Day 69 Uplate

12:31am: Into the house we go and the bowling alleys are open again. Dean, Kate and Tim look as if they are playing. Rita asks Dean if the computer is stuffed up. Dean says he isn’t worried about the computer at all. Actually it’s Mel’s turn as well. Rita is talking about somethink someone did, and Dean asks to know about it, but Rita refuses. Mel says that when Rita says something she always laughs at the end, and she is unsure whether Rita is laughing it off or something different. Dean is trying to get one of them to bowl, but the girls don’t seem that interested. Kate seems slightly pissy tonight! Kate talks about her dad, and Dean reckons that he sounds like a gem. Rita is talking about Italian culture, but it’s very difficult to understand anything with the bowling alley working overtime. Mel says that whenever she talks to Rita she thinks that Rita always trys to get the last word in. Vesna says thats the Italian influence. Rita says that Kate will never understand that Italian influence. Rita continues saying that Italians would do anything to help out their fellow country people, and trying to explain the differences to Westerner’s for Mel. Deano, Kate and Tim are really into the bowling and not interested in the conversation at all. We see the reward room for a sec where the three are all watching a movie, so we return to the bowling alley. Ves is now adding her opinion into the conversation. Mel is talking about someone she knows who is of middle eastern background who is not allowed to have guys phone numbers in her phone, so she disguises them as girls names. Rita says that her parents would never tell her she had to marry on an Italian. Vesna says her parents told her she had too. But she explains that her parents thought she would be engaged/married before sex, and when Vesna said “It’s too late Mum” her mum called her a slut. She reveals a conversation with her mum over the phone where she said she just wanted to talk to her, and her mum said to her “Don’t come over here if your pregnent.” Vesna says she is sick of it and tells her mum to talk English instead of Masadonian now, saying that her mum has been in Australia for 30 years. Rita says she didn’t have a clue of English in primary school. Vesna says she cried when a teacher asked her her name as she had no idea. Dean says that her girlfriend went to a university in Majorca (Skase country!). He goes onto tell the girls about her course, and they say to Dean that she is a smart cookie. BB tells them the bowling alley is now closed. They put the bar across the alley and thats the end of that. After Mikey does his thing in the studio, we’re back to Dean and Mel in the bathroom. Dean is talking about his girlfriend or something that Ves just said. I don’t get it. Comm break anyway!

1:00am: Vesna and Rita are talking in another language. Well one word, in Italian, but still. Kate is sitting near them. Vesna says it meansa “fuck your sister.” Lovely. Vesna starts talking about a friend from Cicily. Rita says her grandmother has been in Australia for 80 years. Dean comes out and thanks Vesna for doing the dishes! He says she hasn’t whinged much tonight. Vesna says that she sees a lot of things and she feels the need to tell people about whatever she thinks. She goes onto say that she thinks Dave hasn’t had much interaction with females. She says that he can do his thing from missy from down the bar with 20,000 beers, but he can’t do that to Vesna. Dean says they should sit down and work it out. Dean says thats not right, they should try and work it out. Ves says that he doesn’t understand her (Dave). Dean says she is great, but it would be better if she came with an instruction manual, although he thinks even if she had one, it would be in Japanese. Vesna says Mel understands her. Tim and Dean don’t think that Mel has been her for 17 days. She says she has.

1:12am: Everyone in the bedroom are talking about Big Brother and how they make them uncomfortable or something or other. Actually they are making stuff up that BB could get them to do, such as getting tattoo’s. Ves says she didn’t think that the house would be as dirty as it is. Mel thought that there would be more booze. Dean says it hasn’t really been a worry though. Tim says that it’s just because they are so bored that they want alcohol. Ves thought that they would get to watch movies. Tim and Dean do BB impersonations saying “This is BB, Dean slit your throat” and vice versa. Mel says she thought in season one BB controlled the weather. Dean says Vesna thought that the Alpaca was a robot! Tim is saying that it’s completely unnecessary to get people up at that time to get fed. Tim wants the brown goat in the house, he says she is great. Mel agrees. Dean says he likes animals when he doesn’t have to feed them at 6am. Ves tells them that the Alpaca nearly ran away from her. She says that would’ve been on TV – but it wasn’t. She says it nearly ran into the yard.

