Day 89 Uplate

I join up late at 12.01am. Tim and Greg are outside on the beanbags having a D&M. They are talking about Kate.. surprise surprise. Greg says he thought Kate was loved by the public. Tim says you have no idea of whats going on outside the house really. “Mistakes are made that we know about like Kate’s drunk night, mistakes are made we didn’t know”. Talk moves to nominations – they worry Tim a lot. He’s tried to tell himself its just a game and you just have to do it, but it doesn’t make it easier for him. Tim says people like Nelson haven’t been in the house for so long he might not be as reluctant to talk badly of him – which could cause bad audience reactions outside the house. They could be friends, according to Tim – they wouldn’t be bosom buddies but they could be friends.

12.10am – The girls are in the bedroom, in bed. Melanie is talking about a girl she knows. Melanie is full of praise for this particular girl, but says she needs to do something or plan something with her life. Sounds like a friend of Melanie – but Melanie says she wouldn’t introduce her to her parents. She’s the kind of girl you wouldn’t hang out with during the day – only at night time to go out and party. There is a drawn out silence. This anonymous girl is 10cm taller than Melanie, and funny. Melanie can’t wait to call her when she gets out of the house. Vesna comments the girl will be watching Mel, and Mel says the girl will be thinking “oh shit!”. When Melanie had a boyfriend this girl (sounds like her name is Kate) would still introduce guys to Mel despite the boyfriend. “She doesn’t put up with any crap… she tells it like it is”. At times she is even disrespectful. Melanie comments people who are on drugs are disrespectful. She thinks it might be raining, so the girls listen for a moment for rain. However Vesna wants to know where Greg and Tim are.

12.17am – Melanie was right – it is raining. Tim and Greg however are under a sheltered part of the backyard, still on the beanbags. They are talking about annoyances in the house. Tim explains he was extremely annoyed at Vesna’s dinner party task on Saturday night. It scared him. Particularly when the girls started getting angry and hostile. Greg says it was “shithouse”.

12.23am – Tim has noticed that he asks a lot of questions in the house – but no one asks them back. He is getting a lot of information about their background and their life but other people don’t ask back. Tim says football players are similar – they are always talking about themselves (eg. after a big game etc.), because it is so easy to do. Tim seems to be dominating this conversation because Greg isn’t say much, just the occasional grunt of agreement. Talk turns to one of Tim’s flatmates who he had a crush on, and as a result he wouldn’t tell her a lot of things about himself. Tim has a theory that lots of ‘blokey’ men don’t like to reveal much of themselves to their mates, things like problems with girlfiriends etc. Greg agrees and demonstrates what some blokes are like – flooding their sentences with “fucken” to hide what they are saying. Greg can’t wait to get out of the house and talk to people… “different people” than his usual group. Tim goes on to describe all the great things about his flatmate. He told her his feelings recently and she explained she didn’t feel the same – sounds like a case of de ja vu with Kate! Despite their lack of reciprocal feelings, they have a great friendship. She has many blokes over all the time but Tim says he doesn’t get jealous. If it became a problem then Tim would have moved out. His flatmate is mature, Tim describes, and he doesn’t feel ashamed explaining his feelings or expressing his sexuality.

12.37am – The D&M between the boys continues. Well actually its more like Tim writing a verbal novel while Greg lays silently and nods along. Tim says he loves the way language works – for example the word “encouragement” has the base word “courage” so you are giving courage to some one. Tim gets excited about language. There is an unsurprising silence. Tim explains there are guys who peel away with their girlfriends or wives really need their mates to come around on Saturday night and talk to them. Greg responds with “yeah, its interesting isn’t it?”. Tim wonders where the girls are, asleep properly. Greg can hear traffic, and Tim explains the big highway that runs alongside Dreamworld. They begin talking about the launch show. In Tim’s car they were playing music loudly so Tim couldn’t hear what was going on outside the car. Apparently he had notes in the car of what he would say!? Greg says he only had 25 minutes to get to Dreamworld. Tim thought it was funny he was working in Sydney one day.. then the next he is in lockdown. Tim decides he wants to go for a piss so the two of them get up and walk into the house (they are chained now, by the way).

12.43am – In the bedroom the girls ask where the boys were. Vesna complains they were gone for too long and bombards them with a whole lot of questions like “what were you talking about, why did you leave?”.

12.54am – The boys are talking about how they have rashes on their arms from the chains. They go into the bedroom. Looks like Tim needs to go to the toilet again – however Mike cuts to footage from the daily show.

1.03am – The boys are lying on the floor in the living room. They were doing exercises just now. Tim is talking about how he’s going to go see his family doctor when leaving the house. He thinks he might be a hypocondriac. There is a long silence, the boys are still lying on the floor. Eventually Greg yawns!!! Tim begins to talk but Greg has farted and it smells very bad. The two of them start trying to wave the smell away from their faces. Greg says sorry and asks if Tim’s mum is like his sister. Tim says she’s a very serious woman, and when she stops stressing she’s very fun. She’s a list person, some one who gets up in the morning and doesn’t stop. His Dad on the other hand is the type of person who takes his time, likes to browse at the shops etc. Greg’s Dad always says things are “neat”. His nickname is “Silver”. Greg and his friends would always steal beer from his Dad when they were young. Tim’s Dad has a beard and Tim speculates his Dad might have a few extra chins, but the beard does suit him. His beard and his hair is white, much to his delight. Apparently it helps his proffession (he’s a lawyer) because white hair gives the impression of seniority. He’s been prosecuting dodgy car dealers and supermarkets for not displaying the correct weights of things. Tim is worried that people who aren’t fans of him might go to his parent’s house, because they are listed in the phone book.

1.19am – Boys are still on the floor, and amazingly Greg is talking! Actually no now Tim is talking again – this time about family meals. Tim’s Dad likes to suck on chicken bones and eat a whole apple. Greg laughs and says its “fucking hilarious”. The boys roll over onto their hands and knees and it looks like they are doing stretches. Tim says he’s not used to the plasma screen in the living room being blank. Greg gets into the “on your marks” racing position, and comments he hasn’t done that in a lone time. The boys get down onto their stomaches and pull back their arms and shoulders – a stretch? Greg says every time you do shoulder weights your shoulders should be right back. He did pilates once – and suggests Tim should do it with him once they are out of the house.

1.33am – Greg starts picking his nose while lying on the floor with Tim… with accompanying commentary from Mike Goldman. Tim reckons they are going to put on weight he ate so much chocolate today. Although he doesn’t mind putting on a little. Tim says he doesn’t have any weight right now to lose. Greg mentions something about his mates when he leaves the house but it doesn’t really make sense. Tim wants to call his friends when he leaves and find out what they were doing and how they acted while he wasn’t around.

At 1.38am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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