Day 74 Uplate

12:36am: Rita is outside sleeping in her swag by herself. Everyone else is in the bedroom. Mel and Kate have decided to go to sleep, and now everyone wants to sleep. Vesna says goodnight to Greg. Christie is saying that Greg was rude this morning opening the tent. Greg said that BB announced everyone had to get up! Christie says she missed that. She gets into bed alongside Greg. Tim and Greg are throwing a tennis ball or something? Christie says there is 5 weeks to go. Kate agrees, saying she is just waiting for more intruders to come in the door! Mel is wondering where she fits in exactly in the house. She says she isn’t seen as the funny one in here, but on the outside she is. Kate says she is on the outside too! Mel is saying she hates girls swearing I think. Kate says his dad told her not to swear too much during her stay before she came into the house. Can’t see it, but Christie is showing her boobs or something. The wall is back in the bedroom, so they are all in one of the rooms. When we return from Dave’s interview with Mike, Mel says she is a bit scared of packing on Sunday. Silence follows. Lights are out. Christie and Greg have a brief conversation about how long they think BB will run for, and then go back to trying to get to sleep. Mike mentions that there are 4 weeks left, which fits in with our predicted 15th August finale.

1:22am: Housrmates have stirred for a battery change. Mel has the honours tonight. She is trying to get Tim awake and he keeps going “What are you doing?” Everyone is laughing and it takes him a while before he realises what the heck Mel was trying to reach down his pants for. Tim says “So I was asleep and everyone else was playing silly buggers?” Mel gets back into bed and says Rita stared at her for a good 20 seconds before she realised who it was and why she was there. Everyone is back in bed. Greg and Christie are having a laugh. They say goodnight to each other. Mel says it’ll be so weird when Mel doesn’t have to wear a microphone to bed. Kate says it’ll be weird when she gets to have a rum and coke.

1:54am: Christie scares Greg when he comes out of the toilet. He hardly gets scared at all however.

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