Days 69 and 70

Day 69
11:04am: The housemates are practicing their tap dance routines that they will have to perform later on the weekend. After they finish it, Rita wants to do it again. Vesna needs a drink however.

2:12pm: Vesna and Christie are in the bedroom. Vesna asks whats going on with Christie and Greg’s relationship. Christie says she doesn’t know really. Vesna says “You like him a lot don’t you.” Christie says she enjoys spending time with him. Rita is dying her hair. Christie reveals she put some of Greg’s aftershave on herself the other day so she could smell it. Rita comes in and says “it smells nice.” Rita wonders who folded the towels. Christie says she and Kate did. Christie asks Vesna if she has ever put mens aftershave on to smell them. Vesna says she has, and so has Rita’s. Vesna says that Christie is not looking at Greg as friends. Rita says she is doing the smart way, nice and slowly. Vesna says it’s two months now. Rita thinks that he is falling for her. Rita says he promised his mum that he wouldn’t do anything stupid while he was in there. Christie says that she is falling for him, and she has a good feeling about it. Rita wonders if Kate will get jealous. They both say that Kate is over him.

4:10pm: Tim is cleaning the living room windows while others rest before FNL games. Vesna wonders if Rita is crying, but they realise that it might be Greg breathing. Vesna wonders what he was thinking about. He says ‘different stuff.’ When pressed, he reveals it wasn’t about Christie. He says he thinks she is great, but he doesn’t know if she’s the person, he would have to spend more time with her outside the house.

4:59pm: Vesna recounts Greg’s noise he makes when he’s sleeping. Vesna wants to see a tape of her asleep. Dave does an impression of Vesna stratching her face, but Vesna takes it as if he is imitating a dog. Ves says to Dave “What is wrong with you. What’s society come to.” Dean eggs her on saying “He’s not normal Ves.” Dave says that she’s had her say now and she should let it rest. Vesna says Dave is the kind of guy who would spit on people at a pub. Dean laughs. Ves says that he implied she was a dog. A yelling match begins, Dave telling her it was a joke. Dave ends by saying “Thats lovely, Spit on people, real top notch.”

7:42pm: Housemates enter the FNL arena. Vision runs through the proceedings. BB tells the housemates that the winner will be given the oppourtunity to be immune from eviction. The housemates instantly say it’ll be a double. Vision shows Greg winning the FNL games, and Christie passing out. Cut to the diary room after win, and Greg asks BB if Christie can go and invite someone else instead of the Logan’s going in again. Rita says that Chrsite did so well, and that she’ll get two days in the reward room. Christie says you just don’t know. Christie is called to the diary room. She says she is feeling better. BB explains that she can pick someone else if she so desires. She refuses, saying she would have picked the Logan’s anyway. It’s decided, and the three exit the diary room and enter the reward room. Christie, referring to the offer, says it was so sweet.

9:12pm: Rita says “Look at Dean.” She goes onto say that he is lost without the Logan’s. Vesna agrees, but says Dave will come out heaps because Greg and Christie will want alone time. Once Rita leaves, Dean asks Ves “Does she ever shutup? It’s doing my head in”. Vesna agrees. Rita is also the topic of conversation in the reward room. Dave says she is the kind of girl who would come and pick you up if you were drunk and look after you. Christie agrees, saying she is a lovely girl. Dave says that Dean hates her. Back outside, Rita walks out and says ‘definately double next week….I’ve got chest pain.” Dean says he has a headache, and Vesna says “Rita, Dean wants you to shutup.” Dean says he does think she talk to much, saying “Do you stop for air.” Rita says she has hardly talked today.

12:56am: Dean thanks Vesna for dinner. Vesna says to Dean that she sees a lot of stuff. She says when she see’s these things, she can’t not mention them. Dean says it’s freedom of speech. Vesna says she doesn’t think he knows how to treat women, and thus treats her badly. She says he can’t speak to her that way because she is quality, and until he realises this they won’t get along. In the reward room, Christie asks BB to turn the lights out, and they are turned out. They settle down to sleep, and have a spooning session. Dave sleeps on the couch. A bit later, Christie asks him if he can sleep, and they start kissing.