1:28am: Vesna says that Dean has to talk to Greg. Perhaps about her being farmhand. Vesna wants shopper chef. Rita comes in and says you stink. Dean says the same too her, and she decides to do a fanny fart. Rita says to Dean that she knows he doesn’t like it, but he’s given her too many over the past few weeks. They all say that Rita has a shocking smell. Vesna hears Hotdogs name and says he was a good bloke, then corrects herself and says he is a good bloke. We move out to in front of the bowling alley to Kate and Tim talking. Kate says that if she ever takes him out he can’t drink that like and hold the bottle like he just did. Kate shows him the way and Tim says “Your not drinking Wine.” They talk about rum and coke. Kate says she can’t drink it. She says that when people bless people when they sneeze you should always say thankyou.

1:41am: Kate is talking about a pole that is not straight. Tim thinks it is, but he finally gets it because it’s to do with the roller door. He says he thinks it’s meant to be like that. They go onto have a conversation where Tim stopped doing an action because he thought Kate didn’t like it, but Dean did it the whole night and she laughed it off. I don’t understand the conversation at all now. Something about her real name (Richelle). She says she is the only person in the whole house who has to deal with it. Tim says its a joke and she shouldn’t be worried about it. I don’t get it to be honest! Mike obviously doesn’t understand either, so he starts reading emails.

1:53am: Still with Kate and Tim. Kate has a good feeling about Sunday, but not if it’s a double. She says she doesn’t want to go in a double, she wants her own night. Conversation breaks up and they go to the bedroom. Kate needs the toilet as Timmy heads to the bathroom.

2:06am: Into the rewards room finally! They decide to go out into the house to get a doona and a pillow. Only Christie goes into the bedroom. She tells Vesna she is sweating. She says Hi to Kate! Kate tells her Tim is in the diary room. Kate wonders what movie they watched, and Christie begins to tell her, but we are taken away.

2:19am: Dave is on the couch of the reward room. Christie says she is full, she ate ‘like 600 tim tams.’ Christie starts counting the balloons on the floor, but then tries to talk everyone do it tomorrow as something fun to do. Dave reckons 500. Christie puts balloons in her top and realises she wouldn’t look good with big boobs. They start talking about Gianna and how she had nice breasts but was a very small girl. One of them says that she would be alright in the sack. Christie says she isn’t tired, and she’ll be keeping the boys up all night. She talks about how she painted her toenails the other night in the hope it would make her tired. Greg says she isn’t the type to lie down and just fall asleep. She says she went out and did laps that night as well. Dave reckons that she should have had a spa and sauna. Christie said she put her body wash on. Christie says she has made up a game – they mark one of the balloons and they have to find it. BB tells them that they have to do a battery change. They seem excited about it. Christie chucks them batteries which they get out of a drawer. Dave brings up when Dean hurt Vesna’s toe and she didn’t speak to him for a week. They say the real Ves started to come out from then. They’ve lost a battery somewhere. Dave says he’ll play the game, and mark a ball for Christie to find. He says perhaps tomorrow, but Christie goes now…..the Logan’s both says “F*ck” at the same time! CHristie says she’ll go get something so you can mark a ball. When Christie comes back into the room Dave has already done something to the balloon, and they tell Christie to start looking. They tell her that she can’t pop any of them. Christie says she is going to be up all night until she finds it. Christie begins to think they haven’t done anything to any of them. She gets frustrated and then they remind her that it was her idea. Greg jokes “Are you going to faint?” She is adament that she’ll find it though. Christie says this is more fun than watching a movie. At 2:36am, Dreamworld says goodnight.

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