Day 75

11.32am – It’s time for the housemates to be tested on this week’s task. They all head outside ready to show Big Brother what they have learnt. Christie will be tested on knots. She must tie a double 8 and a square knot. She does the double 8 fine with compliments from the other housemates but she can’t remember how to do the square knot. Big Brother reminds the housemates they cannot help Christie. Eventually she gets it done. Melanie and Rita have 5 minutes to create a raft out of inflated tyres, rope and a bamboo board. They drag it into the pool to test its boyancy. They must paddle across the pool but Rita falls off the back of the raft. They eventually make it across to the cheers of the other housemates. Once they finish Melanie and Rita both fall off the raft. Vesna and Tim are called to the campfire and must start a fire. Tim starts scraping while Vesna helps with burnables and flame protection. Greg and Kate must errect a tent while blindfolded. Housemates are reminded again not to give instructions. Vesna sarcastically says “yeah thats great I love it its g-reat”. She starts helping them again with instructions. Kate and Greg have minimal trouble getting it together. The housemates clap when the tent is erected.


1.39pm – Vesna is cooking stir-fry while Christie cooks pasta (she doesn’t like rice). Rita starts talking about how she would rather pasta. Christie explains the pasta is exclusive. Eventually Vesna says she will make pasta for Rita. Rita and Melanie leave the kitchen and Vesna says “what can you do”. Vesna and Christie in the kitchen agree that Rita is being frustrating. In the bedroom Rita is dressing a blister on Kate’s foot. Rita says its good they’re spending time together. Rita explains Kate annoys her sometimes but she doesn’t know why. Kate says it’s vice versa. Kate says sometimes they are both the same its not funny. They are both stubborn and like to be in control. Kate feels a little threatened maybe. Meanwhile Vesna says Rita is making too much of a deal about food “she’s so hungry all the time….. I can’t feed her!”. Vesna says Rita is being very greedy with the food. In the bedroom Kate explains sometimes Rita talks down on her, but Rita feels the same with Kate. Vesna is now dishing up the food with the help of Greg. Rita has finished dressing Kate’s blister, and she says thanks. The other housemates are already eating in the kitchen and yell out to Kate and Rita to eat. Tim says they are having a deep conversation. Well, Rita is. Kate seems to want to leave but Rita keeps talking. They eventually break out of the bedroom and Kate grabs a bowl of food in the kitchen. Rita grabs some stir fry and invites herself to have some pasta as well – she piles it up on her plate as an extra serving.


2.38pm – Rita is now in the bathroom explaining to Vesna and Christie about her conversation with Kate. Rita relays Kate’s comment that she found Rita a threat. Rita says she takes criticism constructively but Vesna totally disagrees and says Rita bites back all the time. Rita says all her life she’s been told that. Vesna says maybe just not in the BB house. Rita blocks everything Vesna says’s to Vesna’s obvious frustration. Rita says she has been quieter lately (hah!).

Meanwhile in the living room Greg is confiding in Kate about losing his brother. He says he’s upset but “what can you do”. He says he learnt a lot of about his brother while being in the house and they will spend more time together when they are both outside. Kate says its hard because they are both so competitive. Kate doesn’t want Dave to think he has lost, since Dave was the one who brought them on the show. Greg says it was better they did it together than Dave do it on his own.

Melanie is instructed to get the letter she was given earlier today. It has the results for the task. Vesna is not optimistic: she thought they sweared too much. They wagered 100%. To be sucessful they had to master survival skills. They were successful in 3 of the 4 tasks this morning. The letter in Melanie’s explains they had to complete 3 tasks to pass the task. The housemates all cheer. However, Big Brother announces the swearing was unacceptable for the task – and the housemates cheated by giving instructions during the test. Therefore they have failed the task. Vesna is not happy and starts complaining about Big Brother, saying “he loves doing this, he thinks we’re idiots or something”. – even though she was one of the housemates cheating during the morning tests.


7.43pm – Tim is washing up the dishes after dinner. He is annoyed at whoever put the cutlery at one spot on the dishracks which makes the fall through into the sink. Rita starts laughing and says its the first time in two weeks she’s seen Tim annoyed. She continues laughing and says its funny. Tim is fuming. Greg tires to mediate and says he will take over Rita’s job. She asks if he’s just trying to get her away from Tim. Greg says “at least you’re aware”. Tim eventually cracks and says “would you just stop talking”. Tim says he’s usually a patient person but with Rita its “a constant barrage”. Eventually Greg takes over and Tim apologises for losing it – but its just constant. Greg totally understands and starts chuckling with Tim about it.

10.34pm – Christie is in the bedroom with Melanie. She’s asking about her position with Greg in the house. Melanie asks what Christie is annoyed about Greg. She says he is reserved, flirts with Kate and wont’ open up to her. She says he’s holding back something but she doesn’t know what. Melanie tries to do some expert relationship pondering by asking Christie questions about who cuddles who. Greg starts and then Christie cuddles back. Melanie says tonight don’t grab his hand but touch him on the arm instead, show interest but don’t show interest.

2.00am – Greg has gone to the diary room. He says to Big Brother he finds more and more about these girls when the boys are outnumbered. Big Brother asks if he’s prepared to go into a bedroom full of girls. Greg doesn’t want to – Tim is still outside in the spa. Greg admits he was going to wait until Christie was asleep tonight so they didn’t have to spoon. Big Brother wishes Greg good luck in his plan. Greg laughs and says goodnight to Big Brother. He then moves into the bedroom in the dark and goes to lie down in bed with Christie, but bumps his head on the headboard, arousing Christie. She then pulls him over to spoon together.

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