Day 70
12:33pm: Vesna, Greg and Christie are practising their routine. Kate & Tim have decided that they will incorporate a little bit of a play into theirs, but the girls vying for Tim’s affection. Rita is unsure however. She says she doesn’t like doing it like a competiton. Rita says when she is not into something, she has trouble enjoying it. Outside, Dean and Dave are doing weights. BB calls the Logan’s to the diary room and everyone else to the couch. BB tells them it’s time to assign chores for their housemates as winners of the FNL games. Tim tells Kate that Rita doesn’t like plays. Kate tries to change her mind but doesn’t succeed. Greg announces the chores. Vesna is shopper/chef, and she is happy. Kate is baker, Tim is kitchenhand, Rita is farmhand because she is passionate about it. Mel gets housekeeper and Christie is gardener. Kate says she can make banana bread. Mel tells everyone not to make a mess. Rita tells them to take the dishes to the sink. Rita burps. Kate tells Mel that ‘that girl has the ability to make me spew.” Mel re-enacts her earlier attempts not to do the play in their dance. Mel joins the boys as they contniue their workout. Mel says that if she has to listen to Rita once more she’s going to explode. Mel decides to do some weights, and starts with small ones and copies the boys. Inside, Kate, Tim and Rita go through their routine in the bedroom. Dean says it hurt him not having the reward room last night, he was getting used to it. Mel says she gets angry when she boxes, she loves it.

5:14pm: Vesna admits that she is going to be fat in here because of the bread, pasta and milk. Dean reckons you can easily lose weight in the house by walking laps. Rita says you need to eat after exercising, saying you can eat Tuna. Rita says you can’t eat Tuna for every meal in here. Dean makes the point that the girls think that exercise and eating crap isn’t good for them, but Dean makes the point that at least it would be better than simply eating crap. Both girls agree. Vesna says that the food makes her tired, and therefore she doesn’t have the energy to do exercise.

6:04pm: Group hug in the bedroom before going out for their final performance. Vesna puts some lipstick on quickly before they head outside in a long line. Dean, Dave and Mel start it off after Big Brother says “Let the show begin.” Others watch on from behind. Next up is Vesna, Greg and Christie. Last group up is Tim, Rita and Kate. They do their ‘play’ in the middle of their performance, before everyone gets up at once. After the performance, BB tell them the results of the task. BB was impressed with the housemates performances, and have therefore passed this weeks task. Everyone celebrates!

7:13pm: Into the rewards room, Dave talking about who he has kissed. He says he never kissed Gianna, saying that it was in fact Greg who kissed her. He says that Gianna came up to him the next day telling him that he had biten her lip, not having a clue what she meant. Dave says if the boys were individuals in the house, Dave says he would have been up (nominated) a lot more. BB calls all housemates to the couch, and they are to sit in their groups.
BB tells them that the group of Dave, Dean and Mel. They celebrate while everyone else claps. Winning group are called to the diary room. They have recieved a thai meal for each of them as a reward, and some alcohol. BB tells them that they can share with their housemates if they would like to. They come out and explain that they are going to make a plate for themselves each and then the rest of the housemates can share the rest. Rita says thankyou. They also share the champagne. Everyone gets a bit of a meal and they all say cheers at the table. Rita says that sharing is really great to see, especially in the past few days. Kate tells her that they all do love each other. Christie comes to the diary room. She says she has had a great weekend, ‘the best ever.’ She says two days ago the conflict was everywhere, but now everything is fine and perfect and happy. Later, the winning group share a spa. Mel says they worked a lot harder. Dean says they are all pretty creative. Dave says they followed the rules the most. Inside, Christie and Vesna are in the kitchen. Christie tells Vesna that she kissed Greg last night. Back at the spa, Dean says he loves winning and he doesn’t play board games to lose. He knew that they would win. Vesna tells Christie to get Greg back into the reward room. Greg is talking to Tim at the table, but Christie comes across and they quickly go back to the rewards room.

No time given: In the bedroom, Tim asks how Vesna has felt previously when she has been up for eviction. Vesna says she felt nothing. She says she thought she was going every week. She would say she was going even if she thought she wouldn’t. Tim says he doesn’t know what he’ll wear, saying he might just wear a singlet because he’s put on some muscle. Vesna says it doesn’t matter if you have put muscles on. Tim says it’s weird, the housemates have come to be family, so he gets a bit sad, even though he knows he’ll see them again, he says it’ll never be the same. In the rewards room, Christie is getting a bath ready and tells Greg not to go to sleep. SHe comes and lies on the bed again. She jumps on him and they begin kissing, Christie yelling out “Back in the game!” Outside, still in the spa, Dean is telling Dave about Vesna’s earlier talk about her weight issue in the house. Kate looks on in the spa also. Back in the kitchen, Vesna starts singing as if she was in a gospel chior, saying “Don’t eat the bread” and “Show me the way Lord”. Tim helps her out with backup vowels. Vesna sings that she doesn’t want to see the footage because she might have a breakdown. Dean out in the spa says that he knows if he’s overweight he needs to exercise and doesn’t need to talk about it, he just does it. The gospel singing is in full swing in the kitchen as Mel joins in.

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