Day 76 Uplate

12:10am: Into the bedroom we go. Christie, Mel and Rita are there. Rita is saying that she watches Totally Wild and Bold & The Beautiful or something and how she used to run home from uni to watch them. Christie is talking about how for her profile when BB asked “Why should Australia keep you in”, she said “because I walk around topless.” Rita doesn’t think they do profiles for nominees on eviction night. Christie says that she is too tired to talk, but she has been a fan for 5 years so she knows they do. Rita says Friday is the longest day in the house, but Mel says Saturday is for sure. Christie says she is probably going to go on Sunday. Mel says she will. Rita says ‘everyone has a moment of silence to reflect.’ Mel says she is going to book for the US when she gets out. Rita tells her to do it as soon as she is out. Rita says she’ll probably see her over there. Outside Greg and Kate are talking in the living room. Greg tells her that you can hire the BB house out for parties or something. Kate can’t believe it, but Greg says that it is true. They talk about lockdown, and how they didn’t knock back anyone even though they told all the housemates they were not allowed in. Kate says that she will have a drink with Nelson, she says she will hang with Angela, probably not Gianna, she says she loves Michelle and Michael. She says she won’t probably hang with Rachael. She says she’ll hang out with Geneva and Glenn, as well as Hotdogs cause they are WA people. She says she loves Dean as well. Back in the bedroom, Christie says she is too young and too opposite to Greg to last. She says she wants a guy to challenge her, to ground her. She says it could be nothing because she hasn’t been outside for ages. Christie says she moves on very quickly, she doesn’t get down n the dumps about it. She says she really believes that everything happens for a reason. Christie says she really thinks she’ll go this weekend. Rita says she is being silly. Christie says she should be confident (to Rita). Rita says she took ages to get over the shock last week that she was still in the house. Rita says she doesn’t think it’ll be a double this weekend. Rita continues to give Christie some more relationship advice. Into the reward room we go, Vesna says to Tim ‘you probably shouldn’t have said that.’ They are talking about Tim’s reasons for bringing Vesna into the reward room. Now, Vesna says she was talking about the video message when she said she would rather the video message rather than the reward room, and she apologises for saying that. Tim says he is glad that he knows and he will think about it. Now they go back to the dvd. Into the bedroom, Christie says she is still half in love with someone, and even though she doesn’t want to go back to him, she probably would if he felt the same way. Rita says she felt that way in her 6 year relationship, but he kept cheating on her so she can’t go back.

12:37am: In the reward room, Tim says he is so glad he won. Vesna asks him had he gone first would he have won. He said the course didn’t change. He says he knew he had loads of time to get a goal. Vesna is getting ready to have a bath, so we go back out to Kate & Greg in the living room. Talking about someone who is ‘stunning and smart.’ They are referring to Mel. Kate wonders what the situation is with Christie and Greg, and Greg says she is very upfront and out there, and they discussed the situation in the rewards room last week. Greg says that if they got together it would be more comfort than anything else, stressing that she isn’t really his type.

12:53am: Greg is saying that he’ll have another chat to Christie to make sure they are on the same page in regards to their relationship. He tells Kate that he’s been giving BB some tips on how to treat the females. Greg says that he loved having the seperated rooms, and Kate says she did too. Kate says girls are fine by themselves unti a guy comes into the room. Kate says that Geneva was very confident, yet she always asked for the boys approval on her outfit for Sunday nights. Kate says she didn’t need to ask them seeing she doesn’t even like them. Greg thinks that she liked Dean, but Kate doesn’t agree. Greg says “you just don’t see the signs Kate.”

1:03am: Christie has come and joined the two in the living room. They are wondering if they are very boring for the audience. Christie thinks it’s because BB doesn’t let them sleep. She says it would be great if they told them that they could have an hour nap time. Greg reckons they wouldn’t nap even if BB said we could, it’s like the hot water Greg says. Christie says that she has power naps all the time, and doesn’t sleep until 3am. She goes through her whole day. She says now that 1am is really her average. Kate says she gets tired at 3pm everyday. Greg says he would love to read papers etc in the evenings. Greg says he plays sports most nights, otherwise it’s a meal and reply to work emails and go to bed. He says something is always on. Christie says “I’ve got it good!” Greg says he just can’t get into a routine. Kate says it would be weird for her to walk out of work and it still be sunny. Greg says if you want more responibility and more money, you have to be prepared to work the hours. Tim comes out of the diary room. He sits down next to Kate. He says he is watching a movie who makes him think of her. He explains it, then Mike tells us that he just gave the video message to Kate when he spoke to BB in the diary room.

