Day 61 Uplate

12:12am: In the bedroom, lights out. Greg is asking his brother when the last time he helped, or assisted, a person doing a chore. Dave says that he helped Mel out on Tuesday night with the dishes. Vesna says that was because he wanted to get into her pants. Greg says he is going to bed, but he puts air freshener all around his bed. Rita and Vesna say they are going to fart all night long. Kate says to them to get out of the room, think she wants to go to sleep. Rita wants to feel Greg’s bottom. Dave yells out that his is better. Rita wants to kiss Greg’s buttm and takes his pants off to Greg’s suprise. Kate wants her to take the pants off, lick it, then kiss it. Dean comes into the other room, and says to Ves that everyone has giving her the courtesy of being quiet today while she was unwell, and he asks her to shutup. Vesna is suprised that he singled out her. Dean tells her thats the only one they can hear. Greg says that she can kiss his butt tomorrow night, saying it’s ‘something to look forward too.’ Greg starts telling Rita about a fart that he got Glenn with. Greg says he is the complete package! Dave says goodnight to them all, Vesna rubs his back for a sec, before going to get a glass of water. Kate wonders what she is doing, and Rita says she is upset. Rita finishes a quick back massage for Greg. Vesna comes back in and says she can see Greg holding the air freshner bottle. He gives it a quick spray.

12:21am: Greg says goodnight to everyone. Vesna whispers that she thinks Dave is attracted to her. Kate is asking BB for Jack back. Dave tells Ves to get over her side. Vesna says it’s as if they’ve been married for 30 years. Vesna just farted, they are laughing a lot. He puled the sheet away from Vesna at exactly the wrong moment. Dave is not happy. Vesna is still laughing her head off a good two minutes later. Vesna says she needs to pee again. Rita over the other side has let one off now. Dave heard it from the other side of the room. Kate says she hopes that she is in the reward room tomorrow night. Vesna tells Rita that Dave’s new nickname is “Devede”, a bit like DVD. She says the Logan boys are Devede and Gog. Ves gets up to go to the toilet. Greg says that when he is 30 he’ll be doing 18 year olds. This is in response to Rita saying that as people get older their get more mature, and yet sometimes, they want to go back to their younger years. Rita reckons lots of 18 year olds would go out with older guys. Greg hopes so because he plans on seeing a few. Vesna jumps back into bed and whispers to Dave “I’m moist”. Dave can’t believe it! She starts scratching his back, then goes for a feel of the bottom. Dave laughs again over the moist comment. Vesna says she could also call Greg Grg, and she spells it out. Ves rolls over her side of the bed and says loudly that it is moist on this side of the bed. The others laugh. Dave tells Greg that Vesna came back and said she was moist. They all laugh. Greg says that he’ll call Vesna Moisty from now on. Ves asks if it’s raining. Dave tells her to go to sleep so she won’t be cranky. Ves tells him she has been good the last couple of days. They hear Tim snoring from the next room. Dave tells her if he doesn’t get to sleep he can’t win FNL and take her into the reward room. Ves says that he wouldn’t take her anyway. He replies Yes I would. They say goodnight to each other. Cross to the other room, Christie and Dean both still awake. Dean says he is so tired but he can’t get to sleep. Christie says that she has a headache. Tim’s snoring gets louder, and Christie decides to throw nail polish at him to wake him up. She tells Tim he is snoring, he says “really?” and rolls over. Back to Dean & Christie, and Dean gives her a high five!

Nothing else is shown for the entire show because everyone is asleep.

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