t like that. Vesna hovers over Nadia, who now has tears in her eyes. Nadia asks at what point do you stop being catagorised and actually become a woman. She wants to just move on, but feels guitly for making it a big issue. The other HMs say its fine.

Tim says he would have approached the issue differently. Vesna agrees and says sorry, then jokes that the other boys didn’t stop her. Tim and Greg, to break the ice, say they will do a special show for Nadia. They do flips into the swimming pool. Vesna asks Nadia if she is angry with her. She says she’s not. Vesna wants to hug Nadia but she knows Nadia doesn’t like that. Tim and Greg are now having a competition – who can stay standing the longest on stools floating on the pool. Greg wins while Nadia watches from the spa and laughs.


2.16am – Vesna complains she can hear Tim breathing from so far away. Tim says she is annoying him and he wants to puke. There is a point where Vesna can just stop talking. Vesna says she will and stomps around the kitchen to get some cake. Tim yells “Vesna stop eating the cake”. Vesna rubs some cake into Tim’s face and runs into the bedroom laughing. Nadia checks whats going on and laughs. Tim gets some cake out of the fridge and rubs it all through Vesna’s hair. She screams and tries to wrestle Tim. Vesna asks Greg why didn’t he warn her. Greg said he tried to tell Tim to stop.

3.07am – Tim and Greg are in the bathroom. Tim says Vesna is an idiot – she was just trying to get him annoyed earlier in the kitchen. Sometimes she’s dramatic and funny but sometimes she’s just annoying – thats why he had to return with more cake. Greg agrees. Vesna meanwhile is in the bedroom putting on a blindfold to sleep. Greg starts complaining about Vesna’s accusation he only looks at body. He says “how dare she say that”. Greg says his ex girlfriend and Christie were nothing like what Vesna described he liked. Vesna walks into the bathroom in the middle of Greg’s sentence, but doesn’t catch on. She asks why they are yelling in the bathroom – she could hear it from the bedroom. Tim says he is annoyed with her and doesn’t want to talk to her – just wants to talk to Greg right now. Vesna storms out and Greg calls her a 10 year old. Vesna gets straight into bed with her blindfold.

Tim and Greg leave the bathroom shortly after and says he will be sleeping in the same bed as Nadia tonight. Tim asks if he is ok with that. Greg says yes. In the bedroom Greg gets into bed and asks Nadia if she has enough pillows. After lights go out Greg tells Nadia to enjoy her first night sleep in Australia. Nadia doesn’t really want to talk right now – she mumbles out a tired “mmhrm”.

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Day 92

12.11pm – Tim and Greg are playing soccer in the backyard. Vesna is sunbathing and scared they will accidentally hit her with the ball. She whinges she doesn’t want to move or be hit by the ball. Tim puts extra bean bags around her to stop balls rolling onto her. But Vesna is not happy – balls can still hit her. Tim says it’s lowering the chances of a ball hitting her. Vesna says its so embarrasing she is being barrackaded. There are lots of beanbags and outdoor stools around her. The boys continue playing soccer once it is safe for Vesna. Tim tries to hit the ball near Vesna, Greg slips on it and then hits a ball onto the wall surrounding Vesna. She says she is now leaving, but Tim says they were doing it on puprose. Vesna goes inside while the boys keep playing soccer. Vesna joins Melanie in the sauna. She asks how Ves’ life is, and says she has prepared herself to leave tonight. She doesn’t know how she’d handle next week – the last week… the boys would be going crazy. Vesna says there would be a lot of pressure and nervous feelings… you’re down to the last three.

4.38pm – Big Brother annouces its time to feed the animals (an obvious post-production voiceover). All housemates help out, except Vesna who drags along. Greg runs around the yard with the alpaca. Tim gets to goat to jump up on his back. The goat does, and Tim balances it on his back. The second goat tries to get up too. Tim stands up and the goats jump up, wanting to be on top of his back. Tim bends down for the second goat to have a go.


8.04pm – It’s time to go… Melanie. She screams and jumps up and down. Gives Greg a hug first, then Vesna and Tim. They walk her to the eviction stairs as Melanie screams and says she is very excited. The HMs wish her good luck and to have fun. Melanie runs up the stairs fast. Vesna says “great I’m stuck here with you both”. She chuckles at sharing the house with two boys. The remaining three go outside to listen to the crowd. Vesna says “bloody final three eh?”. They share canned drinks, and toast to each other for next week. Vesna says “this is mental I’m still here”. She reminds them they will see everyone in just one weeks time. Tim says its another case of the “3 point curse”. Melanie was only nominated after Tim’s 3 point deduction .. and she was evicted. Vesna jokes “you’re so selfish Tim”. Tim says after 3 months it is getting tiring. The HMs are called to the lounge by Big Brother. Vesna calls “bye Mel seeya next week”.

9.01pm – Melanie’s video goodbye is played to the housemates:

Tim – I think that we have got along from the start I think you’re a nice guy, you’re geniune and you like to please and thats not a bad thing. I am very young nad you’ve taught me some valuable things I can take away. There were times when you did frustrate me and vice versa but in a way you’re just like me, very ambitious and determined.

