Day 85

11.39am – Tim and Greg are in the rewards room. Tim asks Greg about meeting girls on the outside. Greg says “yes Dad, I am”. He adds he is kinda looking foward to it – with all the chicks in the house you need to look outside the square. Tim says he’s starting to think about meeting girls – I’m a young man, you know, it’s been 3 months. The boys agree that meeting girls is great. The boys decide to leave the reward room, and discover the girls are in the sauna. Vesna says to Greg “you know we’ve been in here the whole time”. Greg jokes “what, 3 months?”. Vesna says Greg is so emotionally closed – which is why she touches him all the time, so he can feel more comfortable – and so she can have her own pleasures. Melanie says that sometimes it makes Vesna look like an idiot because she’s throwing herself at him. Vesna says its not true because she knows what she wants and it’s not Greg. Vesna decides to move outside – it is a very bright warm day today. Kate and Melanie are in the bedroom and Mel hopes Vesna wasn’t too offended by her comments. She wants to be truthful.

Vesna is now hanging out with the boys outside trying to spot kookaburras but spots a magpie instead. The boys start making bird calls and the birds respond, mostly. Vesna wonders if they are remote controlled birds. Tim leaves for the bathroom, inside he finds Kate. She says she is excited about tonight, gives him a hug and says she is going tonight. Tim says “please don’t say you are going tonight”. He gets the most out of her hug. Kate says she has done everything in the house, and she’s not here for the end result. She adds she is not that emotionally stable – she was annoyed with Tim and Greg teaming up with each other on Friday night live. Kate says the girls wanted to win for the rewards room and the boys wanted to win for the nomination power. Kate also says this is why she got annoyed at dinner last night when Vesna brought it up. Tim hears what Kate is saying. She says he would like to win – its like training for a football game you don’t actually get to play. There is nothing false about Tim, says Kate. Tim wonders why Kate is suddenly saying people want to win, when she has said nothing before. Kate believes Tim, Greg and Vesna all want to win the season. Tim says he just wants to be part of the adventure – at the end of the day he has no control.


4.03pm – The housemates have started a “war on Tim” in response to his war on filth. Melanie has been bugging Tim about it, so he starts wrestling and tickling her in the kitchen. They take the fight into the bedroom where Tim hits her with pillows. Melanie eventually escapes and tries to trap Tim in the bedroom by holding the door shut. Eventually he gets through and starts chasing her with a pillow. Meanwhile Vesna comes to the diary room. She wants to know will there be an eviction in “2 hours or 1 hours(sic)”. BB says Vesna should get ready now, but won’t say when exactly the eviction will be. Tim is now attacking both Melanie and Kate with pillows, and they are fighting back with cushions. There are cushions flying everywhere on the dancing stage. Greg watches from outside through the glass doors. Eventually Kate gives up. Meanwhile in the diary room BB asks how Vesna is today. She say she is ok, suspiciously, and asks why BB is asking. BB says he cares about her. Vesna asks BB if he knows she is wearing a tracksuit for tonight’s eviction. He says yes.

The pillow fight isn’t over yet. Now its Tim vs. Kate. He throws one of the footstools and Kate says “you know I have a fear of those”. Kate throws a pillow right in Tim’s face. She then goes and hugs him. Kate and Melanie declare they are the winner and give Tim one last hit with a pillow. They high-five. In the diary room BB asks Vesna if she is going to miss anything in the house. Vesna says she will miss the crazyness and the sunbaking.


8.09pm – It’s time to go… Kate. She screams and cheers while Melanie, Vesna and Greg pull shocked faces. Not Tim though, his look is more of shock horror. Kate gives the housemates big hugs before leaving up the stairs. She screams in excitement on her way out, and gives the security guard a kiss. Tim goes straight to the bedroom toilet, while Vesna wonders what just happened. Inside the toilet Tim starts crying. Vesna says to Melanie she survived eviction again. Melanie is really nervous. Vesna says she will go next week for sure. Mel, Vesna and Greg are outside wrapped in blankets, listening for the eviction crowd. Melanie says she ignored Kate a bit this week and feels slightly guilty. Vesna says you can’t really say some one is going. Tim finishes crying in the toilet, washes his eyes and goes outside to join the others. Melanie says to Vesna “at least you wore your tracksuit for a reason”. Greg says he will wear his speedos next eviction. Tim joins them now and the HMs give him a big group hug to cheer him up. Tim suggests they go have a drink for her. They sit down in the kitchen and toast to Kate, who will have a great night tonight. Tim is sombre and looks down the entire time. There is a silence and Vesna hugs Tim. Tim expresses his guilt at accidentally nominating Kate after saving Greg. Vesna says Kate won’t hold it against him at all – its just the way the game goes. Vesna says she will stand in for Kate – she won’t be as intelligent as Kate but she’ll use big words so it’ll feel like she’s Kate.


9.00pm – Tim is sitting with some of the other housemates, and starts crying again. Melanie can’t belive Kate is still gone. Tim doesn’t seem to want to talk about it right now. Vesna is lying with Greg on the couch – their arms are around each other! Vesna says Tim is crying again and maybe Greg should do something to cheer him up. Greg suggests having a walk around the yard with Tim. He gets up and invites Tim for a walk. Melanie joins Vesna on the couch. Vesna says Tim isn’t coping well at all. Outside Greg says Tim can’t take what he did on Monday to heart – just one night sleep and he’ll be ok. Tim says Kate made it so easy to be in the house, and after 3 months you get attached to people. Melanie is telling Vesna she really misses her mum. Melanie feels so young and can’t cope with these situations. Vesna says she has coped very well. While walking outside Tim is still stressing about his nomination dillemmah on Monday. Greg understands what Tim is saying.

10.06pm – It’s time for Kate’s farewell. She starts with Vesna. You are so intoxicating. The more you give of yourself the more I want, and the more I crave, from every single bad mood to dummy spit about BB ruining our lives and all of those things I have enjoyed. You are so strong and I knwo you have been through so much in yoru life. I know its hard for you to open up on some things, try and stop thinking about it so much and know that you will see them soon and everything will be better. (Vesna starts crying). I hope this hasn’t made you too heartfelt.

Greg – You absolutely crack me up. At times you surprise me, I think its because there is so much to you and I love the fact you can laugh at yourself and I feel you have let go a lot. I wish you all the best for the reaminder of your time in here.

Melanie – I don’t know where to start with you – I think we both know we don’t have to say a lot – we have an understanding. (Melanie starts crying). Sometimes we come off as the boring mature people but we know we aren’t.

Timmy – I think that you are an absolute star. You seriously blow my mind away. We have a close bond and we are great friends. I want to thank you because you have given me a lot of confidence and you have made me think about what I want in life. I wish you the best of luck.

I love the four of you and I can’t wait to see you all again.

The housemates agree Kate looked great on her video. Vesna says they should really make this week really good.

Tim is teary eyed.

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