Day 86

Final nominations – Tim is called to the diary room to nominate. He nominates Vesna for 2 points. Meanwhile Vesna is saying she has a feeling all housemates will be up for nomination next week. She adds that its been great so far. Tim nominates Greg for 1 point. “I feel like our friendship is just coasting along”. Melanie comments to Vesna she was in there for a while. Big Brother is trying to grill Tim about his second nomination – since Tim saved Greg last week. Tim says he’s in a position where its become very hard. Big Brother tries to tip toe around Tim’s attack and says the nomination has been accepted. BB says nominations are over and the nominees will be announced later tonight. Tim comes back to the diary room. He says he’s distrurbed by nominations – “I just can’t stop thinking about it because I haven’t explained myself”. Meanwhile Melanie asks what the hell Tim is doing in the diary room. Vesna gets it right: he’s discussing how ridiculous nominations are at this point. Greg adds that BB has made it clear how hard nominations would be. Vesna says she didn’t think she would come this far anyway. In the diary room Tim say she only had one really good friend, who was Kate, who was evicted on Sunday. He took pleasure in her being there but suddenly she’s not around. He pauses… and then to sit there… “don’t you feel I feel like I’m betraying Greg by sitting here… I might be weak but it naws away at me and I don’t particularly enjoy it”.

Tim comes out of the diary room and Melanie claps. She asks if he got all of his anger out – he doesn’t know. Mel asks if Tim would like to talk about anything. Tim doesn’t want to analyse people anymore he just wants to be in here and have fun without watching everyone else with a keen eye. If people are behaving stupidly why does he have to point it out. Tim sits frustrated in the kitchen.


8.41pm – Logan Greg, Vesna and Tim, you are all nominated. Tim is called to the diary room to deduct points. Naturally he takes them off himself. The new nominees are Logan Greg, Vesna and Melanie. Tim looks annoyed.

Later Vesna has some time in the sauna while the others are in the spa. Tim explains he is really missing Kate. Greg says a lot of his day involved Kate. Tim says he thinks he’ll have to replace Kate with Greg. Tim explains their friendship isn’t going any further and they should talk to each other more – they have slackened off, especially in the last week. Tim explains he let Kate know he liked her and that she didn’t have those feelings back – but he did speak to her 2 or 3 weeks ago deeply. Melanie hops in the spa and asks if they would like her around while they discuss this. Tim comments that Melanie is a very attractive woman, and if she’s shy and people suddenly pay attention to you, you really break out. Melanie says its hard for an attractive girl to fit in with a group of a different age group. Tim explains he was getting annoyed she was not opening up. Melanie says its like all the attractiveness was taken out of the house and its just her. lol!


10.50pm – All four housemates are lying on beanbags in the lawn. Tim says its so different with so few people in the house. Vesna says its peaceful. Tim apologises to Vesna for the way he got when Kate left. Vesna says at the end of the day he can take it the way he wants, but they hate to see him that way. Tim wonders if it was embarrasing to be teary on Sunday night. Vesna says no – its the guy thing thats making him wonder. Greg says he’s going to bed now because he has farmhand tomorrow morning and a whole lot of exercise planned. Melanie gets up with him. Tim gets Greg to pull him up off the beanbag. Vesna says its her turn. He pulls her up. They go to walk inside and Vensa says to Greg “are you sleeping in my bed tonight? You should probably sleep in my bed tonight”. Greg says he should probably sleep in Tim’s bed tonight. Vesna says thats the second time she’s been rejected. Tim comes to the diary room and says its been a horrible, horrible day. Kate has left and then he had to go through this nomination process that is getting so difficult because there are so few people in the house and you are so close to them. You have to go through this paralysing process. He has an extra issue because he won FNL and has to deduct points from some one. BB asks if this was his worst day in the house. Tim says most certainly. Tim says thankyou to Big Brother and leaves for the bedroom.

Inside the housemates are mostly silent. Greg says goodnight to everyone. Vesna is looking annoyed and gives an annoyed goodnight to Greg. Vesna asks Tim what the possiblity of a huge spider coming into the house. Tim says its impossible because the biggest spider in QLD is the size of a dinnerplate and can’t get through the cracks in the door. Tim says this particular spider bites you and it paralyses you and you are alive while the spider eats your flesh. Tim says there is cameras on them so Big Brother would announce if there was a big spider eating Vesna. “This is Big Brother… housemates please stop the spider from eating Vesna because she is paralysed…. Tim… stop obessing about Kate”.

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