Vesna – This past week has been really good for our friendship. We will go out on various occasions and plan our birthdays. Keep your head up and smile and keep going and keep going with your exercise. Eat healthy. Chocolate occasionally. Love you very much.

Greg – You are very much a contradiction. You have this business side that is determined and then you have this other side that is very boyish and you’re the 23 year old.. there’s chicks and more chicks. I don’t know if we have this shyness about us but I definately thought this week’s task brought us together. I wish that we could have got ot have a friendship quicker than we did. But it makes me look foward to the outside developing our friendship.

Have fun in the next week. Make sure Big Brother gives you a good deal (with toilet paper).

Vesna asks Greg what he was doing looking at her during the message. Vesna says she was looking for his expression and didn’t like him staring back. Vesna says he has been in the house for 3 months and she barely knows him. Vesna says they have to look after her this week – “its going to be a tough week”.


9.25pm – Housemates are in the lounge after the video message. Vesna questions her friendship with Greg. She senses he gets frustrated with… she stops to think of how she can say it without offending him… frustrated with himself that he doesn’t open up a lot. Greg knows its an issue but doesn’t need to be reminded every minute. Greg says its not a good feeling for people to say they didn’t get to know you. Greg doesn’t like Vesna making those sorts of comments and he feels he is giving all he can in the house. He doesn’t just speak and say things for the sake of it – like Vesna who doesn’t think before she talks. Greg says if you don’t have anything positive to say you don’t say anything at all. Vesna says they are two people who just pass – they have no connection at all, and she feels Greg hates her. He says he doesn’t, but he has said many times she annoys him by screaming and becoming snappy suddenly. He doesn’t like rudeness and sometimes she is very rude. To come in and deal with it is hard. Vesna says its just when she is in the kitchen. Greg says that it not a proper excuse, and she can’t deny this issue has been brought up many times before. Vesna says she isn’t going to spend her time in the house stressing over Greg not opening up in the house. Greg admits he might have problems detecting her sarcasm. The two sit silently for a moment.

10.09pm – The housemates come to the diary room to talk to Big Brother. Inside are their bags. Vesna also tells BB they have no toilet paper and they were hoping that BB could find it in his kind kind self to give them some toilet paper. BB reminds the housemates items such as toilet paper must be earnt. Tim proposes they will give the house and garden a massive clean – the other two agree. BB says cleaning is in their own interests.. what else would they propose? Vesna says something entertaining. Tim says they could put on a play. BB says good idea.


11.21pm – Vesna yells action to start the play. It is set in a hair salon owned by Vesna’s character “sparkles”. Tim’s character, a blokey guy, comes in for a haircut and is having some life problems. He just had traffic accident just now. He was turning right and this “bloody idiot” pulls out out of nowhere… a merc or some fancy car. He comments Sparkles is very gropable. The idiot in the merc also hit another car, a green one. Vesna gets violent with Tim’s hair, and he says its slightly painful. Greg laughs from the sidelines. Afterwards Sparkles charges Tim’s character $150.

Next is Greg’s character Giovanni. He is camp and has his pants pulled right down, tshirt pulled right up, flaunting a fluffy scarf. He says a car ran into his Merc! Giovanni got so angry he got out of his car and kicked a green car nearby. Giovanni’s haircut is finished and he leaves, paying $190 on his AMEX.

Next, a counstable comes in, played by Tim, who asks Sparkle if she has a green car. She does, and the counstable informs her it has been involved in a traffic accident. Sparkle screams out Vesna-style, and when the counstable asks Sparkle to come outside, she falls on the couch screaming in a Vesna tantrum. The play ends and the housemates bow for Big Brother.

The housemates go into the diary room and find toilet rolls with their names written on them. BB says the play will not earn them a Logie, but they will have toilet paper. Vesna says she feels like an idiot most of the time she’s in the house. The housemates go into the lounge room and all the houseamtes say the play was really good.

11.45pm – Vesna comes back to the diary room. She explains she had a feeling of “wow”. First it was getting into the house, then surviving all the evictions and now being in the final three. Its a huge acheivement for her. She is becoming confident that everything is ok. She is confident she will be one of the final 2. BB asks her how it makes her feel. She says it is dizzying. She is wondering if she could possibly stay in the house. BB reminds her that everyone must leave the house sooner or later.

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Days 90 and 91

Day 90

9.37pm – The All Stars are leaving the FNL games. The housemates are immediately told to put their chains back on, and return to the house. Vesna screams “noo”. The HMs chain up in the doorway and walk back to the house. Inside they find pizza and potato chips. Melanie and Vesna scream in excitement. Melanie wants to eat straight away. She is excited about the salami on the pizza. Tim says they should get plates but the girls are already eating off the pizza boxes. Tim and Greg drag each other to the kitchen to get plates. Melanie says “Big Brother I love you”. Big Brother annouces they must remove their chains. Melanie screams in excitement and Greg claps onto the table. Big Brother says he didn’t finish. They can remove their chains… and swap partners.

