Day 82 Uplate

11:35pm: Housemates are all in bed, lights are out. Greg is pissed with Tim for hogging the doona. Kate wants to learn a language and go to the country and speak it and then help disadvantaged kids. Tim says thats good, saying he could go out to help Aboriginals. Kate agrees, but doesn’t know how to approach them without being offended. Greg wonders who is asleep, it would seem Mel migt be and perhaps Vesna. Tim tells a story about old Aboriginal groups, lots of small groups going from group to group and lighting fires to let people know you were coming etc. He says it was fasinating to know the way they meet and such. Vesna calls out something, and Tim tells her that he is telling a story. Tim says he remembers studying people just going around and shooting people. Kate says someone in Tasmania still has a license to kill Aboriginal people. Tim says it’s unbelievable, not quite believing the story. Tim says they only recently we’re counted in the census. Kate says another law Tasmania had was that you could only prove rape if their was a third party present. Kate changes the subject to Ned Kelly. They talk about his last stand, and the brother etc. Tim retells the story. Tim tells that Ned got bravery awards as a child. He says he used to live by himself and taught himself how to shoot etc when Ned’s mother was sent to jail. He continues to tell the story of the final stand. He says no one could stand the weight of the helmet but him, so he put on the now famous helmet. He got shot in the forearm. Tim adds that when Ned was sentenced to a hanging, and when he was hung, he said to the judge “I’ll see you where I’m going”, and not two weeks later the judge was dead. Ned’s final words were “Such is life.” Tim says Ned had written to the papers to try to explain his actions numerous times.

11:48pm: Still talking, some murderer they are talking about, not quite sure who yet. Tim talks about a beautiful jail in Parramatta. Kate tells Tim that when he comes to Freo they will go on the jail tour. Mel pipes up and they talk about going around Port Arthur. Mel went on the night tour, Kate hasn’t. They both went after the massacre. They both talk about the images at the entrance of all the ghosts. They start talking about Bryant, but decide not to. Kate changes her mind and says no one did anything about his behaviour when they knew about. Mel says the neighbours should have done something, especially because Bryant had shown the neighbour’s daughter pornography. Mel says she wrote a huge essay on the case. Kate says he is believed to have drowned his father as well. Tim says you need to put money into public education to pick this thing up. He says they need someone at every school to spend time with students. Mel says she thinks teachers need to become more professional. Tim says they need more money, but to do that they need to pay more taxes. Kate says it could be taken from elsewhere, for example government advertising campaigns. Kate says she wants to be the first female Prime Minister. Tim says he could be her Press Secretary. She agrees to him doing that. Kate is getting confused with USA politics, and Tim starts explaining that the Prime Minister has a cabinet of ministers. Mel thinks Politican’s should be paid less. Tim says that if you want the best people in the job, you have to pay them. The girls don’t think we have the best. Tim brings in the example of corporate salaries, saying they get paid way too much. Tim admits he only gets $40,000 a year. Kate says she is suprised that Tim only earns $40K, saying she thought he would be on $70K.

We don’t return to the house at all for the rest of the program due to the housemates heading off to sleep.

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