Day 64

9:13am: Big Brother announces that breakfast is served in the reward room. Everyone stirs. Christie says she wants 10 more minutes. Tim comes over, and Christie threatens to throw him around if he touches her. Out in the kitchen, Rita, Kate & Vesna are talking about it being eviction day. Rita says she is so excited. Back to Mel and Christie who are still in bed. Mel thinks that Rit has changed. Christie asks her to continue explaining. Mel says she is being a bit bossy, and she doesn’t like seeing her negative side. Rita is saying that bacteria of something could infect them they way they clean or something. Kate says she doesn’t really care. Back to Christie, who says ‘she talks too much!’ She goes onto say you can’t have a conversation with her because she overrides it. They both agree she is showing her selfish side. Into the rewards room we go, Dean saying that Dave & Ves and Greg & Rita should go on a double date. Dave adds Kate & Dean. Dean says Greg should take Rita and Kate out, while Dave adds “Christie” to Greg’s list.

11:16am: Hotdogs and Ves outside sunbaking. Dogs is saying that even though he hates to admit it, some of the stuff she has said is right. Dogs says that since the guys are away Vesna has been a lot easier to talk to and get along with. Christie comes out and complains that Rita never shuts up. Dogs agrees. Vesna says it’s just her. Dogs says she doesn’t listen though. Christie comments that it’s very windy. In the kitchen Tim, Mel, Kate and Rita are talking. Rita thinks the bread will be ready for lunch. Kate says that Rita’s energy amazes her. Mel says Rita’s energy disgusts her because she doesn’t know where Rita gets it from. Rita says she just doesn’t stress and nothing bothers her. She says she can sleep when she is dead. Into the rewards room again the guys are throwing a ball around. Dave is worried he’ll break something. BB announces to the boys it’s time to leave the room. They all say “nooooooo.” Greg stuffs a heap of something down his shorts and runs for the door.

3:26pm: Vesna is staring at Dave and Dave calls her a freak in the bedroom. Vesna says he insults to the lowest level. Dave doesn’t seem to mind, repeating his freak claim. He tells her to stop looking at him. Vesna says she has figured out so many things about him. He asks what they are. Vesna refuses to reveal them. Dave says she is making them up thats why. He asks her if she is going to give him a haircut. Vesna says quite loudly “Are you goinmg to treat me like shit or are you going to stop?” Dave replies with “What…”. Vesna says “It’s up to you buddy.” Dean starts laughing. Dave asks Dean to cut his hair. Vesna snaps at him saying “NO! Dean can’t cut your hair.” Dave says that as soon as he came back she was into the room annoying him.

8:01pm: Eviction time! Hotdogs gets his marching orders, and their is a collective “Oooah” from the housemates. He gives Ves a long goodbye, then says goodbye to everyone else and he exits the house. Greg tries to talk others into going outside, while the girls have a hug near the eviction stairs. Greg says that Dogs will be pumped. Dean says that he didn’t see that coming. Greg says the boys are starting to go. Rita and Mel take Vesna outside who is still quite upset. Dean says well done to Kate. Greg tells Kate he heard Dogs yelled out in the background while Gretel paused for her “It’s time to go…..” moment. Dean hugs Vesna as well now. Greg says the theory of girls always going first is now gone. Only 3 boys left now (Logans 1). Vesna says she is like this because she knows the boys don’t want her there. The boys, now on their own, say that they are getting smacked! Greg says next week has to be a double. In the bedroom with Christie, Ves says she can’t believe he is gone. Ves says no one makes her laugh as much as Dogs did. Dean wants a spa, but Greg says he is getting the flu. Greg says he is pleased he has a bed to himself now! Christie say she thought it would’ve been Kate because the public would love Ves & Dogs. Ves agrees, saying “Why did they break us up?”

9:38pm: Dean and Greg are talking near the dancefloor. Christie, at the table, whispers to Vesna ‘what do you think they are talking about?’ Tim is talking about the Kanga joke again, saying he was prepared to let it go until he realised that Dean was talking to everyone about it behind Tim’s back. He says he has to at least reply. He recounts his conversation with Dean yesterday. Greg says he can see where both are coming from. Christie and Vesna come to the bathroom. Christie says she doesn’t get it. She says that she feels Greg has been distant with her the last few days. She says she was trying to pick up what Tim was telling him. Vesna says she is going to be blunt and tells her “They probably weren’t even talking about you.” Vesna says that Greg probably doesn’t really give a shit about anything. Christie says that Greg has a vindictive side to him. Ves says they all do except Tim and Dogs. They decide to lie in bed. Once in the room, both girls say they hate the state of the room. Ves says they are pigs. Christie says she is being an idiot over this Greg thing. Vesna says “Why do you say that?” She says she thinks there is nothing there, but she wants to believe that he does care. Ves says it’s not that he doesn’t care, but he only wants to go to a certain point. Christie says she wants to get beyond that. Ves says that she never will.

10:29pm: Housemates gather in front of the television to see the Dog’s farewell message. He starts with Rita, saying she has bought zip and zang to the house since she arrived. He says she loves talking, but she should also try to listen while she talks. Rita laughs. Kate is next, his little Perth mate. He says she is a beautiful person and a genuine friend. He says she has been great for the house. He calls her a strategist. He looks forward to spending time with her outside the house. Next is Tim, who he calls the rock. He says Tim is special, even though he’s a good fibber! He says even if people can’t see how full of life and how he treats people, they will eventually. onto Deano. He says that he is his best mate, a mate for life. He wishes him all the best. Lastly Vesna. He says that she is awesome, a friend for life. He says she has helped him understand women. He says he can’t get enough of her. He says goodbye and Dogs is out.

10:54pm: Dean & Dave are in the spa. Dave says it was a good message. Dean again says he didn’t pick it this week. Dave says the house will be full of feelings and emotions. Dave says he isn’t going to talk about his feelings when people backstab and really don’t care. Dave says the girls might all start fighting with each other. Dean suggests throwing ‘the cat amongst the pigeons.’ Dave agrees. Vesna comes to the diary room. She says that Dogs was the only one who understood her, he was so patient. She says sometimes she couldn’t see that. She says she wishes he was here still. “To have a person like him makes the experience so much easier.” She says that he bought out every emotion and feeling out of her, the best and the worst. She says he was strong and gave her a lot of insight. She says Christie is like that, but it’s not the same. Rita has come out to talk to the boys. Rita says she can’t believe that you can’t see stars here. She comments about all the lights. Rita says if it was warm and you could see stars she would sleep outside. Dean says he saw one. Dave says your looking at one. Vesna walks out to join them. As she approaches, Dean says “So you ready to get out Dave?” Ves laughs. Dean says not everything is about Ves. Dean says that since Dogs is gone she is going to need a new target. Ves says that he wasn’t her target. Ves says he understood her a lot more than the two boys. Dave says that she should listen to him when he talks perhaps. Vesna says she can’t understand some of the words that come out of his mouth. Dave says he thinks that he treats Vesna as a male. Ves agrees. He says he will try to stop and think before he says it in the future.

12:12am: Logans come to the diary room. Greg says he would like to be nominated. He says he is getting bored, he wants a sniff as excitement. He wants something different. He says it’s hard to sit there and not know how they feel. Dave says it’s a houseful of females. Dave says he feels as if he has to give them a hug or something everytime they see anyone. Dave says they are too touchy.

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