Days 76 and 77

We start the weekend daily show with a quick recap of Friday Night Live, with Tim winning, and inviting Vesna into the rewards room.

Day 76
9:10pm: Vesna is sitting down and has realised that they get laundry service. Vesna can’t understand it. Tim explains what it means and Vesna simply says she doesn’t need anything washed. Tim reads the instructions about the video messsage, reading that the winner can give it to whomever they want or keep it to themselves. In the bedroom, Mel and Christie talk about how they both miss their families and how it would’ve been good to get the family message. Out in the living room, Kate is talking to Greg about his relationship with Christie. Kate thinks he isn’t doing anything because he’s seen her everyday and knows her through and through. Greg again states that she isn’t his type, saying his mates would be thinking “Dude, what you are doing”, comparing to girls he has had previously. Back in the bedroom, Rita tries to stir up Christie by saying that Kate & Greg are being pretty quiet out there. Christie doesn’t buy into it at first. When Rita asks “What if she’s cutting your meat”, Christie simply replies, “Let her, I don’t care.” When Rita asks how she would feel if she walked out and saw them pashing, Christie says it would be reassuring, and she wouldn’t cry. Back out with Kate and Greg in the living room, Greg says there is a possiblity that something might happen in the outside world, but he says that they are friends now. Rita tells Christie that she thinks Greg reckons that Christie is a top chick. Greg says that she is immature sometimes. Rita has worked Christie up, so much so, she is going to have another talk to Greg if she survives Sunday’s eviction. Kate gives Greg advice to deal with the situation and spell it out to Christie, otherwise she warns that at wrap parties Christie might think they are together or something like that. Greg says it’s probably worth a reminder.

1:10am: Tim is called to the diary room to give BB his decision about the video message. Tim thinks about it, and then says he is going to give it to Kate. He says that he would love to hear from his family, but he wants to give it to Kate because she has wanted it for so long. BB tells Tim to inform Kate of the decision immediately. He comes over to Kate, who is still talking to Greg and Christie, who has joined them on the couch. Tim starts the conversation by saying they are watching a great movie. He tells her that he has given her the video message. Kate says “You haven’t….you haven’t.” She then says “You can’t do this to me!”, and Tim replies, “Well I have.” Tim says that she knows how much he digs her, and how much she has wanted it, so he has given it to her. She cries. Greg wakes up to whats happened, and says that Timmy has done well. Christie watches on. Kate hugs her, and whispers “I can’t believe you did that, Thankyou so much.” He goes back to the reward room. Kate sits there stunned, saying it’s really huge. Christie goes to bed, saying it’s really good for Kate and she should be happy. When she’s gone, Kate says that Christie is really upset that Kate got it. In the bedroom Christie tells Rita whats happened, and says “How sweets that!?” Rita says she doesn’t think phone messages should be exchange. Christie then says that the only reason Tim gave Kate the video message was because he likes her. Rita says that Kate wants everyone in here wrapped around her finger. Christie says she can’t stand Kate at times, calling her a spoilt bitch. Rita says you can’t trust anyone. Back in the living room, Greg says that Tim is in love with Kate. Kate says it’s always a certain type, and it’s so difficult. She says that he is so nice and genuine. Christie comes to the diary room, saying to Greg and Kate that ‘she needs to get it out.’ Kate says ‘she is so cute’ when she goes in there. Christie says that Kate has everyone wrapped around her fingers, and she knows that Kate would take advantage of Tim. She goes onto say that she’s jealous of them talking out there. She says that she feels that Kate is trying to get closer to Greg. Christie says she isn’t normally like this. In the rewards room, Tim and Vesna enjoy a song on the movie, Timmy really getting into it! Christie runs laps after talking to BB, talking to herself saying that “It’s to clear my head.”

Day 77
10:21am: Rewards room is delivered breakfast. It looks like a feast. Tim asks Vesna how she feels. Vesna says she doesn’t think she’s going to be evicted, but you just don’t know. Meanwhile, Christie and Kate are talking in the bathroom. Christie says she really missed her family last night, and admits to being jealous when she got the video message. Kate says she totally understood that. Christie says she’s not angry at Kate at such, but then she started thinking silly stuff like Tim was only doing it because he liked Kate. Kate sits there with a weird look on her face. BB calls Tim to the diary room, and everyone else to the couch. Tim emerges from the reward room, and the energetic Rita gives him a great morning greeting. Vesna comes out saying they haven’t moved from the bed! Tim comes out and reads out the chores. Shopper Chef is Kate, Baker is Greg, Kitchenhand is Christe, Mel is Farmhand, Housekeeper is Tim and Gardener is Rita. Mel says “Bloody farmhand!”

10:59pm: Kate is called to the diary room to receive her video message. She says she’ll watch it by herself first before showing the others. She watches it in the bedroom, and is so happy to see her Mum. Her mum tells her that she is doing so well, and they are so proud of her. It’s quick and short, but Kate is so happy. She shows Rita, Christie, Mel and Vesna on the couch. She runs out to show Timmy and Greg outside. Tim looks so pleased for her, saying her mum is cool to call her babe. Christie says she really wants to go in the bedroom with the girls, saying she is missing her family so much. Kate sits in the kitchen watching her message.

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