Day 83 Uplate

12:02am: Straight into the show tonight, no intro, no nothing. BB announces to the housemates that the launch of their movie, “Desperate Housemates” is about to start. They are all excited as the gather on the couch. Now cue the credits! Mike holds up BB for a good 5 minutes talking rubbish, making money etc, before we’re taken back to the house finally. The movie starts, and there is a lot of laughing and giggling. All the lights remain on though. It runs for a good 6-7 minutes or so, and they just keep laughing and giggling at the movie they’ve made. It ends and they have credits and bloopers and photo’s, it’s well put together all in all. Straight after, we’re taken back to Mike pretty quickly.

12:18am: The housemates are talking about the movie. Tim wonders if anyone would understand it in the outside world. Greg thinks that the second scene would be hard to follow with the diary. Greg goes to the toilet. Tim is waiting to get into the diary room, while everyone is repeating lines from the movie. Greg returns to the living room. Mel says it was very funny, and Greg agrees. They want to watch it again. Greg says that BB obviously doesn’t want them to go into the diary room. They talk about people who go from one club to another to ‘recover’ when going out. Vesna doesn’t understand it, saying “I suppose it’s for the music.” They all think the photo’s at the end were great. Kate wonders why they can’t simply hit play again. They wonder if they are allowed to leave the couch. Tim says he needs to go in there anyway. The diary room opens, and Timmy runs in. The girls say they want chocolate as well! They say they worked for 3 days for only 5 minutes or so. They want to watch it again so they can see the bits they missed. Greg tells the girls about the reward room. He says he can only see 2 movies in there. They tak about one movie they keep watching over and over, Greg says he’s seen it 5 times now! He tells the girls the menu for the weekend. Greg says it’s annoying because you like to sit down and relax and watch a movie. They talk about Tim being in the diary room for a long time. Greg says he has had a bath, but he is still dirty. Mel wonders what Kate and herself can do tomorrow. Kate says the pool and sunbaking. Mel says she is pretty tired, but pumped as well. Mel says they can play Badminton tomorrow, swim, sauna and eat. Kate says that she hopes Tim comes out with some chocolate. Greg and Kate think they dubbed over voices ruined it. Mel thinks it was funny.

12:36am: Tim has returned to the couch, they are all still sitting there. Tim has a blackhead, and everyone clims round while Mel gets it. Vesna tells her to go deep, deep! Kate says Timmy is disgusting. They find another one on Tim. Now Mel is checking Kate’s face for them. They talk about heaps of washing that everyone needs to do. Mel says she might fold her stuff tomorrow in preparation for Sunday. Tim says he needs to clean and do weights tomorrow. They hear a noise in the wall and talk about how funny it would be if someone fell through the wall. They wonder if they are male or female camera people. Ves yells out it’s starting again, but it doesn’t. All is quiet in anticipation on the couch. BB comes on to talk to the housemates. He tells them that due to popular demand, there will be a repeat screening. Before that however, the results for this week’s task are announced. BB tells them that the movie will be a box office hit, and BB agrees, HOWEVER it wasn’t enough to just make the movie, you had to include specific dialogue, and BB continues to tell the rules, and then tells them they succeeded in this aspect of the task, and therefore they have passed this week’s task.

1:02am: We’re allowed into the diary room – a rare treat for Uplate. Kate is saying that she wished they could hear Greg’s voice as the bum. BB says thats why he is the executive producur. Tim says he is keen to get into producing a series – seeing the pilot has worked so well. Greg says they can talk to Harry Miller about how much they will get paid. Vesna asks BB if they met his expectations. BB tells Vesna that they passed the task. He says there will be no chocolate, but BB was very impressed. BB asks if they think there will be acting oppourtunities outside the house. Mel says she thinks so, especially down in St Kilda. BB asks them what their best moment was, and Kate says watching it. BB asks Vesna if it met her expectations. Vesna says it did, saying she is suprised how crazy she really was. She says she did a lot of craziness. BB asks them if there is anything else. Vesna again asks for chocolate, and BB tells them they can buy it on Monday. Vesna asks him to not make it expensive. Greg wants something exciting to happen tomorrow night. Greg wants something to happen. Tim suggests a flying fox, but Ves says the liability would be huge for this. They want a guest, even a cameraman, but say they would be very happy if Gretel came in. Vesna again asks for chocolate. Mel tells BB that they are going to call each other by their stage names. Vesna keeps asking and comes right up to the camera. BB gets a bit mad, telling them that BB’s decision is final and that it is. They exit the diary room.

