Days 83 and 84

A special one hour episode of Big Brother tonight.

Day 83

9.09pm – Kate and Melanie are cheering, as Big Brother has given them a BBQ. They run to get supplies from the store room. In the reward room Tim says he’s glad they have something to eat out there. The girls are crowded around the store room fridge looking at all the food they have been given, cheering. Melanie asks if the girls know how to cook a barbie. Kate says she does. They take the food into the house and Melanie says she is so excited. They wonder if the boys will come out of the rewards room, but they seem to be enjoying their lazyboy chairs and beers. Vesna knocks on the door and asks what they are eating. Greg says they have some sausages and some other foods. The girls tell them they have a barbie so the boys agree to come out and eat with them – since there is enough food for all of them. Melanie sings to herself, and adds she has no idea how to cook a BBQ. Tim is excited about the lamb chops BB has provided.

Later, Kate is cooking on the BBQ and it seems to be going a little too hot – the chops are being flame grilled – EXCESSIVELY flame grilled. Vesna comments they are burning but Kate assures you they are fine. Mel says its ok to have medium-rare chops on the inside. They take the chops off the BBQ and they are very burnt. They move onto cooking the corn which is also burning. Melanie calls the boys to hurry up and come eat. They sit down to eat and Greg comments the meat is a little tender. They all agree the food has been cooked great. They are all enjoying their meal.


12.02am – Big Brother calls all housemates to the lounge room to watch their movie. They start laughing immediately and the laughter doesn’t stop as each character is introduced. First up is the American accent scene. They chuckle at the accents throughout the scene, especially when Tim says “seeya later Jen”. Scene two starts, with voice dubbing. Vesna can’t stop laughing at her miming as Marilyn Monroe, and the dramatic close ups of Kate. The final musical scene comes on, with Tim trying to drink while dancing. He drinks with Melanie and pours it on his head. He leaves with Mel’s character and runs into Vesna. She starts singing “happy birthday Mr. President”. The housemates can’t stop laughing at her. Greg is a little confused at Vesna’s random movie quotes in the movie. The movie ends with Vesna singing “now thats what I call a happy ending”. The credits have out-takes and behind the scenes footage. The housemates all clap at the end of the screening. Greg says it was awesome and Tim says it was halarious, and he wants to get the movie on DVD. Tim wants to see it again. Vesna wants to make a longer movie.

Big Brother announces the task this week was to make a movie. It wasn’t enough just to make the movie – they had to adhere to production guidelines, including number of lines of dialouge, equal contributions. Housemates have passed the task.

2.05am – The girls are in the bedroom discussing Tim. Melanie asks Kate why she’s not interested in Tim – she says she isn’t physically attracted to him. Vesna asks if he is too skinny. Kate doesn’t answer and Melanie says there is no shame in answering. Kate says she just doesnt’ like him in that way. She adds it would be hard to like some one in the house and see them day in-day out. Melanie thinks Tim is probably over it because he appreciates Kate enough to realise she isn’t reciprocating. Vesna says Tim still drops everything when Kate is around. Kate is silent.

Meanwhile Tim is asleep in the rewards room. Greg is watching a movie when the lights go out. The girls are wishing each other good night.


Day 84

11.11am – Tim is making the rewards room bed, even though he doesn’t have to. Kate is outside sunbathing and scared of being swooped by the magpies, which are collecting on the roof. She has a phobia of birds. Melanie says nothing will happen to her. Kate says there are so many places to build a nest – why are they doing it here. A magpie lands in the garden and Kate starts saying “oh oh”. She adds birds fly around you and peck at your ear lobes. Meanwhile Tim has started his war on filth.. again… by sweeping up in the bedroom. He starts talking to himself about the war. Vesna enters and says “bloody Tim.. I think it needs to be war on Tim”. Outside Greg is sweeping up and Kate reminds him its their 3 month anniversary in the house. Greg says well done for surviving it. In the bedroom Melanie says to Tim “bloody trooper”. Vesna says she will make an apple pie today, and wonders if BB will give them ice cream.

BB calls Tim to the diary room, and all other housemates to the lounge. Inside the diary room BB tells Tim he must chose who will be assigned chores today. Maximum of 2 chores to each housemate only. Back in the living room Kate is explaining her fear of the magpie nests being built just near the house. Tim emerges from the diary room and allocates chores as so:

Shopper/chef – Vesna (much to the delight of Kate)
Baker – Melanie
Kitchenhand – Tim
Farmhand – Greg
Housekeeper – Kate (she says she doesn’t mind, and will declare the war on filth over)
Garden – Greg

Melanie doesn’t know hot to bake bread, but the other housemates will teach her. Kate reminds them its the 3 month anniversary of being in the house.


Vesna and Melanie are in the kitchen peeling potatoes. Vesna expresses her concerns that she puts on a lot of weight so easily. It annoys her that other people eat crap and don’t put on any weight whatsoever. She says its not fair, and she’s sick of it. Outside Tim and Greg are doing weights… well Tim is and Greg is spotting. The animals are calling for food, so BB tells the housemates to feed the animals. The goats have jumped out of their pen (they have grown), and when the doors open Melanie asks how they got out. Tim has to stop the goats from entering the backyard. Tim tries to force them into the pen when Kate realises she can lead them in by getting them to follow the feeding bottles. Kate feeds the goats while Greg skips around the yard with the alpaca. Melanie says the alpaca has no friends but Kate says “what would he do.. spit on them?”. The housemates leave the games area and Greg hopes the goats won’t be out every day. As they leave the goats start jumping around again. The boys go back to doing weights.

