Day 78

9.31am – Tim and Vesna are up in the rewards room explaining their disgust at all being up for eviction, especially Vesna. Tim says you just don’t want to go – its like gambling you could lose. Meanwhile in the bathroom Kate has Rita’s towel and she asks for it back. Rita says she gets really fussy with towels. Kate says she is really sorry for taking the towel. Melanie emerges from the sauna. Rita says “I just wanted a nice clean towel to dry me on eviction day.. its cool”. After Rita leaves, Kate says to Melanie “out of all the towels can you beleive I took hers”. Melanie says sometimes Rita speaks to people so rudely. Kate repeats what Rita said and then “give me a fucking break you fucking moron”. Back in the reward room Tim and Vesna agree they might stay till the second or third week.

Rita is trying to make pancakes but she has put way too much oil in the pan. Kate tries to figure out how much of each ingredient needs to go into the pancakes. Tim emerges and is greated good morning by the other housemates. He explains what he had for breakfast in the reward room – an omlette. Vesna comes out too and Christie says she had a dream there were 10 000 people at an eviction and they all had Vesna signs except for one Christie sign. Vesna says its a sign she is going, and then wonders whats going on with the pancakes. Kate explains what Rita did. Vesna can’t get over it and wonders why Rita rushed them – because she’s hungry! Melanie starts laughing. Rita returns and they fiddle with the heat for a while, before she goes back into the bedroom and says she’d be glad to go today because of all the backstabbing in the house. She is sick of the “immatur..itradge… I like making up words”.


4.06pm – Rita wants Greg to cook her some rolls. Kate says Rita should just ask Greg. Rita says she did ask him indirectly. Kate admits she is really pissed off at Rita doing indirect things. Rita says Kate should be telling her these things at the point, not later like this. Kate says “why talk for the point of talking”. Rita says thats her, and its not an excuse. Kate asks why she hides behind that. Rita says she is making a big deal out of nothing, and she will not change the way she is in the house. Meanwhile Melanie starts eating some food out of a container in the pantry and Rita asks her if she really needs to do that – there are so many bacteria on the tips of your fingers. Melanie is not impressed and sits down in the lounge room. The argument between Kate and Rita continues for a little while.

8.01pm – Its time to go Rita. She cheers and says she’s ready to go because the others were driving her nuts. Vesna gives her a big hug. Rita leaves up the stairs and the housemates cheer support for her. Greg says he could feel Gretel’s lips rolling over his name. In the bedroom Christie says its going to be quiet now. Melanie said it was a bit…. Christie says its a double. Kate is outside with Greg talking about the second to go tonight. Kate says Christie will, but Greg doesn’t think so. In the bedroom Melanie thinks its so a double but Vesna doesn’t really know. Christie is starting to think now that thats it. She says “why am I still here”. Outside Kate and Greg are relatively silent. Greg says whoever goes second in the double will have to do everything with Rita – it would drive him insane. Kate doesn’t want to have to leave the house with Rita.


8.18pm – Housemates are in the lounge room having some dinner. Christie says its a lot quieter in the house now. Kate says she can get to know people without Rita “yapping in my ear”. Greg says its a wonder she hasn’t calmed down by the age of 30. Christie is wondering why she is still here. Big Brother calls all housemates to the lounge. The girls screen and jump out of their seats. Gretel soon tells the its a double and its time to go… Christie. Greg looks distraught immediately. Christie gives the girls a hug first, then Tim, and Greg a longer hug. Christie leaves up the stairs. Afterwards the housemates are a little shocked and decide to go outside. Greg explains how eager Christie was to go. Vesna doesn’t understand why Christie is gone now. Kate said Christie had a strong feeling she was going all week so Kate went with it. Vesna is shocked there is only 5 of them left.

10.04pm – Greg has come to the bedroom alone and looks at photos of Christie for a while before lying on her bed. All housemates are called to the lounge to watch farewells.

Rita is first. Kate – there are a lot of things that annoy me about her, but I also haven’t totally pinpointed what they are. You’re going to get far in this game you really want to win I wish you good luck.

Mel – I’ve never met a 19 year old girl who is so wise and has so many plans. That has been an inspiration.

Vesna – you just crack me up. I’ve never met some one with so many personalities. I’ve just seen you be so many people in this house. Even though I do catch you talking about me behind my back I’m sure we’ll be good friends.

Greg – I haven’t really worked you out. I find in here you very much walk away from me no matter how much I try and that prohibits me coming near you if that make sense. I do think you’re a great guy and I can see why Christie likes you so much.

Tim – you really are what holds this house together I really believe without you anybody would have people to talk to, to trust. Things with Kate aren’t meant to be, I wish you a lot of luck.

To all of you be greatful for how far you’ve come, enjoy every minute and my motto “each day comes only once in your life time so why not make it a day to remember for others as well as your self”. The HMs clap and Kate can’t stop laughing at some of Rita’s comments. Vesna says everyone talked behind her back – “was she spying on me?”. Vesna told Rita she was irritating – do I have to tell her every time that happened? Wait until I get out of here.


10.25pm – Christie’s message is on now. She waves hi to all the housemates.

Mel – You are so adorable. You’re a stunner you are so beautiful.

Kate – Wow haven’t we been through such an amazing journy. Despite our troubles, in time 11 weeks I’ve gotten to know you and you do share a special part in my body… in my heart. Don’t let anyone take that away. I’m proud of the person you are.

Vesna – What more can you want from Vesna? She’s so caring she’s so laughing she has the funniest laugh. I love you so much and I thank you so much from all of my heart. Without you in here I don’t know if I could survive.

Tim – I think you are such a smart journalist you are such a smart person. As much as I hate you talking about politics I kinda like it because I learn a little bit. Go Logan-Tim

Greg – How can I start with you? As everyone else we’ve had our ups and downs. In here you have been a friend, a best friend. Thankyou so much for everything in here. I really want you to meet my parents. I want to share my special things with you.

Its been an amazing journy with you, keep rocking, I love yas all. The housemates all agree it was a great message. Greg is silent.

12.37am – Tim and Greg come to the diary room. Tim says his relationship with Christie really started to blossom in the last 2 weeks. Greg says she was one of the people she was closet too. Now he will miss out on the spooning and canoodling. Tim said there has never been so few people in the house now and he feels intimate with them.

In the bedroom Vesna and Melanie are going to bed. Vesna says “ha ha Rita forgot her eye patch” (Vesna is wearing it). “Thats for calling me schitzaphrenic”. Vensa asks if Melanie missed her in the rewards room “yes”, “good”. “Now you can start appreciating me more.. you’ll never know when I’ll be gone next”. Melanie laughs.

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