10.35pm – Vesna is in the sauna chained to Tim. She asks if she looks sad. Tim says not all the time – but sometimes she looks angry. Tim says she takes the good with the good and should take a little of the bad. Vesna says she finds all the HMs that if something changes they put on a happy face even if they aren’t happy and she finds it hard to do that. Tim says people aren’t just trying to cope – there is a little of that but its just that they can hack it better than Vesna. Ves says she just wants her life back. Tim says its only a big problem when what she’s doing impacts on everyone else eg. when she becomes angry and abusive. He explains its a loop where people get angry with her which means she becomes even more angry.


12.41am – Greg and Melanie are in the kitchen. Mel is talking about how guys are not attracted to her. Greg says they are intimidated by good looking people. Meanwhile Vesna is talking to Tim, saying Mel is cosying up to Greg – or vice versa because Mel has blonde hair. She says Greg is trying to figure out how to pick her up. Melanie is asking Greg if he was interested in a girl what would he do. He says maybe a little eye contact. Vesna asks Tim if Greg needs a lot of guidance with women. Greg asks them what they are talking about. Vesna says nothing and Tim says get on with cleaning the dishes. Mel and Greg knock some dishes and Vesna screams out if they stacked them properly “Ms Model!”. She is being sarcastic and Tim joins in with the yelling.

2.23am – Greg and Mel are in the diary room together. Greg says all BB’s “friends” are gone now (the All Stars). Greg says they let the All Stars win because they need the money because they are so skinny. Mel agrees. The two agree they were shocked at seeing other people… they didn’t really concentrate on winning this week. Greg asks BB who he was rooting for. BB says he is always neutral.

2.35am – Housemates are going to bed. In an unsuspecting moment Greg hits Tim on the bum. Tim is making up his bed because he gets cold because he’s so thin. Vesna starts telling him to hurry up and laughs about it – a lot! It becomes a cackle. The lights go out. Greg wonders if the All Stars felt sorry for them for losing. Mel doesn’t think so. Vesna saw it is Wes, Paul and Jess’s eyes. Some of the All Stars smiled at Vesna a lot. Mel and Greg talk about how they loved the night.


Day 91

1.29pm – Vesna really wants to sunbake but she must walk around with Tim while he does the washing. She says there is no need for it but Tim says she should just be patient. Vesna continues whinging, saying Tim is “making my life hell”. She screams. Tim says she is letting her emotions get the beter of her. Meanwhile Greg and Melanie watch on and laugh at the two. Tim throws some water out of a bucket which tugs on Vesna’s arm. She screams saying “I can’t believe you did that!”. Melanie says she knew the two wouldn’t get along with each other. Vesna leans on an outside wall and lets out some grunts of frustration. Vesna screams that Tim is only rinsing one item at a time. She then turns around, sighs a few times and then counts down from 10, hoping Tim will be finished by the time he finishes. Melanie says she wouldn’t be able to hack his habits. Greg reminds her that Tim is only doing it on purpose.. and its hilarious. While pressing the clothes Vesna starts throwing her chains against the press screaming “I hate these chains I hate them I hate them I hate them”. Tim says its not helping her doing this. He has discussed this so many times he doesn’t feel guilty for bringing it up – she complains for no reason.

Vesna says she is no longer talking to Tim, but reminds him not to put her clothes next to his on the drying rack. She spends a few minutes saying “no”. And repositions her clothes saying she needs them dry because she might be evicted tomorrow where Tim doesn’t. Tim eggs her on saying “I really think you need to have some time to yourself”.

2.11pm – Housemates have been given a task to build a tower. The team with the tallest tower will win a takeaway dinner. Of course the teams are who is chained to who. The housemates run to grab their building materials – which unsurprisingly are mostly cans for a particular potato chip who are sponsoring Big Brother. With 2 minutes to go Mel and Greg are much further than Tim and Vesna, who are arguing on how to do this. When they finish Tim says Vesna is unbelievably hard to work with. Mel and Greg win the task – just in time because their tower collapses after the winners annoucement.


2.39pm – Housemates are in the bedroom. Big Brother announces their task this week was to remain linked. They did not stay linked for the required time. They have failed the task. The housemates all take off their chains and Greg hits his chain in frustration.

6.53pm – Vesna is in the kitchen preparing dinner. Tim complains that Melanie plugging her pubic hair in the living room was very disgusting while they were chained up. The two have a squabble over issues of personal hygeine. Melanie says just because Tim is 10 years older doesn’t mean he is more mature. Vesna says they should stop fighting because they have had enough of this. Vesna asks Melanie if she is bored – she is. Tim says picking a fight out of bordom is silly.

11.02pm – Tim and Greg are in the spa. Tim says he feels Melanie has really come out and being bombastic in these last few days. He thinks Melanie thinks she is more mature than she really is. Greg agrees. Tim explains there was no Mel.. then Mel.. then the “other Mel”, who has come out recently. He thinks he has given her training wheels to reveal her personality lately and now that the training wheels are off she is throwing them back at him. Greg says her being in the house for less time than them has a lot to do with it.

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