Days 62 and 63

Day 62

9.40pm – FNL has finished and the housemates are getting ready to have a party night.

There are three boys in the reward room tonight (Dean and the Logans) so for the first time back outside the girls are outnumbering the boys. Christie feels good about, and Kate agrees screaming “I KNOW!”. Hotdogs says the only way the girls have power over the boys is because they scream over the top of the boys. Meanwhile in the rewards room the boys are toasting to their luxury time. Greg gives it 25 minutes before the girls go quiet. But that doesn’t look likely: they are all screaming and shouting and Vesna is up on the kitchen bench stomping. Tim has his arms up in the air as if it’s a tribal celebration. David is now looking through DVDs, and Dean comments he couldn’t be outside in the middle of the screaming.

In the kitchen talk turns to Vesna and Hotdogs. HD sarcastically says “she played me for a fool, now I know what she’s about I just can’t get away from her”. Tim talks about how Vesna is a comedian, he is obviously drunk. He adds that Vesna and Hotdogs are a perfect couple, but Hotdogs doesn’t think so. Vesna says “you’re so in denial, you’re so in denial”. Hotdogs gets serious now and says “I would never go out with a woman that whinges as much as you do”. “I could not stand going out with a girl that when you go out and there’s a group of guys she needs all the attention on her from all the guys.. that sickens me”. Vesna says she is not like that. Hotdogs has been living with her and he knows her, he says. But Vesna explains that they are in a plastic bubble and it’s not real “everything around his is plastic, look, plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic plastic!”.

In the bedroom Kate, Christie and Melanie are trying on each other’s underwear. With Kate away from the main group, Rita quesitons Tim about his “undying love of Kate”. He likes her but knows she doesn’t like him back. Hotdogs says Tim follows her around like a puppydog. Vesna wants to know the other side of the story and screams for Kate to come. But it’s too late: Rita goes back to the bedroom and relays what Tim said to Kate. Kate already knows this and confirms it, but she does feel back because it’s geniune feelings for her, not just a physical attraction thing. Kate brags that it happens all the time to her, even though she doesn’t lead anyone on. In the kitchen Tim tells Vesna to stop persuing Hotdogs.

Kate is wearing Christie’s underwear but with a towel wrapped around her. She is standing by the stove and Tim says that she should be wearing such flammable fabric near an open flame in an attempt to get her to drop the towel. She eventually does and the rest of the group cheer, except Hotdogs who has left the room. Tim says “you are the most amazingly attractive woman I have come across”.. and then to Vesna “she’s so hot”. He accidentally grated his hands on the cheese grater while looking at Kate. Hotdogs comes over and hugs Kate while she wears her towel. Vesna watches on as the two playfully flirt with each other.


10.47pm – Hotdogs knows he’s going on Sunday. He is being punished by god by having to spend time with all the girls. Things get heated between him and Vesna and she screams “I can’t tolerate you anymore, you’ve turned into this thing.. that has rose from the dead”. Hotdogs leaves the dining table, but Vesna follows and asks “why do you hate me?”. Hotdogs keeps blocking her. He says “you repulse me Ves”. She teases and annoys him. Hotdogs can’t stand living with the 5 girls over the weekend. Vesna asks “what about this” and starts doing a silly stripper-type dance in the kitchen. Hotdogs says “oh save me god, please”, and screams “IT’S A PERSONAL CHALLENGE ISN’T IT!?”. Vesna lies down ontop of Hotdogs on the floor and he screams that his back hurts. Tim decides to climp on top of Vesna and says “I need you Hotdogs”. Rita joins in ontop of Tim in a huge human pile. Hotdogs screams “I have 180 kilos on me get off!”. They are all laughs, except Hotdogs.In the rewards room Dean explains Vesna thinks David likes her. The Logans laugh about it.

Hotdogs goes to the diary room. “It’s going to be a very testing weekend for me, I don’t know how I’m going to survive. I’m stuck with five females, they are mad and ooh… this is the hardest thing.. hopefully tomorrow from the point that we wake up we cling because I’m not going to be able to survive it. If I go on Sunday it will be my escape because I’m in purgatory at the moment. At the moment it’s a nuthouse and I can’t stand it… I’m in pain”.

In the bedroom Melanie explains the Big Brother house is a timebomb for thinkers. She has watched people’s behaviors in the house: She obvserved dominant people: Dean. The house has totally changed now that he’s away from the house tonight. Everyone else is really comfortable. Melanie has really gotten to like him, though. Hotdogs is in bed with Vesna and explains people are assuming there is something going on between them. Vesna doesn’t think so. Once they sort it out Hotdogs says Ves can go to bed now, but she doesn’t move. Instead she asks Hotdogs if he likes Mel. He laughs crazily and doesn’t answer.