4.42pm – Kate and Mel are in the sauna wondering who is ‘playing the game’. Kate says she thinks Tim is playing the game. He has been so entertaining, so hardworking etc. Melanie agrees but adds he is very guarded – he sits there and instead of answering a question he thinks of some big fat word to cover up what he is saying. She thinks he’s fantastic but sometimes he drives her insane. Kate says she used to be like that. Melanie says he knows everyone about her but she can’t get anything about him out of him. The boys are still doing weights outside. The girls move onto talking about Greg – Melanie knows nothing about him and doesn’t really have any friendship with him. Kate suggests he is attracted to her. Melanie doesn’t think so. Meanwhile Vesna is eating in the living room. Kate suggests to Melanie that Vesna is jealous of Melanie for being young and good looking.


5.24pm – Vesna has come to the diary room. BB tells her she has requested ice cream on various occasions. He says he would like to offer her a sweets pack tonight in return for completing a personal challenge. The challenge is to host a sucessful dinner party. HMs must be dressed, food must be satisfying and conversation must not stop. She must keep this mission a secret. In the bathroom Vesna tells Kate and Melanie she’s thinking of making a dinner party and asks them to dress up. Kate is confused but the two say “thankyou”. Vesna knocks on the reward room door and tells Tim about the dinner party idea. She will be supplying cruisers (2) and beer (1) and sparkling spring water. Tuna bake, garlic bread and salad. Tim says its lovely she’s inviting them to dinner. He say she will put it to Greg. The dinner will be in half an hour. Tim doesn’t seem to care that much.

6.29pm – Housemates are dressed up and eating dinner. Vesna ask what have the boys been doing in the rewards room. Tim jokes that Greg made a pass at him. Vesna must make conversation for an hour with no more than 5 seconds silence. She has 55 minutes to go. Vesna improvises a conversation about calling housemates to dinner. She talks off the top of her head and starts laughing at her attempts. Vesna suggests the situation of her leaving the house. She says Tim had these really good points – but she doesn’t remember what they were about. Greg asks if Vesna is going tomorrow.

Later she has 37 minutes to go. The housemates are VERY confused and wonder if Vesna is going to leave the house. Vesna says there are reasons for some things in life and goes off on a tangent that doesn’t make sense. Greg is looking the most confused out of all the housemates. Tim asks if Vesna is trying to tell them she’s an actor. Kate asks if she’s a mole. Tim asks if she’s a twin. Melanie asks if she is an alien. Kate wants to know whats going on. Tim asks if Vesna is a bloke.

18 minutes to go. Tim asks if there is a mental condition in Vesna’s family. She says yes. Tim says bipolar? Vesna wonders what its all about. Tim says Vesna is being very cryptic tonight. Melanie is feeling uneasy, she doesn’t like suspicious behavior. Greg goes to take his plate up to the kitchen and Vesna tells him to sit down again. Greg gets annoyed.

2 minutes to go. Vesna has gone to grab some more food. The remaining housemates decide to play a practical joke and all run outside away from Vesna. She turns around to find the dinner table is empty. She gasps. Outside the housemates hide by the spa and Vesna calls out for them to come back. Melanie asks the others if there is a mole in the house. Vesna is annoyed. The HMs come back into the house and Tim jokes “oh there you are Vesna!”. BB calls all housemates to the diary room. He explains Vesna’s personal challenge. She starts laughing. BB says she succeeded in the challenge and it is now over. The housemates don’t seem to be all that happy with getting ice cream. Later the HMs are eating the ice cream and Kate says she really likes it. They are actually having a proper conversation now! Greg says he’s never liked apple pie before but now he is liking it.


10.53pm – Tim comes to the diary room. He says the BB world has become his total reality. He doesnt’ think of being in there. It’s a hard thing to describe – he’s been there for three months and its really exciting for him. “I don’t remember all the excitement of before and I don’t understand where I am at and how it fits in with the real world. I’m here with 5 people they’re like my flatmates so its like being at home and its been so long since I’ve heard anything other than the HMs and BBs voices and I find it difficult to think about anything else like the eels or John Howard messing up the country, how my family is etc. It seems so far away and untouchable. Ive got nothing … I’ve got no bearings, I’m like a bush walking without a map or a compass. I would like to hear some news but I feel this is my world”.

In the bedroom Vesna asks if its getting competitive. Melanie says it is between the two boys. The girls agree its a boy thing. Vesna has never seen Greg like this – he is going crazy in a subtle way. Vesna says Tim is going crazy in his own way – with the war on filth. Back in the reward room the boys are having a race to see which lazyboy chair will recline fastest. In the main bedroom Kate says she doesn’t want to think of her fellow HMs doing certain things for the spotlight. She wants out and can’t handle it anymore. In the RR Tim asks Greg if he’s adapted to the BB experience. Greg could stay for another month. Tim feels like he’s been living there forever. In contrast Kate is explaining she is ready to leave the house – she is prepared not to go the whole way. Vesna asks what Kate thinks of her. Kate says Vesna played it up with Hotdogs. Melanie agrees she has changed since Hotdogs left. The two girls say Vesna was so emotionally up and down when Hotdogs was around. However Kate says there is nothing she wants to change in Vesna. Kate loves the facts she has moods and she played with Hotdogs – just at times it bothered her.

The boys are having another lazyboy race – this time the chairs are going up. Greg cheers on… it seems he won this round.

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