Day 82

9.47am – Housemate are up and having some breakfast in the kitchen. Vesna has cooked porridge for the housemates, but has varied the receipe. Kate says she doesn’t like it, much to the annoyance of Vesna who says she’s so hard to please. Vesna admits she used skim milk, which Kate hates. Michelle said she liked hers. Kate and Vesna get into a mini-argument, where Kate says Vesna watched her eat it even though it tasted like water. Kate says “thankyou for breakfast I would appreciate it in the future you wouldn’t fuck the milk”. Vesna says just to please Kate she will make two batches of breakfast in the future. The argument continues for a bit. Tim asks Kate whats she’s thinking – she doesn’t know. Vesna says she’s thinking she is fat. KAte says it just reenforces what her taste buds like.

12.47pm – Tim is inspecting the cleanliness of the house. He is starting a war on filth because he thinks the house is too dirty. He says there was the war on drugs, the war on terror and now there’s the war on filth. Kate asks him if he speaks filth. Tim said erradicating filth speech will be stage 7 in the campaign. Tim leaves the bathroom and starts sweeping around Vesna’s feet in the kitchen. She gets annoyed with him but he says he’s just trying to do his job (housekeeper). He says once they have cleaned the implements they have used will be cleaned, and so on. Vesna doesn’t seem to care and nods along to humour Tim. Melanie asks how the war on filth is going, and Kate says “Don’t ask him!”. Tim says the war on filth is something that cannot be won. No one seems to care, nor are they listening. Vesna is eating bread and mince meat. All the while Tim is sweeping and mopping. He wets Kate’s feet and she chucks a spaz, saying its disgusting and Tim knows she hates that. Meanwhile Tim goes into the toilet and starts singing a song about the war on filth.


2.34pm – Housemates are getting ready to shoot he final scene of their movie. Steve is being really sleazy for his character. BB announces there is another script change – the housemates must sing all of their lines for scene three. No exceptions. The housemates begin. Tim and Melanie are dancing as Greg announces actions. Tim and Melanie are dancing and singing to each other – they meet in a night club and decide to leave together. Kate chuckles with the microphone, saying the sound is really great. They move onto the next scene, which is outside. Vesna says “finally I get to sing”. BB annouces they only have 10 minutes left to shoot the movie. In the next scene Tim is in the alley with Melanie and Vesna, who starts singing they are the perfect couple. Randomly Vesna sings “I see dead people”, and “you’ll never take alive”. Greg says cut and adds Vesna was really good.

6.16pm – Housemates are dressed up to celebrate the finishing of the movie. They are having champagne outside, and comment its very cold. Kate is running late wondering where he lip gloss is. The housemates sit on the tables outside and crack open the champagne. Greg says congratulations on a job well done. They cheer to the movie.


6.55pm – Housemates are reading out script lines and talk turns to being in the Big Brother house. Kate asks if people knew what it would be like if they would have applied in the first place. Vesna says she doesn’t know. Melanie would have prepared more – she says the show has toughened her up very fast for a 19 year old. Tim says Melanie reminds him of an armidillo – she has a hard exterior and only comes out at certain times. Melanie says she thinks she has come very far for 19 – she is proud of herself. Tim listens on. She thinks she makes wise decisions. Vesna is bored now, and says there is no point if nothing else happens. Kate hasn’t cooked dinner because she assumed BB would provide something. She now goes inside to begin cooking, realising Big Brother isn’t going to cook. Greg says she should make a pie and he will help her. Kate laughs that they have no filling for a pie. Kate complains Big Brother was being mean because BB told them to get dressed up and didn’t even provide food. Kate says they are just standing there cooking dog meat for dogs. All the housemates scream in surprise. Vesna notes that Kate is cutting onions without crying. Vesna wonders why BB can’t just order them a pizza, and says he is an A-hole.

Vesna’s attention moves to finding her hat, which seems to have been lost in the bedroom. Greg gets down on his arms and legs to find the hat and Vesna climbs on top. Greg shuffles around, giving Vesna a ride. He stands up, giving Vesna a piggyback. He takes her into the kitchen, all the time Vesna giggling. He dumps her in Tim’s lap. Kate meanwhile, is looking very angry cooking dinner.


8.52pm – Greg is on the couch in the living room when Vesna comes over to bug him. She lays down on top of him. Melanie says Vesna likes emotional affection from males rather than females. Vesna starts squeezing pimples on Greg’s chest. He says he doesn’t want to be treated like a peice of meat. Melanie comments that its been a very dissapointing night. Vesna agrees. Melanie and Kate agree to go hang in bed. Meanwhile Vesna is still lying on top of Greg. Tim goes outside to collect towels that have been left in the yard. Greg has now pushed Vesna off Greg when Melanie calls Vesna to wash the dishes. She doesn’t want to. From the bedroom Kate says if Vesna doesn’t want to do the dishes then stuff her. Greg is now calling for Vesna to start on the dishes so she will leave him alone.

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