Day 71

9:01am: BB announces that breakfast is served in the rewards room. Lights are turned on but no one gets up. In the bathroom, Rita, Mel and Kate are there. Rita burps. Back in the reards room, Greg and Christie say it was nice for BB to let them sleep in a bit. In the kitchen, Vesna says she is going to eat a bit of the bread now because Rita will swarm to it if she knows it is cooked. She asks the others (Kate and Mel are around) if they’ve noticed this, but Mel and Kate both haven’t. Kate says she saw Rita eat the Pringles very fast. Kate says she has to learn to be more patient with Rita. Vesna says she doesn’t have to, but it makes the environment nicer. Kate says that she was thinking about it when Rita came into the bathroom earlier and burped. Kate says she has already told her that she doesn’t like it. Vesna says she says a lot of disguisting things. Dean, having a shave and with shaving cream all over his face, decides it’s time to do another Gorilla impersonation to the other boys who are in the sauna. Tim whacks Dave with the spoon used in the sauna, and Dave isn’t happy! Tim says it wasn’t him, then goes onto say he just wants to thank the boys for being his mates in the house. Greg hits back saying “We’re not your mates.” Tim is thrown out of the sauna, and they have a fight with water between the three of them. They all end up under the shower together. BB calls them all to the diary room with their microphones. In the diary room, BB informs that that the transmitters are not designed to be wet. They each show their transmitters to be dry. BB encourages them to be more careful in future. Tim reveals that Dave has told him to gang up on the boys, and BB interrupts, and tells the Logans that there is no bullying in the house and if they feel there is they should come to the diary room and talk to BB. They all laugh, Dave saying “He wanted to be a Logan, so I treat him like a brother.”

7:33pm: Rita, Tim, Kate and Dean are in the rewards room, or Exit Room, awaiting announcements of the impending eviction. Rita suggest they swap positions on the couch. Dean says “No thanks, I’m right where I am.” Out on the couch, Gretel has told them there is not 2 weeks left. Gretel jokes with the house saying that they will be in there for 4 and a half years. Kate is the first back to the main house, followed closely by Tim. Rita and Dean are still in the exit room, and Dean is announced as the evictee. They share numerous hugs. Outside in the house, Kate thinks it’ll be a longer period than two weeks, whereas Mel thinks it’ll wrap up even quicker now. Rita returns to the living room. She says she can’t believe it, and that Dean has been evicted. Vesna shouts, “Are you lying!?” The other housemates looked shocked. Rita keeps saying she can’t believe it, saying “Dean doesn’t go…” Vesna asks Dave if he’s upset. He says of course he is. Ves prods future, asking if he’s going to cry. Dave says he’s not going to cry, cause he’s not dead. They decide to go outside to hear the crowd. They say that Dean will be pumped. Christie says to Kate that she is glad she is still here. Kate says to her that Dave is really hurt. Dave comes over and tells them that the battle must go on. They say there are 7 housemates left (Logan = 1) 5 Girls to 2. They all go inside. Rita says “It doesn’t make sense.” She hangs outside with Tim saying she feels bad for Dean. She says she was sure she was going. In the bedroom, Christie says it was a huge shock. Dave says it’ll be a long two weeks, and a long week with Ves. Christie says she didn’t like it when she asked her if Dave was going to cry. Dave says he hasn’t began to start with her, and that he hates her.

8:58pm: Rita comes to the diary room to chat. She says she can’t believe she is there. She was sure she was going to go. She goes onto say that everyone was expecting her to go. They all looked stunned on her entrance back to the house. She says she is excited though! Back in the living room Rita says that people like her out there. Vesna says she thought that for a bit, but it’s not necessarily true. Rita says that people like her out there, but not in here. Greg says you can’t say that! Dave says she can say whatever she wants to. Rita says it was her friends voting. The others explain that they hate others more, so they evicted the other one. Rita says that she was freaked out when they saw Rita and said “Where’s Dean?” Kate explains that Dean had been up 8 weeks and was regarded as the “Terminator.”

9:24pm: Christie starts dressing Greg in her clothes.Greg walks out and doesn’t say anything abnout it and carries on as if nothing has happened. Dave now gets dressed up as well. Tim tells Greg that it suits him. Dave comes out and asks Timmy wherre the rave is. Tim says he could get away with wearing that. Mel comments about how funny they are. The twins and Christie come to the diary room. Christie says the boys have raided the closet. Christie says they are wearing cheap tops. The boys ask BB if he has a problem with their tops. BB asks the boys if they are just trying to fit in with the majority now another male has left. The boys say no.

10:17pm: It’s time for Dean’s farewell message. He starts with Rita, saying she has a big heart, but very irratating. He goes onto say he thinks she is passive aggressive. Vesna is next. He says they started so well, and then the whinging side started. He says he has seen every side of her, and the massive heart that she has. Cabbage is next, who he regards as his little sister. He tells her that at 19 the world is her oyster. Onto Dave next, friends for life. He says they’ll sit back and laugh about this in years to come. The brother is next, Greg. Big fat head and a big heart. He says he is an inspiration at 23 years of age. Tim is next. He says they have had their ups and downs, but they mis-interpret each other. He says he sees a genuine guy under all that and that there is no hard feelings. He says to everyone to have fun and wishes them all the best. They all say it was a great message. They clap. Tim says he was very wise. Dave says “Oh well, another day.” Tim comes to the diary room, saying he was very happy to get Dean’s message. He says he too saw the value in Dean at times too. He says he thinks he was threatened by Dean, and vice versa, and that Tim himself should take some blame for that. He does however say that now Dean is gone he thinks more people will be able to shine more.

1:43am: Kate and Dave are talking in bed. Dave says that most twins are inseperable. He says that they didn’t want that though. They wanted to be acknowledged as individuals. Dave says when they get out that hopefully things will be different. He says he’ll think he’ll talk to Greg a lot more, and hopefully Greg will work more on the relationship as well. Everyone settles down to bed.

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