Day 81

10:36am: Kate and Vesna are sunbaking in the backyard. They are saying that this is the way an actor’s life should be – to wait for the script in comfort and then read out a few lines while producers stress over little details. Meanwhile, Tim and Mel get the equipment out of the diary room. Kate and Vesna say it’s really hard to do the soundchecks. The girls come inside and Mel shows them the Marilyn Monroe dress they have for Vesna. Everyone thinks it’ll be good. Greg tells them they have to be on set in a minute, so to be ready. BB has asked them today to record the sounds first, as it’s going to be dubbed over the top for this particular scene. Vesna does the soundchecks as the others read the lines. Greg, as director, says it’s good. BB announces it’s time for Lights, Camera and Action. Vesna races into the bathroom and fixes her Monroe hair up. She comes outside and asks if her makeup looks awful enough. Kate says no, it looks pretty. Mel says that Vesna hasn’t got any underwear on, and Vesna gets worried that they can see it. Mel yells out “Scene Two, Take Three”, as Tim works the camera. The housemates mime their way through the scenes today. Vesna stuffs up a line, and Ves tells Greg to wait a moment. Tim tells Kate that he wants her to look at the camera while delivering her lines a bit more. BB then shows us that he has used different housemates voices over the vision – ie Vesna’s is on screen, yet Kate is doing the voice, Tim voices Greg scenes and Mel voices Kate’s scenes.

4:11pm: Housemates in the pool or around the pool. Vesna doesn’t want her hair wet, and Greg tries to annoy her by jumping in the pooland pushing her round the pool on her ‘rock chair’. Tim gets in the pool and the boys both threaten to throw her off the seat. Vesna finally gets out, and jumps in the spa.Greg nudges Vesna, and Vesna gets annoyed “Don’t nudge me”. Tim wonders if the phase “What are you thinking” is taught to girls when they get their Rebella shot. Tim tells Kate that she always say it. Kate wonders if it’s bad. Tim says no man has ever asked him “What are you thinking.” Kate says she is just open and honest.

5:23pm: Mel goes for a run, but Vesna asks her to get her towel. Kate is saying that Tim thinks it’s harder for guys because they don’t have Dolly. Tim says guys don’t have the emotional support that women do. Vesna complains that she needs a towel as the others get out of the spa.

7:06pm: It’s a barbecue for dinner, but Kate is making a rice. Tim asks not to put too much spice in, but Kate says she has to, and Tim says “Well put a dump truck in there then!”. He moons Kate from outside when Kate tells her not to give her cheek. Vesna thinks Tim is getting to a frustrated point, wondering if it’s obsession. Kate says it isn’t, but it must suck for him.

7:31pm: Tim is working his magic at the barbecue. Greg and Vesna get the table set. Kate reads out the instructions for the weekly family dinner. This week BB wants housemates to put each other under the microscope. Greg says he’s happy to go first. Tim asks him about Christie. He says he saw it as a bit of fun, and he didn’t think it would get serious, but there were times he thought that it was getting serious. He says it was great to have someone in the house that you can do that with, saying it’s incredibly normal. He says he felt comfortable with her, and she helped him bring him out in that area. He says they were both upfront and honest and it’s never a closed book. Kate puts her hand up to go next. Vesna asks if she is the centre of attention in her group of friends. Kate says it depends which group of friends, saying that in her real friends there is never any attention on her, but at work, she is. Kate says she is a very confident person, but when it comes to what she looks like, she doesn’t want to be known as a person who is pretty. She says she never wants to get anywhere by way of looks, thus she puts a lot of her effort into performing well at work. Tim asks Kate if she see’s herself as a flirtatious person. She answers “yes, always have been.”

9:49pm: It’s Melanie’s turn. Vesna asks her if she is reserved in the way she acts and the things she says. Mel says that in the house it takes a long time until she trusts people. She says she has taken heaps of time to open up even a little bit, saying that it’s too her own disadvantage and no one elses. Mel thinks that having to put yourself on a platter is hard to do in the house, compared to Uni where no one asks questions, and even at work your in front of a camera and not asked questions either, saying that in here you have to open up and talk about yourself. Vesna mentions that she has been here for 4 weeks now. Mel says that you can’t walk away from anything in this house.

11:53pm: As Mel goes to bed, Greg and Vesna are talking women tips. Vesna says that all women love to be loved. She goes onto say to listen when she cries, when she speaks, when she is happy or sad and listen to what she wants. Ves says even though they’ve heard it 1000 times, they might not have taken it in. Kate tells Greg that he surpresses his emotions a lot. He says it’s not a bad thing though, saying he’s been good lately. Vesna agrees that he has improved. Vesna says that he should sleep with her tonight. Vesna decides to go to bed. Tim is cleaning the diary room and Kate and Greg join him in there as they talk to BB. Tim says today has been a learning experiece in the house, about how to treat woman. Tim says that Greg is catching on a bit slower than him, but thats only natural. Tim says he has tried to listen to Kate a bit more, but he finds her so boring he falls asleep. BB asks Kate what she has learnt about the boys today. Kate says she has learnt that they really don’t have the first clue about women. Greg says he is eagerly awaiting the girls to ask the guys a few questions about men, but adds that ‘the girls must have had perfect relationships.’ Kate lets out a cat call.

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