1:18am: Into the kitchen, Kate is there as Mel watches on. Kate says one of the guys will be devastated because she has just put Milk everywhere. Ves and Mel wonders who the first shopper chef was. Kate can’t remember, but then says she thinks it was Michael. They say housekeeper would’ve been a hard job back then. The girls start singing, so we duck into the reward room where the boys are sitting on their chairs and watching a movie. Greg says the Pods are great. Greg has just refilled both of their glasses, looks like champagne, and they settle back down to their movie. Back out to the kitchen, talking about BB. Vesna says sometimes it’s all about the ratings. Vesna says she really wasn’t asking for chocolate when she wanted to know if they passed his personal expectations. Ves says that he doesn’t know her that well yet.

1:29am: The girls in the kitchen area still. Vesna says she is going to the toilet. Kate says she doesn’t see how it’s going to affect her life, Mel agrees. She says she’ll just go back to her house, live like normal. Mel says she has been in there for 4 and a half weeks. Kate says 3 months (not quite Kate). Cut to the reward room, still watching the movie, and Timmy asks Greg if he’s watching the way they are producing the movie. They talk about how when there are different angles they now know that the scene has been reshoot. Back out to the girls. Mel says she was a bit sad Wednesday night after the ‘family dinner’, but she’s moving on now and is going to be the best person she can be even if it’s only for 2 more days. Kate tells her that it doesn’t matter what others think of her. Kate says it’s been a great three months, you don’t have to think about anything. She says it’ll never ever happen again. They talk about Carmel, and Kate says she thinks Carmel is so nice. She says it’s nothing against her housemates, it’s simply someone else to talk to. Mel wants chocolate. The girls start making really weird sounds. Kate says it would be funny to meet Vin Diesel (her idol) one day and not find him attractive. She is suprised when Mel says that he is probably 35.

1:48am: Kate says someone will be on All Saints, and they will see it when they get out. Kate wants to go to the diary room and hits the button. BB lets her in nice and quickly. She’s back out even quicker though. Mel is trying to cut her hair. Kate says she is excited about going, but she doesn’t want to go.

2:07am: Girls have moved into the bedroom. Mel says to Ves that she makes her think way to much. They are talking about Big Brother, and how the public wouldn’t know that everyone has to get up early in the morning, and they wouldn’t show everyone in the shower together, or cleaning the windows. Kate doesn’t know if this would be the case. Kate says that they are all going to be household names. Mel is excited, saying some people might name their kid after her. Vesna says they don’t really know Kate though, meaning her real name. Kate says she didn’t have a choice. Mel says she wish she was driving right now. They have a conversation about what side of the road they drive on. Kate wants to know why Tim is upset. Mel says that he thought they had a really strong relationship, but by talking to BB the other night perhaps, Tim has realised it’s not as strong as he thought. Mel says he knows that he likes her and can’t do anything about it, and he’s over it. Vesna says that he drops everything when Kate is around, saying the prime example is that he left the bin in the bedroom to follow her. Vesna says that Tim is in love with her. Kate says he isn’t, but Mel says he is keeping a lot in. Kate says no one asked him about the two of them on Wednesday. Mel says she didn’t because she knew Kate would be uncomfortable. The boys come out of the diary room, saying that BB kept them there talking to themselves for ages. Greg asked BB if he was still there at one stage and BB replied with “For 3 months.” Greg thanks him for giving him the date. They start talking about their stage names. Vesna wants to know what their food budget will be. The guys say goodnight, Tim kissing Kate before leaving the room.

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