1:17am: We’ve missed Tim revealing to Kate that he gave her the video message because of a ad break. She has been crying a bit. Tim has returned to the reward room. Now, into the living room. Greg says that Christie will have to get a ‘real’ job soon and do endless hours of work. She goes to bed, and says that Kate getting the message is great. Kate says once she’s gone that she’s a bit peeved that Christie didn’t get it. Kate says she is independent, and she can survive, but when you can get something extra you want to win a message. She says she wants to see her dad. Into the bedroom, Christie is telling Rita about the reward rooms last week and how the Logan’s gave her the choice last week to choose someone else. She says she couldn’t do that to them. She says that just then she found out that Greg told Kate, and she didn’t want anyone to know, and she feels betrayed. Rita says Kate knows how to manipulate and has Greg round her finger. Christie says “Do you reckon?” Rita says yes and says that she doesn’t like it at all. Back to the video message, Christie says that Tim only gave it to her because he wants brownie points. Christie says that Kate is a spoilt bitch sometimes. She says she is angry right now. Rita asks how Kate took the news of the video message. Christie says she just said thankyou. Rita says she would have been more appreciative.

1:31am: Back in the living room with Greg and Kate. Kate is saying that her mum made her kids her word. She says that her mum never said a bad word about her father, she would never do that. Kate says her Dad went off and did his own thing for a while. They bring up the reward room fiasco that just went down in the other room. Kate says she shouldn’t have told anyone. Kate says if it gets back to Vesna, Ves mght not be as close to Christie. Greg says he was guilty for being in there for so many weeks in a row. Greg says it slipped out the other day. Kate says that Vesna did hear it, and took it in but didn’t say it. Kate says that she couldn’t believe the things she said about Dave after he left. Greg says they hated each other. Greg says that Vesna did like Dave and it was sexual tension. Greg says it wasn’t the right way to go about it. He says she is inconsistant. Kate says Timmy picked up the sexual tension early on. Kate says the argument about the online diaries didn’t need to happen either. Greg says it was just stupid.

1:45am: Into the bedroom we go. No we don’t, back to the couch. Silence out there as well. Greg says Vesna would be loved because she always speaks her mind. Kate thinks that he would be angry if she won. Greg agrees to a degree, then admits it. Greg says he is sick of the twin thing and the advantages and disadvantages. Kate twirls her hair. She realises that there is a spare bed. Greg says he’s going to relax tomorrow. Greg reckons Tim will give him farmhand. Kate says imagine if she got it. Greg says that he won’t give her anything. Kate laughs. Greg says that Tim is in love with her. Kate says they’ve talked about it. Kate says it’s not the first time she’s been in that situation, and she says it sucks and it’s hard to not give them any feelings back. Christie is getting up again to talk to Greg and Kate, so of course, we cut to a break!

1:55am: Christie has entered the diary room to vent. Kate says that Christie reminds her of Kelly Clarkson. Greg can’t believe it, saying “god girls come up with some stupid shit.” Kate says she looks like her and reminds her of Kelly. Greg asks how many others have said this, and she says many. Greg says he might be blind. Greg says Timmy and George Foreman. Kate laughs but doesn’t agree. Greg says that Glenn stole his line about it. They talk about photocopying their butts early on, and all they got were ice creams. Greg reminds her that they show their bums all the time. Kate says she can’t wait to shower naked, and sleep naked. Kate says that every guy she dates they’ll already know her body. Greg tells her to get over it. Kate says she is an open person but not in that regard. Greg wonders if ‘before’ they wore boardies in the shower. Kate moves onto Uplate, saying she never knew it existed. She says she has never heard of this “Michael Goodrem” (Funniest part of the show). Kate says they asked her if she would take about sexual topics in the house. Kate says she is going to do a big fart on someone before she leaves. Greg says she’ll hit the roof when she finally does. Greg says they’ve farted a lot. They say Rita does them a lot. Kate goes on about her, and how she burps without saying “Excuse me.” Greg says it doesn’t bother him. Greg says he wants Dave in here. Kate says they should put him in lockdown and give him a laptop. Greg says he wouldn’t know what to do! Kate means watching 24/7 the feeds. They really do think that he’s in lockdown though. Greg says he’ll see that he was out in FNL first round tonight. Kate says he was dissapointed. He says a little, but he didn’t really care. He says he wasn’t excited about it tonight. Kate says she wasn’t either, but she got excited when the video phone thing came up. They talk about the people that the boys took in over the weeks they won FNL. Kate says she has been in there twice. She says that she is glad Timmy won and took Vesna. Kate says had she won she wouldn’t know who to take between Mel and Ves. Kate says the task tonight was just to keep people awake. Kate says she can’t believe Christie is still in the diary room. Greg says she will be there for hours. Kate goes to the toilet. Christie comes out without saying much to anyone, but now comes back to the living room. Kate is back too. Christie walks outside now, saying ‘she needs to clear her head.’ She heads outisde, but back in there, we have vision on Greg, but audio in the reward room. BB comes on and says “This is BB”, and then stops….Greg gets up from the couch and thats it for the night.

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