Day 63

9.27am – The housemates are woken to begin their cleaning shift. They have an hour. The reward room boys emerge first in their underwear to find the house has been completely littered all over by Big Brother. Rita laughs when she sees the mess. There is rubbish everywhere: even at the bottom of the pool. The housemates get cleaning: most of the boys work outside. Girls do the living room while Hotdogs is doing the Kitchen. Big Brother annouces they have 30 minutes left. There is a problem outside where a lot of the cubes of foam are stuck in the grass and have to be pulled out by hand. BB annouces they have 10 minutes left. Dean eventually gets the paint cans at the bottom of the pool. When time is up the HMs all change back into their normal clothes. Everything looks pretty clean.

Emerging from the pool Christie flashes the other girls, who are all sunbathing. They agree it’s nice and relaxing having all the girls together – who cares what the boys are doing. The reward boys are in the reward room, commenting on “poor Hotdogs”. Dean says if he wins next week he will return the favour to the Logans, and Hotdog will miss out again. Back in the living room Tim explains Dean’s threats towards him after he revealed the “reverse kanga” prank. This is the first Vesna has heard of it. Tim explains “this is a person who has such a big ego that he cannot interpret a set of events without seeing him at the very centre”. Hotdogs and Melanie are listening in. Vesna comments that Hotdog’s liking of Dean is due to his insecurities. They start bickering again. He says “every time I talk to you, you always jump down my throat”. Vesna says Hotdogs has very poor judgement of people. He replies “the one person who you take your anger out in this house is me…”. He ends up leaving the kitchen, and there is ackwardness in the kitchen.


2.40pm – The reward boys are all doing weights together. Vesna comes to see Hotdogs, who has made the bedroom his sanctuary. They both reiterate their points from the earlier argument. Vesna is mad because Hotdogs rates people. They start raising their voices at each other. HDs says she is the most insecure person on earth. Vesna says as soon as he is with the boys he changes and doesn’t care about her. Hotdogs says:

“The simplest thing for me to say is: I don’t like you. I don’t like you as a person, and I don’t care for you. So fuck off and don’t talk to me”.

Vesna storms out of the room and starts tending to tonight’s cooking. Outside Christie and Tim watch the boys work out. When asks who has the biggest muscles, Tim says Greg does. “Dean looks muscley but he just has a big frame and that big chest that sticks out like a barrel”. Tim adds he doesn’t have the frame for muscles – it’s so hard to put on weight for him. Chrisitie is fixated by the boy’s muscles “you can just see them all move… look at that… oh… see thats hot”. Melanie is called to feed the animals. HMs are called to feed the animals. Rita takes the alpaca. Christie comments that Rita does not shut up. Hotdogs and the rest of the boys agree. Hotdogs takes the opportunity to bitch about Rita and the rest of the girls. Dean joins in. They high-five.


4.56pm – The wall in the bedroom has been removed and some beds are also gone. They all try to organise the new sleeping arrangements. Big Brother annouces the results of the weekly task: they have passed. They have 288 dollars to spend on next week’s budget. The boys comment they should have bet 100%, and go outside to do weights. Hotdogs goes to see Vesna and she wants him to make up his mind: either he likes her or not. Hotdogs tries to avoid the question and two start discussing the same things they did before. Eventually they hug and Hotdogs says he’s sorry.

8.26pm – The rewards room boys are having pizza in the rewards room. Back in the living room Mel says it’s great to have all this girl time. Hotdogs sarcastically says he loves it, but in all seriousness it’s nice and calm in there.


7.54pm – Christie comes to the diary room. She explains with Dean, Greg and David in the rewards room she has realised how close she was to them. She isn’t really partnered up with any of housemates and she’s drifting between people right now. Despite this “its going well”.

Later Vesna bangs on the reward room door and then runs away. David answers the door and Kate says “it was your girlfriend”. David collects up a whole bunch of cushions to throw on her. He jumps on her in bed and she screams and laughs.

Back in the rewards room Greg asks Dean “who’s a better standard, the blokes or the chicks”. Unsurprisingly Dean says “the gentlemen”, and goes on to justify his answer – the boys take pride in…. (he trails off). He says there is a whole buffet of boys in here, and it’s driving the girls crazy in lust. David is swatting imaginary fruit flies on Vesna’s head. She tells him to shift from the area. Dean tells Greg that Rita has a thing for her. Greg doesn’t want to hear that. Once again Rita is nervous about going. Christie says “everything will be fine”.

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