Day 81 Uplate

12:27am: In the kitchen, Vesna, Greg and Kate are chatting away as we join uplate. Greg wonders if BB gave the questions tonight to get some conversation happening. Kate wonders if they answered them well. Greg says they might have danced around a few of them. Vesna spurts out, “Did you use to wank with Glenn?” Greg doesn’t answer! Vesna is checking out Kate’s eyes, and she thinks her natural eyes are better (contacts in I think). Kate thinks that she’ll get the tough questions on the eviction stage. She says she’ll want to see the footage first. Greg wonders what day it is tomorrow, and after Kate tells her Thursday, Greg says they might get a sleep in. They talk about how they go through spurts of talking to BB. Tim exits the diary room and says he has to clean the diary room because he complained that it was dirty. He asked if he could get some Tim Tams if he did it, but BB told him to do it without incentives. Greg asks which one it is, and they are suprised to know that “Big Daddy” Kris Noble is still on duty. Tim says he must be on speed. Tim goes about cleaning the air lock. Vesna says she is going to go to bed. Greg and Kate are talking in the diary room, but Greg lets a nice smell out into the air. Kate says that it feels weird, as if they are not on the show anymore, because they are ‘hanging out’ in the diary room. Greg wonders why they won’t give them the Tim Tams for cleaning the room. Tim talks about working on the Chaser program, saying he would get there on a Saturday morning and not leave till Sunday afternoon. Tim has stopped cleaning, and Greg says for him to keep working as he talks! Tim says he didn’t get paid that well for Chaser, but he had a great time working for it. They talk about how flithy it is in the room. They are using the old fashion vacumn cleaner, which is obviously not electric. They are amazed at how much it picks up. Tim says he won’t make comments like “This girl is hot” or something like that, he says he would rather use beautiful and gorgeous etc. They talk about how they get paid $500 a week for being here, and have broken it down to hours. Tim says they don’t wake them up in the middle of the night that often. BB doesn’t like this conversation, so we are dragged away. Back after a few minutes, with them still in the diary room. They are all laughing at a fart I think. A view I’ve never seen of the diary room, where you can see the camera that is visible to the housemates. Greg is complaining about Tim’s farts, especially one outside a couple of days ago or something. Greg wants to start talking to BB, but he thinks he’ll say “Stop wasting my time” to him so he doesn’t. Tim says he is remembering his dreams in snippets. Greg wants Tim to say in his eviction message that he did in fact fart on Greg. Tim says he is doing a great job there. Kate and Greg talk about the boxes they use for the batteries. Kate says seeing she is part of a team, she wants to see the other half of the team, being the production crew. They talk about the accents they used for their movie today. Greg doesn’t think Tim did a good bum one. Tim keeps working, and they talk about how it’s flithy where BB staff enter the room to change batteries over.

12:58am: Greg and Kate are winding Tim up by telling him he is slow. He says he is just being thorough. They start talking about their microphone batteries, they are numbered RX1 through ot RX18 or whatever. They want to know who was RX1, Greg thinking it was Dean. Tim is 7, Greg is 6 and Kate is 13. Now Tim has started talking about cars, and I’m really confused! BB interrupts and asks if he’s nearly finished! He says he is, and moves some things back into place, then sits on the chair with Greg. Kate says it would be funny if they get Tim Tams now Vesna has gone to bed! It looks like they are talking to BB, so Mike cuts in now and does the brainteaser and emails.

1:18am: Finally get back to the house. Thye are talking about a question that BB has asked them lately, “What qualities would you take from your fellow housemates?” (I dunno, might have got it wrong.) Tim interrupts them by saying the girls in bed wanted the door shut as he comes back out. Comm break.

1:25am: Talking about evictions. They think they’ll be a Friday one, a Sunday one and a Monday. They talk about perhaps a Wednesday one. Kate calls Tim stubborn. Greg finds a microphone in the bathroom, and says “They are everywhere.” Kate says it’s not bad being stubborn, Kate saying she is stubborn as a bull. Tim says he is going to really clean this bathroom tomorrow. He says “I’m going to nail it”. Boys head into the bedroom and are quiet, lights are still on though. Mel wakes up and tries to use the toilet, but Kate warns her that Greg is still in there. Kate looks at herself in the mirror for a bit, then goes across the bedroom to help Tim pluck his eyebrows.

1:40am: Tim and Kate hold hands for a few seconds, and then Greg starts calling out the number of fingers she is holding up. She can’t figure out how they can see it, then figures it must be the reflection in the TV. Still lights are on, everyone in bed. Greg says he was trying to pluck his eyebrows in the mirror, and every mirror he went to had a camera right in front of him. Greg lets out a terrible one. Greg says he wishes Cabbage was there so he could do one on her. Kate says “my lips have been dry for the past few days.” Timmy, quick as a flash says “I won’t kiss you Kate, no matter how many times you ask.” They all settle down and say goodnight and the lights go out. Tim and Greg have a play fight now. Vesna calls out that Greg stinks. On the TV there is a ‘no signal’ sign, and it’s annoying Greg. Something falls off Tim’s bed, and he calls it a crisis, so the light goes on (bedside lamp) and they find it’s only a pillow. Greg starts trying to pick where the no signal sign is going to go next.

2:33am: Mel gets up to shut Tim up with his snoring. It works somewhat by simply picking up a pillow from their bed and chucking it nowhere near Tim. Back to bed, and silence again fills the room.

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