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The fifth year of Big Brother saw young housemates vent their sexual angst in front of the nation. Big Brother also threw in some new additions: swapping twins and the rewards room.


Winner: Greg and David Mathew (Logan twins). Prize money AU$836 000.

Finalists: Tim Brunero (2nd), Vesna Tofevski (replacement, 3rd).

Housemates: (in order of eviction) Constance Hall (disqualified), Nelson Russell (disqualified), Angela Aiken, Jane Pattison (Gianna), Michael Farnsworth, Michelle Carew-Gibson, Rachael Burns (replacement), Geneva Loader, Glenn Dallinger, Heath Tournier (intruder eviction), Simon Deering (Hotdogs), Dean Glucina, David Mathew (twin eviction - joint winner), Rita Lazzarotto (intruder), Christie Mills, Richelle Benson (Kate), Melanie Smerdon (intruder).

Houseguests: Nadia Almada (Winner, Big Brother UK Season 5).

Animals: 2 pigs, 2 goats, a llama.

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